Ghostface Killah - Mongolian Beef Lyrics

Yeah, yo, ayy, yo

36 Chambers, peace to Osiris
You can see the weakness of a man right through his iris
You can see the weakness through your coke right through the Pyrex
You should speak to me instead of speakin' interdirect
'Cause me no understand that stupid doo-doo, do your dolly
Put the toodle to your noodle, 'fore I shoot you, you say, "How, Sway?"
Bust a basset over my sir, put his casket in the casa
Explain the passion of the dud and kill his daughter in the process
Comin' out the world like I was wrestlin' a Loch Ness
Ice drippin', sammy bull leather in the motley
If it's beef, I'm Mongolian, you jelly like petroleum
Body in the kitchen gettin' rolled in linoleum
Clean clear the whole block, call me a custodian
Might want an echo chamber every time I'm on the podium
Aw, sucky sucky now
Empire thinkin' 'bout fuckin' Cookie now
Aw, sucky sucky now
Empire thinkin' 'bout fuckin' Cookie now

You know the CZAR
Fallen rocks, you know what I mean?

Hip hop hero, the rest to be low
Robert Downey style, treat 'em less than zero
Streets know, void more raw than Perico
Soul brother rock a Knick hat with a peacoat
Livin' the G code, green like Rico, Harlem
Official bomb squad, folk on the weed smoke
Murder he wrote, behold, he quote
Truth, swallow it hard, that's a deepthroat
Shine brighter than the diamonds on your wristwatch
Spit the seventeenth shot before the clip drop
I'm in the gridlock, red dot a big shot
This shit is hot, buyin' bullets at the fish spot
Where the grits pop for the bread
Givin' split tops, and you can't do shit, I'm like your strict pops
And the flow stays wetter than your chick box
Hater kick rocks, this rocks

Yo, your bones are brittle, I'll have you livin' in the hospital
You garbage, your best guess and I will laugh at your vigil
I'm bringin' a skud vision, I'm thinkin' it doesn't tickle
You speakin' of, blood'll trickle, get hit with a Russian sickle
Flash the bat singal
If you are ever found of guilty of bein' a shill you can look forward to your acquittal
And Pharrell, you the fake of the year
What you quote unquote curate, that don't cure aches of the ear
Yeah, the flow more night than a kid's mind on Fortnite
I spike like a Guardian ward fight
The type short-sighted like a four-eyed dwarf height
They wanna rap, I show 'em the steps like a porch light
They don't want it
Engage all defenses, get this man a shield
You gon' need it when I spit crazy bars like a stand from steel
Lone wolf for the ounce, it's '96
Only child 'less you count the brothers I rhyme with

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Ghostface Killah Mongolian Beef Comments
  1. Worms Ali

    Fuck yes

  2. Lo Pony


  3. Tony Valenti

    The bars. The beats. The visuals. Incredible.

  4. TriBoro Gigolo


  5. Star Tsar

    You know the Tsar!

  6. Smoke O Loco

    Robert Downey style, I treat'em less than zero

  7. Syn E.

    What a fucking song man


    Why Deck isn´t on the title???????????

    Isaiah Williams

    Deck is part of Czarface. If you ain't peeped their other stuff yet go listen to it. "Let it Off" produced by DJ Premier is a good place to start.

  9. Natasha Williams

    Stroke of Death!

  10. Panducation

    These beats are weird as fuck..

  11. Star Tsar

    Tsar Shit! <3

  12. Jermaine Shan

    oh this is hard af

  13. Andi Straum

    Sick visuals O.o

  14. AR1 U

    I am Mongolian and i approve da beef

  15. Andrew Parker

    Eso is so sick, he deserves to spit with INS

  16. Robert Mrbena Mrbena

    Deck kills off the track 👹🚬⚰️💀🔫

  17. Guilherme

    this having so few views is a fucking crime

  18. Joseph Forzano

    very wu-tangish beat, fittng for ghost to be on it be Inspektah deck being a part of czarface with their production flavor is lots of fun, i remember when rap and hip hop in general was fun, would like to her more Ghost on czarface beats, his style out of all the wu fits this material best, infact i would say replace Deck with ghost and you will have another new king f hip hop group

  19. James Anderson

    " Awwww, silky silky now. Empire thinking about fucking Cookie now ".

  20. James Anderson

    Eminem who?

  21. James Anderson

    Ghostface goes in Ironman style. Inspektah Deck was lit too.. Czarface brought that fire. This is real Hip Hop.

  22. maije demina

    Eminem?? THIS is real!!

  23. Matty Ghost

    Nice beat

  24. Brian Grisham

    SW mojave

  25. Chris Hargrove

    I'm feeling this video fr. Big shout out to Shawn Johnson. Great job!

  26. Chris Hargrove

    I wish I had a million accounts so I can give this joint a million likes. This is the definition of dope!

  27. Underground Chamber Muzik

    ghost sounds kinda off beat here

  28. Daniel McAllister

    so fucking awesome ha

    greetings from Ireland

  29. Jean Dieng

    What's that vidéo ?

  30. unclemercy

    dont lie weakbitches

  31. David Murray

    When i say Ghost Face in my house my kids say Czarface 👊

  32. Alain ODI

    Great song, Great album.

  33. Archie Cleaver


  34. dan bloom

    The album? Masterpiece.

  35. Mattforbid g

    Ahhjh sooki sooki now!

  36. would cainfri officiel

    Dope respect from Paris

  37. perrier gaz

    We need that gfk doom album tough!

  38. King Keef

    this is dope but the best track of the album.. Listen to the Color.. is CRAZY!!!!!!!

