Ghostface Killah - Morning Ritual Lyrics

[Ghostface Killah:]
Yo, ayo

I woke up in the morning, gave a yawn and a stretch
Stumbled over my gun, stepped over my vest
Still had my jewels on, huggin' my neck
Then I made it to the bathroom, boner all in my sweats
Sixty-second piss, felt like more like a nut
Sunday mornin' church chick let me hit in the (Alright)
I got a question for the mirror (Mirror) "The Ballys or the wallos?" (Wallows)
"The Desert E, or should I do the pound with the hollows?" (Hollows)
The mirror laughed and said, "What the fuck does it matter?
You the flyest motherfucker from here on after"
I winked, grabbed the Listerine and the Irish Spring
And I sing in the elegant zing that I am king
Let the trumpets blow, come first like, "Hello!"
Ate half of the sun (Sun), I got that glow
And if a (Lookout) won't swallow, "Peace, nice to know!"
Y'all young girls listen up, I got that dough
I got that dough, oh

[Inspectah Deck:]
I slid outta bed, knocked the phone on the floor (Fuck!)
Cracked the fuckin' screen, now I can't see the score
We was wild for the night and I passed out by the ninth and
You can blame the vodka I was drinkin' by the pints and
Now my head poundin' (Ooh), foul, taught me heistin'
Reached for my money clip, hm, ain't that some funny shit?
I can't find it, I bet I find it with that honey dip
That slipped out, tried to dip out
Throw on the latest 'Lo and Black Panther kicks
They were gifts from the creators, I
Look in the mirror, I say, "What is the plan?" He said
"That Margot Robbie-lookin' chick stole your money, fam"
What? Stole my money? Lemme get this (Ahh)
I turned around and shot the fuckin' mirror for snitchin'
Wait 'til I get this chick, she got a death wish
I'm headed down the steps, it's her in that beat up Lexus
"Yo, girl, you snatched my money like a necklace
Correct this", she said, "I just went to get us breakfast"
Oh, that was reckless

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Ghostface Killah Morning Ritual Comments
  1. Jendoubi Samir

    Loooouuurrrddd 94 Paris dédicaces

  2. Sam C

    Ghostface an original gangster always spittin superficial street shit


    I will see Wu Tang Clan in the Afterlife 😘 then you will see I really loved y'all. But right now? Too many clouds in the way 💔

  4. Defcon Love

    “I turned around and shot the mirror for snitchin.” Some are good, this one’s great.

  5. OctagonMD

    "I shot the fucking mirror for snitchin'"
    Terror line.

  6. sparkfirehot

    Can't lie Ghostface makes the album great.

  7. Louis Mont


  8. Jarrell Campbell

    Shit go hard long live ghost

  9. Puro South

    1:02 smooth as fuck