Ghostface Killah - Iron Claw Lyrics


[Kendra Morris:]
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me

[Inspectah Deck:]
Groundskeeper how I touch green
No love scene, so graphic I got a cutscene
Yeah, I go through it if I can't walk around it
True because I do it before I talk about it
[?] cold water, blowtorcher
Black diamonds, blue dreams, gold Porsche
I'm always on go, all the lights green
General official, that's what the stripes mean
You get wiped clean like a countertop
I don't work in the beat, I'm like a housing cop
How they thirst in the streets, it's like they out of rock
No publicity stunts before the album drop
What you see is real, what you heard is false
All I have in this world is my word and my balls
Money calling, stomach talking, hungry often
Honeys hawking, haters hate, funny talking

[Kendra Morris:]
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me

[Ghostface Killah:]
Yeah, yo
We criminals on the nightshift (Nightshift)
Get the billy club or the nightstick (Nightstick)
Sublim stone I get right with (Right with)
My murder game down to a tight knit (Tight-knit)
Reputations brolic, the story is polished
Not laces in my Adidas (Motherfuckers)
Yeah, yeah, and I'm not from Hollis
Got garlic for vampires and fake niggas who came to gossip
You can't 'dress me with that bullshit, you ain't even my stylist
(You acting all big now) But you ain't Christopher Wallace
See your girl on her knees, she just doing a solid
And the funny shit, you ain't gon' do nothing about it
Have a seat over there, you should be doing the knowledge
See, these young niggas'll murder you
And none of these niggas never heard of you
We popped a few things on the curb or two
Would've had you stretched out laying vertical

[Kendra Morris:]
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me
Don't, don't, don't, don't push me

I'm an alien from way past the moon, you see
I had the shazam, the anthem, it was new to me
Lunacy, puny humans try to heckle
I got the filter of Bill Burr, I'm a rebel level up
Poured some wine and I poured it to my face
You dumb like skinny jeans on a 42-inch waist
Style wild like a tangent from Anakin's grandson
I call the shots like I'm shooting with a stan van gun
Trailblazing, hair rising like a man bun
I'm so psycho on mics, you so psycho in tights and heels
Turn on a legend like Acura Keys
Gat factory, I'm catching casualties
(Hey, one more time, bro. Wait, what?) Nah, I like this take
Popping shit at Esoteric, that your life mistake
I'm a mic veteran, he like BJ penn
Your future looking Bleek like you tryna be Jay's friend
You put the S in wordplay, you get swordplay
So you know the stabbing tracks with my forté

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Ghostface Killah Iron Claw Comments
  1. Maple Bear

    Where the other ones that sound like THIS

  2. Rick Deckard

    Help a brother out, what's the sample used in this song??

  3. Monsieur van Achteren

    "how I'm working the beat I'm like a housing cop" damn yo, deck bars always fire.

  4. RIP George Smith

    Who produced this?

  5. Tony Valenti

    I mean..We need another GFXCF album STAT. The Avengers of Hip Hop. Seriously THANK GOD for them all.

  6. dezi

    move the crowd cameo 2:40

  7. Maple Bear

    Wish more of this album was like this

  8. RollOneUpSon

    7L thank you for this beat n hook

  9. camparozzo

    The fact that the REAL shit has 90k views only, makes me reflect...the first problem in this world is not climatic change like they say but is your alienated up your own way of thinking, of acting, hip hop scene (and i mean real hh) nowadays is shit cause of this...push the real shit from the streets, leave the fake commercial c(T)RAP to kids...PEACE

  10. Chucklehead617

    Wish I could find a long instrumental of just the ending..... fire

  11. Rikard Evjen

    This shit is siiiiiiiiiiiiick! Finally some blowback to the golden age of rap... Thanks Czarface!!!!

  12. Dominick Falletta

    QUEENS WE HERE..... 🔫🔫

  13. Amir Laster

    I bust nuts. Octopus long arm parents. My kids don't get lost in the street

  14. XOfficialPage

    is it me or esoteric sound and flows like HOV lol

  15. Lord Quas

    Kill your local mumble rapper

  16. chris ohara


  17. Wayne King

    Nice N Hard!

  18. Brian Hickey

    Thank god we have the older Gods keeping hip hop on track and in the pocket. Trappers pay attention! Rhyming with subject matter matters.

  19. Reelphresh


  20. hangman9001

    Holy shit if I were a rapper id best protect my neck.

  21. Jacob Cruz


  22. Rick Clegg


  23. Noah Coutts

    All other newer music will now give me pink eye.. again.

  24. Stuntman Mike

    Does anyone know why Apple took this song off their streaming service?

  25. Brian Grisham

    No publicity stunts before the album drops. What you see is real, what you heard is false. All I have in this world is my word and my balls.

  26. SkoolyRatt


  27. Brooklyn Y

    Yoooo I'm in love

  28. Tom Loving

    Gave me that stank face ✊😤🔥🔥🔥 Love it

  29. Joey Levenson

    The noise and stereo fabulousness of the beat and music makes me feel The Bomb Squad wasn't in vain.

  30. Snvw

    Czar is the gift that keeps on giving <3

  31. Poor Bryan

    Get the unholy triad: The GhostFace, MetalFace and CzarFace on an album right the fuck now!!!



  33. Rol Bar

    DOPE !!!

  34. 4barkilla

    Hands down Ghost Ins and Ugod do really like spittin for sport!! This is what they do.. Put dope music out year after year after year!!!

