Ghostface Killah - Face Off Lyrics

Yeah, CZARFACE, yeah
Power, lookin' for a...

Ayy, yo it's CZAR vs. Ghost, we about to face off
Turn my mic up, and when my verse drop, turn the bass off
Dangerous material, spread like venereal
Got the scoop on the game like a bowl of cereal
You see the hat, every kingstone remains imperial
I kill tracks like my man Busta Rhymes on "Scenario"
It's not political, consider it business
It's miserable, pitiful, you playin' for instance
Niggas comin' out the woodwork, same voice, same mask
Same stove, tryna cook, we don't count the same cash
When the sky starts to flicker, wait for the flash
Boom, thunderbolts, sounds of the blast
Rhinestones on my silk road, my custom cape
Smoke clouds, I disappear in the vape
Vacate seaside, completed our mission
Gucci sailboats, suede slippers, Louis edition

Your highness, 7L, Eso', yo
Can he rhyme or what?
The sharper mind shine, diamond cut
Overtime grind, eyes on us
Black label, red cuffs, yeah, I'm fired up
And I ain't notice if the focus don't acquire bucks
Gladiator, Hustle Crowe, homie, I am thus
Try and touch, I ain't bust, they ain't loud as us
Gettin' mine a must
Two plates at the table with the higher-ups
Checks signed and cut
Pull up the drop-top, the block bop
The cops watch, nobody move like the clock stop
I'm in the chop shop, harder than a scotch shot
Twenty-four slash seven, that's nonstop
And any vampire sound, we outrun that
Boy, you're bloodclaat, require gunshot

CZARFACE, that's a brand that you can trust
Fans rush, we're your favorite rapper's man crush
Flow customized, got that Dapper Dan touch
CZAR-lam's own, steppin' out my zone, bone collecter
Eso', Tony Starks, the Inspectah
Welcome to my 'liseum, prep for the lecture
Wreck with one line, black a minor sign
Blow holes in your chest, no Vineyard Vine design
Popcorn for free like we in the ninety-nine
Rap infrared, puttin' dots on your head
Like niggas down, I love war, need a reason to clash
And speakin' of wreakin' the havoc
I'm a mutant, computin' beats in the attic
Free from the static, unique and erratic
I'm deep in the deep in the seats and the fabric
You rappers can't deny
We on a streak, Morganna
Flow so worthy it could hold Thor's hammer like

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