Ghostface Killah - Introduction Lyrics

[Michael Rapaport:]
Yeah, yes
You hear that motherfuckin' soul shit?
You hear that shit
Soul rap, R&B
Dusty soul rap, Ghostface Killah
Tony Starks
Motherfuckin' pretty Tony
Starkey Love
The Wallabe Champ
Deanie, Ghost Deanie
Sun God
Motherfuckin' Iron Man
The man, his name Ghostface Killah
This is The Lost Tapes, my name is Michael Rapaport
This is an honor and a motherfuckin' privilege to walk you through the beauty of the Ghostface Killah Lost Tapes
You hear that dusty soul shit? I love it
Yo, without further ado, comin' in right now: Ghostface Killah, the icon
Shit, the motherfucker needs no introduction
I don't even know why I'm doin' this shit
Yo, Deanie, do what the fuck you do

[Ghostface Killah:]
Hey cocksucker, yes, 80
Yo, what's good? What's good-what's good-what's good?
Yo, yo, yo, check it out y'all, I found The Lost Tapes
I found that Lost Tapes, Champ, let's go
I'ma send it over to you so we can just blast off with that shit one time and shit, aight?
So holla at me when you get to me, man
Just, uh, hit me back
Hit me back
You know what it is
Truth with the golden voice

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Ghostface Killah Introduction Comments
  1. Willz __

    Still trying to figure out the dif between The Lost Tapes and Ghost Files.. All the same track names wtf?

  2. Jay M

    Thank you for this he said he was dropping sure am clientele 2 but this is just to hold us off till then thank u ghost an for posting this

  3. Unclenastynuttz 856

    That beat sounds like "Its your world" by Common off his B album prod. by Dilla

    James Sutton

    Yea it's just slowed down...its your world is one of the most lyrical songs ever....all I want is a thick broad and a Dutch to clutch!!!!

  4. George Dennis

    "You hear that motherfucking soul shit?!"