  35. devilintent

    a great song is judged by the rewind counter

  36. Alex Chairez

    The Rebel I.N.S think outside the box! You can't fux with Czar & WU

  37. Kurt Mathews

    Yea fuck mumble rap punk ass mumble rap mutha fuckas!

  38. Serban-Alexandru Manzat Hip-hop


  39. Roderick Niblett

    😱😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰 this is what hip hop is all about...BARZZZZZ.. And the beat...😨😨NASTY...I LOVE IT

  40. Simdini Simmons

    What the hell happen to MF doom / Ghostface Killah album. And the Supreme clientele part 2??????

  41. Brad Richerson

    "I call the shots like I'm shooting with a stan van gun" lmao

  42. Robert Rixey

    *SPIT TEC U LAR 😊👍🏾*

  43. Hanif Barnwell

    I was all hyped then all of sudden; I realized this tracks arrangement is identical to Burt Bacharach/ Sybil’s “Don’t Make me Over”...

  44. Daryl Dunson


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  46. Global Lies


  47. David O'hara

    Bill burr at 2:28

  48. Mister Nobody

    Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast sent me here...

  49. steve cole

    Straight fire 🔥🔥🔥

  50. joe jackson

    Bill burr bitch

  51. Corey Rozenblat

    IDK. I like this song but I have the same problem here that I did with the DOOM record. The mix just seems off. The voices should be more at the front of the track and even the beat itself seems a little undercooked. Maybe putting out an album a year isn't long enough for full polish. Oh well.

  52. CAN Control

    A beat switch and an outro. Blessup

  53. Two Cents

    Listen to those drums. Those are real hip hop drums. Not those bullshit trap drums.

  54. Mitchell Cumsteen

    2:32 Bill Burr shout out!

  55. ShadowFactorA45

    Ol' Billy redballs in the track!

  56. Dave Wolcott

    Bill burr

  57. Ben Moore

    Can't wait for this to album to come out, ghostface is on fire, that new album ghost files is sick!! Everyone look up raekwon memory man dj a ok, killer upload rae himself blessed it

  58. Clifton Smith

    Eso is one the best out right now in hip-hop

  59. AnAsianbr0skii21

    Also. I really feel like you guy should collab with Black Thought

  60. AnAsianbr0skii21

    I cant wait till you meet the RZA!! 😎😎

  61. Droopy 82

    "So graphic I got a cut scene" :O

  62. Das Solo Syndikat

    we need a czarface meets album every year

  63. patrick mcfarlane

    Czarface for World Leader.

  64. Jack Ether7

    When they mumble he echoes and that's how the Wu -tang be the operation clan voltron space age gifted wordsmith with a light hand forge heavy metal word's into space dust mix in with a well kept bottle of heaven's air with clear lava hydro sworn by the sword ,it's like the tongue be the one cape with no S on the chest capable to give life or a life taker me I'm a life maker bedroom shaker no camera no problem lights on or lights off I feel my way thru when I can't see can I get an amen ready let's flow let mother nature get some action. The 36 enters the dragon sprit of the cambers the 1 finger not the middle the golden rule of the thumb is to treat fellow beautiful humans how you want to be treated.its winter time but it doesn't mean it has to be cold, heat it up eats death for breakfast enter the Apex pull the e brake when winter fell I ice skate slip into a silde and im drifting away catch the new wave only the barve surf the curb .read the back bumper sticker what do it says; call 1800 how's my drift call me when you see me.king 5 see the appeal kiss the sun got Nike air Force one on ten toes 8 limbs make the knees touch the elbow im like grease separated from water I bother to boil so hot when the brust thunder strike fell ,I can do this so deep call me a wishing well it roll right under over beneath the rumble the lighting strikes hit the flip the tip of the match think outside the box and light up night. Hi my name is gentleman Jack very smooth and that's how a Ninja rolls. Sushi anybody I'm getting me so hungry .lol

  65. Josh Mobery


  66. Chris Keating

    That beat goes so hard at the very end. Can't wait to bump this album .

  67. Rodney Bean


  68. Eights

    Bruh Deck always spit perfect verses.. So underrated

  69. Johnny

    GOT DAAYUUUMMMM!!! Sounds so beautiful don't you agree!!!! #REALHIPHOP

  70. romany harman

    youre a bunch of crooks, claiming they are limited editions etc ….. repressing for demand … cheats the real fan

  71. Kent

    This beat is straight 🔥

  72. Ninja Scroll

    Ya future looking bleek like you trying to be jays friend

  73. Malik Al-Kauthar

    It took a minute...but it smells like fire yo...

    Hanif Barnwell

    Malik Al-Kauthar nah - I was all hyped then all of sudden; I realized this tracks arrangement is identical to Burt Bacharach/ Sybil’s “Don’t Make me Over”...

  74. praise down FLav

    Beverly Ma. Rep

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    Sneeko Skeemz

    They fn consistant too! I was just tellin my little brother about a month ago I was ready for a new joint

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    Fuk yes..dopeness again and again..

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    Oh shit!! Is this REAL hip hop?!?!? And NEW??? I can't believe it. This gotta be some unreleased shit like all that Tupac that came out A.D.
    Somebody pinch me!

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    So nasty

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    This is The shit. Mean while kids burning out thier lives listening to new school trash.

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    This fire joint,a cup of coffee and a blunt in the AM and my day is set yo.

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