Ghostface Killah - Masked Superstars Lyrics

[Inspectah Deck:]
Hey, you gon' let it drop one more time?
The bone collector

You know what all the stripes on the sleeve mean
I straight up press 'em, somethin' like a steam clean
Yo, we the dream team, check out the slam like you was Mean Gene
Bodies on the set, I leave the scene clean
Nowadays they took hatin' and made it cool
I play it cool like Dame Dash in Paid in Full
That talk major bull, but couldn't swallow a plateful
Of food for thought, it's so flavorful
Ark and Czar kick it in the city
Kiki never loved me, she busy doin' the shiggy
I leave 'em dizzy, you probably thought I slid 'em a mickey
Follow in my footsteps, might tear your Achilles, silly
A million watts on the drop, what I'm puttin' out
Veteran stamp, you livin' off your rookie clout
Talk money on the wood, good lookin' out
The flow like a sniper shot, took your woofers out

Let me hear a cut or two, just to let you know
I'm just gonna do some-
I, I don't need the dramatic music, man
I'm just gonna do some regular shit
I just wrote regular shit

The boy live, the boy, this boy live (Esoteric)
Fret, flow, yes, he has bro, no toy drives
Surgically, I house the kids, had to cap on gear
Like outfit kids now
Brutally, I slay, take the mic, roll it out
Not like Louis CK, I'm coolin' out like two or three day
Let me explain, I'm a one man gang, one in the same
Like the dude who played Venom and Bane
Tell 'em my name

My man Esoteric, yeah, what?
Son got the Arkham Czar, man
That ain't enough
Alright, I got somethin' else

Is he man or menace? Head on swoll like Rocky Dennis
Ego like Kurt Russell, the evilest words tussle
To be in my verse, I puzzle rappers like a contract
Hypochondriac, always feelin' ill
My first hustle was grave diggin' like RZA and Prince Paul
I put 'em down like pinfalls, readin' Wizard like Pinball
And cornballs sayin', "Listen to this, y'all"
I purposely avoid 'em, treat 'em like a missed call
But I ain't pickin' up what they puttin' down
It's like I got a bad back, but they just a sad sack
Sad rap, Helter Skelter, I seen people stabbed in the shelter
Actin' bipolar like they grabbin' a seltzer
You welterweight base-model Vespa
You can't afford to stream the band, nevermind drive a Tesla

At his trial, he was found

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