Ghostface Killah - Czarrcade '87 Lyrics

Jarhead for the bar heads (Jarhead for the bar heads)
Yeah, let me at 'em, man (Okay)
Let me at 'em, man (Okay)
Let me at 'em, man (Okay)
Talk to 'em (CZARFACE)

Talkin' shit about the leader of God
Try to walk it back and fail just obediant dog
This guy, you think he's real but I think he's a fraud
Nah, you ain't a man of steel when you speakin' to CZAR
Bow down, puny human, you the least of my problems
We worldwide with it, you a regional squall
I just left a dame in Spain, yeah, I'm teachin' abroad
While you be starin' at your iPhone, policing a blog
I know you're thinkin' it's odd, but what the fuck are you pursuin'?
Leave the mic alone, 'cause you don't know what you're doin'
With a one-and, two-and

I wreck and ruin, I crush crews like Russ Simmons and Rick Rubin
Comin' for the loot off top, no recouping
The way they avoid your boy, call me gluten
Pack 'em on the gate, make 'em panic and split
With the same force to turn young Anakin Sith
I'm grabbin' every bag like I'm plannin' a trip
You know the flow undisputed like Shannon and Skip
Yo, Deck, why these rappers all abandoning ship?
You don't know? I don't know, fuck the cats and they clique
Yo, I didn't mean to hit you, man, my hand just slipped
Don't subscribe to your theory, man, I cancel it
I like my bills green like the incredible Bigsby
Enemies diss me, I add to their medical history
Introduce you to a P, Deck's man in the 60's
Yeah, the festival tempting
She stand tall like a Gwendoline Christie
And she 6'3", terrors and lips speak
Veterans hearin' this reminisce and get misty

We shine even with the lights off and
Everybody listen like we're Frank White talkin'
Meet me at the Plaza Hotel, you're all welcome
First one crossin' the line, Lord help 'em (CZARFACE)
We kick 'em out the easy way
Make 'em scream like Zhané, like, "Hey, Mr. DJ"
You ain't heard what the people say, D-E-C-K
Got 'em lovin' hip hop more than Stevie J (CZARFACE, CZARFACE)

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Ghostface Killah Czarrcade '87 Comments
  1. Marvin Washington

    “Pack’em on the gate mak’em panic and split, with the same force that turned young Aniken Sith”... Deck with them Jedi references!

  2. Maple Bear

    Skip n Shannon reference made my day! Made me realize this is new and there's hope for hip hop

  3. Matt Jackson

    sooooo harddddd

  4. thaMANSTA

  5. Piso ONE

    Big respect

  6. Lisa Cornelison

    Yaasss 👻

  7. Jamal African

    Thank God this album came out and that we are here to hear it