Ghostface Killah - Do It Like Us Lyrics

[Intro: Sheek Louch]
Yeah, Wu-Block, aiyo, Ghost, aiyo, Chef
Clip up, nigga!

[Chorus: Sheek Louch]
I drop fifty on the order, more hundred on the whip
Five on the Louis luggage, ten on the trip
Sour when I land a little, something for the hip
Fiji or Roset, and I don't even take a sip
Nah, they don't do it like we do
Nah, they don't do it like us
Nah, they don't do it like we do
Nah, they don't do it like us

[Sheek Louch]
Yeah, Donnie laughing at you sore losers
Underdogs hot, 2011 Hoosiers
That's cruisers that's jumped off from back flipping pussies
Splash, I get all them clothes smelling cushy
Shades on, Aviator lens
Mami sitting in my Benz, like she Liz Claiborne
That you already rolled, now it's hella flame, on
Little model bitch, had to get game, on
Yeah, the hood say I'm on fire
Donnie on the street like a Good Year, tire
Still look the same and that's last years, flyer
Just more money, but way more, higher


[Ghostface Killah]
Aiyo, Benz and grams being torn from the rubber bands
Latifah shorts, tennis courts in the summer mans'
Skydiving in Fiji Islands with a sweet view
Balley parachutes, the water is deep blue
Micro felt goggles, Brazil models, keep a mouth full
While I'm hitting they back tonsils
Me and Sheek is Selleck and George Clooney
A Russian chef with scars on his chest, the boats mad roomy
Only niggas that move good pots to the rasta
Switzerland, we flying in vet to examine the watches
And we ain't gotta throw ice on 'em, we count one for Kiss
Styles, Rae and Cap, L and Mike and 'em


Aiyo, two hundred thousand in dust paper
Let a bullet thrust, take your Jacob, I'm always in make-up
Under your trucks, Scottish ruger, jump suiter
Rad little slut, one white killa with bucks on
Wearing jewelry, robbing jewelry, peep out the coats
I switch pockets then pull out the scope
Niggas is dice, ya'll famous for the legendary clarks
Lamping in Junior's, eating squid, me and Starks
Chatting quiet, no talking, just finger jabbing
Sheepskins grey, beneath the feet, crisp balley
D&C Kangols, white Russian gazelles
Keep a track on the sickest bat like Modell's


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Ghostface Killah Do It Like Us Comments
  1. tina sims

    Wu Tang Wu Tang.. some fione brothers. N the song dope AF

  2. Kevin Kev

    Wu Tang and love songs?!

  3. JaysanthemOfficial

    Faith hill vibes❤

  4. trizzy stackdough

    Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Melani Brown

    So in love with this i sent it to my dream guy today.. ohh you gonna love me..gonna wanna hug me.. and squeeze me😍😍

  6. Tyga Simpson

    I like your song😎🤣😚


    This song😍😍😍😍💯🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵👌

  8. Maurissa Vasser

    You can’t tell me method man didn’t just go hard asf

  9. Le'sha673

    I Love this song

  10. Amrik Virdi

    Sweet like 🍍

  11. Rose Stephen

    Rap it Ghost. Street vows 💛

  12. Rose Stephen

    She better leave Ghost alone!!! 🤣🤣🤣 💛

  13. Flame Rain

    Throws a pillow n breaks some shit... fucking relatable.

  14. Teshemma Underwood

    Time........heavy on my back in front of me!!! I 💚this song heavy.....had me weak!!

  15. ashley early

    Damn method man still look delicious 😍😍😍

  16. Flammable Channel

    this song is so good, love you teyana

  17. ALEXIS Walker

    She cant sing,but real good actress

  18. blu

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    Boy: no

    Girl: do you even like me?

    Boy: no

    Girl: would you cry if I walked away?

    Boy: no

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    The boy grabbed her arm

    Boy: your not pretty.. your beautiful

    Boy: I don't want to be with you forever... I need to be with you forever

    Boy: I don't like you... I love you

    Boy: I wouldn't cry if you walked away.. I'd die if you walked away.

    Boy whispers: plz stay with me

    Girl: I will

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  19. brightful5

    I love her style

  20. Crazze InLove

    Method Man!!!! Yes honey. Love this..nice melody, lyrics flowing, just a feel good song. Nice vibe

  21. Francine Edwards

    love it

  22. Kenneth Tyner

    All I can say is nice tits and voice, keep doing your thing young lady.

  23. Marcus Wright

    Teyana taylor is so fine

  24. wenefred Lozanguiez

    Teyana please continue to bring back the 90’s with these dope songs and videos. This is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿🙏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  25. Fatima A.

    Glad to be a 90’s baby 😝

  26. SwitchFingers

    Anyone else here from “my super sweet 16” ?

