Ghostface Killah - Listen To The Color Lyrics

This that third world shit
Far from the norm
Always where the action is
Monumental (CZARFACE)

[Inspectah Deck:]
G by nature, cop a new V to please a hater
While he stuck off the butter softs, the cream gators
I played ball, I ain't y'all, bottles and place calls
Overtime grind, double shift on the graveyard
Napalm, slinging on the tracks 'til the weights gone
Flow so dirty and unique, call it Ason
Don status, my fabric is that of silk and linen
I rep Queens, never seen with them filthy women
I rock shoes you never feel, but still
I'm a problem, been on bedrest, Deck is ill
Bottom line watchin' mine like, "How do we shine?"
With the pedal to the floor, never saw what's behind
Certified live, sittin' in park, you feel my drive
My nine to five customer service worldwide
Better get in line, salute true major with the grind
I'm in the kitchen with the cakes and pies

'Cause I took the evening gear competition
Would've rocked the dope fish in the pan...

Yeah, yeah, ayy, yo
Excelsior like a painting Stan Lee blessed
Soundcloud rappers all can take your last deep breath
Rappers got no arms like a motherfuckin' ski mask
I'm a lion that'll eat flesh
You a clown on the mic, Ryan Seacrest
Guess the pain gets inflicted
Chris Herren type of errand, son, I'm addicted
Xenomorphs witness my alien flow from space and
Thought they had a case for cultural appropriation
The game, I put my foot in there
Used to be excited 'bout my record bein' in Newberry, now I got my book in there
I like you as a person, but as an MC, you
Could turn to dust when I snap like half the MCU
I aim at rappers with a Shogun missile while they recycle material like a low reissue
Listen, I see you on that R-L-P-C, knob screen
You're you, I'm me, you're trash, I'm king
You're a comedian, my pen is like Alan Ball
Swamp Thing, have you snoozin' with the apple core

So if you do need help

Check it, I been doin' it since leather palmers and deuce flicks
I'm two years ahead of what y'all callin' the new shit
Combine a phrase, design a game, shit
I been schoolin' kids for free before LeBron James
Gettin' money on this side, the bitches, the rides
It's live, nine to five, they die to get inside
Salty quads, party hard, silence your sorry bars
All eyes on me like Pac rockin' sparkly garb
They shit is hardly hard, he just a marky mark
But I'm the killer of giants like I'm Ozzy Oz
Born supreme, fiends look on with high beams
Livestream, wide screen, flyest your eyes seen
Jordan Craig, no Versace, blood on the Huaraches
This was just a hobby from the lobby
This wasn't supposed to be a body
This was just routine, the fish scale on the triple beam, scene

Mic check, one, two
I know I'm stressin' you (You), like how the Brits say, "jaguar"
I'm glad you realizin' just how big a jag you are
The flow spectacular, Roberto Aguilar
If that's a ball player, if it ain't, my bad, bruh, uh, uh
(My big brother), just back it up a bar (Back it up)
They got fan theories, planned series for the CZAR
Yeah, every message that I send you
Guaranteed to go against the grain like a GF menu
But I go for bread, flows over head
Ticonderoga, that's the only time you holdin' lead
Your shit's a movie? Where the fuck is that playin'
Invest and lose your shirt like an MMA weigh-in
(Pterodactyl), I avoid political 'spension
Truthfully the only Breitbart I know is Simpson
Super like crimson bowl, my Philly dragon prince
Erasin' head quicker than David Lynch
Don't get wrapped up in the madness of it (Don't)
Is that a gang sign you throwin' or a shadow puppet? (Don't, don't)

Close your eyes
Listen for the color of the sky
Master, how do I?

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