  39. zew 1

    Ghostface as solid as ever

  40. MrChad1205

    Real Hip Hop! Lyrics, crazy beats, and that feel!!! I love it.

  41. Wiki Stacks

    Ghostface Killah catalog is better than JayZ. Drake has a long way to go to beat Jay-Z catalog let alone outshine Ghostface. Ghostface first three albums are classics. Bullet Proof Wallets arrangement was messed up by the lable. The original record turned in by Ghost had The Sun and Good Times making it a classic album.

  42. Ichi Go

    Shit makes me wanna go bonkers on some simp muthafuckas

  43. KenfordKen

    Wonder if Ghostface would ever do a gig in Norwich

  44. Garry Meikle

    Czarface vs Genius/Gza is next!!! Liquid Swords Style!!!

  45. Tim Colter

    What do these new kids know about this!

  46. Joey Baldwin

    Shouts out to my homey SHON J for putting this video together for CZARFACE!!

  47. DAS C

    looooove frum germany


  48. PumpkinFace0420

    That Samyang thoooooo

  49. Humanity Calamity

    That shit was crazy dope!

  50. Daniel Mompelas

    Sooky sooky now ‼️

  51. David D.

    deck sounds like he's 21 on this

  52. OfficialDjSyko

    I thought this was ghostface's album, but all i hear is inspectah deck in every song on the album

  53. August Greenberg

    czrface meets metalface, czarface meets ghostface... czarface meets blueface next?

  54. Elijah Gwaltney

    Out of all the songs they could have made a video 4 they picked this 1

  55. John Mcallister

    Dope track, old skool

    Please save rap! Love from Armagh, Ireland

  56. Kana Beats

    drugs not necessary for the video

  57. TheNorthWestPlayers604

    The type short sighted like 4 eyed dwarf right

  58. John S.

    This is Fuckin Great!!!!

  59. Shahied Abdur-rahim

    Tony Starks Baby.

  60. Рукопашный Бой в Условиях Невесомости

    Кто из России (или бывшего СССР) - ставь класс!

  61. J B

    Czarface > everything else

  62. Online Athlete

    ghostface going hard AF

  63. matthew Montes

    The bass covers most of the lyrics it's still good but the bass can be distracting

  64. Dj Jonta Sonido GPD

    Excelente track, y el video no se diga!

  65. manny gonzalez

    My mind just got fucked

  66. B G

    Shout out to Samyang

  67. Magnum_Koichi

    "where Ghostface Killah and Czarface combine for a full album of savagery"
    hyped af

  68. SIR Smooth


  69. EureExzeLLenZ DerKoEniG

    ... looks like the work of a master...

  70. Junky Spiv

    gangsta shit

  71. Dan Carps

    Esoteric...Hip Hop's luckiest turd.

  72. Akram The Great

    cool video

  73. Remoz Rocardo

    Du bon son comme j'aime

  74. Andrew Parker

    Only child unless you count the brother's I rhyme with 🤘🍻

    Andrew Parker

    They wanna rap I'll show em the steps like a porch light...FUUUUUCK ESO killed it🤘🍻

  75. Atom Ariola

    moreover, most college grads don't know Less Than Zero. Can't believe they hit that reference.

  76. ΠΑΣΚΑΛ H2o

    💢 Robert Doney Jr 💢

  77. Kenn Wynne

    Real rap wins against u 28 sucka muf%!kas who probably listening to drake,migos, an all the rest o them sappin ass divas!

  78. Afro Sam R Eye

    i never woulda thought eso would collab with deck and ghost. Didnt realize i needed this! fire


    7L and Esoteric initially collaborated with INS on their Speaking Real Words EP way back in 1999.

  79. Atom Ariola

    ghost kills this. the beat is surreal. the video is brilliant, though challenging. like a champloo. japanese style. and esoteric shows himself again to be amongst the best. thanks to the makers of the real music.

  80. Marcelino Rodriguez

    Thank you so much as czarface and ghost face killah we needed this music

  81. andrew morris

    esoteric gets best spit??? They all go hard though Woooooooo

  82. willy big show

    Can't do shit I'm like a strict pops and the flow stays wetter than your chicks box....BOOOOM!

  83. kungfupimp

    Yooooo, this video for 'Mongolian Beef' is EVERYTHING!!!! Like the homies Siskel and Ebert used to say: "Two thumbs up! Way up!"

  84. chinbayar bayarlhagwa

    im mongolia what the fuck this

  85. rich f

    Ghostface is forever in his prime


    name 1 bad ghostface simply cant

    rich f

    Magnum_Koichi I cant listen to Tush, but other than that..


    @rich f well...maybe youre right, that beat is a little underwhelming and missy elliot...meh

  86. Arthur 82

    Sounds like some Madlib/Jay Dilla beat meets Wu



  88. kdeezy810

    Damn repeat 😣😂😭😭😭😭👌👌👌👌

  89. Chris 61982

    The flow stay wetter than your chick box!

  90. StoveTop

  91. Vincent Ramirez

    Just picked up this album in vinyl today. Dope as fuck

  92. Solar Dizzle

    I love anything Wu related but this is Ass. Get RZA back on the sp1200

  93. 80 Deka

    Hello earthlings
    I'm 80 DEKA

  94. Rick Clegg



    I can't get enough of this Mongolian beef damm you Mongolians

  96. Jason Simon

    This was mediocre at best.

    Konto Prywatne

    THe rapping on here was mediocre, but the PRODUCT = The beat, the visual, with the bars and the overall flavor is actually gold.

  97. Accurate Skills

    Esoteric* Inspectah Deck* GhostFace Killah * Salute 👐