  27. Lisa Williams

    I love u ghost n meth n rae

  28. Boo Yah

    Love this

  29. Read You Read Me

    This Shit Dope It's Some Too Many Fucking Haters Inna Comments 💪🏾

  30. Boy King Lapri

  31. Boy King Lapri

  32. Boy King Lapri

  33. Boy King Lapri

  34. Boy King Lapri

  35. Virgo Jones

    Teyana Taylor has a face that the hood GOD took his time on. That girl amazes me

  36. Brandy RealClass Pulley

    Maaaaan, this song is so dope! They certainly do not make this kind of music anymore! I love her music, vibe, and everything connected. She does not get the recognition that she deserves but I'll tell you one mutha fuck'n thing, method man and ghost on this track is fire! This song gives me butterflies and when you are 43, that's a FANTASTIC feeling. Thank you, Teyana for being so FUCKING REAL!! This song definitely needs more air play (90's vibe all damn day)

  37. Slim King

    Lmao that's how a nigga be when his chick banging on him lol. My chick ran down on me earlier lol

  38. esha

    her earrings changed but she had the same fit

  39. Aramat Jackson


  40. Hydra Mula

    I hope we all fall in love truly in 2020 💓💓💓

  41. Southwood

    She reminds me of Lauren hill in this

  42. Nicole Davis

    Teyana did that Puff dance lol!

  43. Kamiyah Andrade

    Plz guys subscribe to my YouTube channel

  44. CoCo Cherry

    Yes I would of ceased my moment to rock wit Meth too! Not to mention Ghost sheesh this a 90's girl hip hop dream. Love this song.

  45. Modesta

    This song is so underrated🔥🔥🔥

  46. Marco Don

    Song deep fam

  47. Mya

    Method man and his verse😍😍😍

  48. Tk Hut

    How is this song “dislikable..??”

    CRP Wifey

    Maybe the dancing lol

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    Oh Damn 🔥

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    I'm so fucking high right now they sleeping on my girl fr no cap ‼️‼️ 12-17-19😂

  51. P St.Charles

    I love the fact that we have watched Teyana evolve from a Birthday girl on MTV to such an amazing woman.... The sky is the limit for her😊

  52. Anfmethodjor


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    Stilll my shit.. my sagi ♐️😍

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    Still jamming 🎶 😍🥰 top 10!! Man listen, they did this!!! Follow me ig jayslondon00

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    She is so dope😍

  56. Juanita McDuffie

    Kanye West produced this beat.🔥💕

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    RNB QUEEEEEENNNNN !!! She brings old school back AND I‘M HERE FOR IT!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Them lil slow mos 😂

  59. ebeeze824

    Love me some Teyanna, Ghostface and Method so sexy to me LAWD

  60. Canishia sledge Eason

    To the 14k people that thumbs down this song ya dad's a hoe this shit lit 👏🙄

  61. Rome's King

    Shorty look like Heaven
    I'm in Love....🤤💞

  62. Chris Cooper

    She did that! Throw back and salute to total, Mary j alliyah Teyanna mad talented yo and she showing love!!!!! I'm fucking with her!!!

  63. Toast TV

    lovely track indeed

  64. Angie Marie

    LoooooVe my baby Meth

  65. Pep Evans

    Stupid drama queen


    This girl is very versatile and talented

  67. Kind Shaun


  68. Octavius Mosley

    The 90s is slowly coming back in style. This new shit is slowly fading away. Teyana, Ghostface, and Method Man did the damn thing in this video. I love it.

  69. BIG MIKE

    It's been a year since dis came out



  71. Shone Collins

    I am a Method Man fan. Have been since the beginning. Dude needs to come and show them what's really good. His flow is everything! Fan for life! He's the reason I watched the video. No shade to Teyana, but that's my dude. Great video. Loving the 90's vibe. ✌🏾️💯.

  72. agrace926

    This song has me missing my husband, he is serving our country. I love you so damn much Officer Chandler

  73. Mukesh Sharma

    First 0:55 seconds looks like GTA SA roleplay!

  74. Tsunami

    Almost a year since it came out

  75. SeaTheGod Gold

    Allah Going To Saviour You So Who Give You Love Allah ®™⚓🌾☂️🌙


    Dame arroz con pollo 😂

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    I swear that’s so me!!!

  79. Sonia Williams

    This song came out a year ago tomorrow🤩 LOVE YOU TEYENA!!!❤️😁

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    Damn Rae wasn't even In the video

  81. Stay Up

    Would be nice without her.

  82. Stay Up

    Who tell her she could sing? Lol

  83. Stay Up

    She looks like a tranny. She looks so manly.

  84. letsgetsocialinfo

    Want some apple Jack's..I hate bitches like this

  85. ELightenedKing

    Where Raekwon in the video? Man this song go the real music vibes for real!

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    14K thumbs dwn this??? Those people must don't know what good music is..tone deaf

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    Me and my husband going through it today and this song started playing... I never heard it before. This really made me cry.

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    high key i wouldve like nas to have been on this

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    She diddy bopp hard then a motha fucka. Those were the days👍👍👍

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    The way he stuttered took me out 😂

  94. Devin Tucker

    Teyana keep the 90s vibe alive I love it and the homage in the video

  95. money penni1

    Less than 30 seconds in & already you're dripping polymorph shapeshifters really need to edit your vids better. Anyone can see it...both the creatures you see on this vid are not humans, they are shapeshifters...if you doubt it, just get on a pc, not your phone, put it full screen, 720 res., playback spd at 0:25 & use your mouse ( hopefully a wireless one) & click & pause to slow it even further...then you'll know what they are...non-humans.

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