Ghostface Killah - Beware Of The Stare Lyrics

He spares no one, he was forgotten
But he was somewhere
So beware of the stare of Ghostface Killah
So beware of the stare of Ghostface Killah

[Verse 1:]
Beware, son, I got the stare of Medusa
With the rope tied around your neck, it won't get looser
I might shoot ya, make your ass an example
You can't fuck with Tony Starks, get knocked, get trampled
Get hunted like a rat in a field, I hate that
Hate fake ass niggas that love to set traps
Murder the don, I'm back with a bird on my arm
Back to pillage, I rock a live grenade as a charm
I want bodies, [?], spread into the waters
I want mothers and sons, I wanna murder their daughters
Revenge, all I see is blood in my eyes
Like the rise of your worst nightmare come alive
Ghostface Killah, let's see who's gonna survive

He spares no one, he's not forgotten
Cause he was somewhere

[Verse 2:]
Yo, look away, don't stare into the eyes of a killer
Metal lungies, junkies, nigga, I pack the nine millers and thrillers
Bulletproof robes and wave caps
Revenge more, nigga, you know Ghost gone stay strapped
Hunt them down in alphabetical order
Each person that crossed me, watch the man slaughter
The butcher, the baker, the torturer, the taker
I'm a send you right back to your maker
A few extra holes, miss your soul sold to the devil
It's the rebirth of a slave brought back as a rebel
I'm immortal, gonna kill generations of your fam
You tried to loathe my legacy away, but I stand stronger
GFK, the pain prolonger

He was a lonely man
They killed him
Cause they didn't understand
Though his spirit possesses a rhythm
As the words on this record unleashes the Ghostface Killah

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Ghostface Killah Beware Of The Stare Comments
  1. cortex expansion

    first bit reminds me of the madman marz song

  2. Dontever touchmyhat

    He spares no one.

  3. Jason Serrano

    My new Halloween shit!Y’all still listening to Thriller and Monster Mash!

  4. Brodie Yake

    This was the first rap album I ever bought. I knew nothing about rap, I hadn't heard a single song off the album, and I laid my money down based purely on the cover art. It was unlike any rap album cover I had ever seen before at the time and assumed I was in for a unique listening experience. Little did I know that this album was a masterpiece from beginning to end and would go on to change my music listening life forever.

  5. zeeshan afridi

    Wow ! i got goosebumps from this sick song

  6. Ron Black


  7. notoreeuzz

    Whats the sample????

  8. Cisco Navarro

    the apollo brown version does this justice though

    rafa montana

    I liked this better

  9. Sean Chadha

    shoutout to Adrian younge getting to do the soundtrack for Luke cage

  10. Kah Gritty

    who are the 2 idiots (@this time) that disliked this???
    Go run in front of a tractor trailer on the interstate aka highway aka expressway aka VERY FAST MOVING TRAFFIC

    Dontever touchmyhat

    Balance my brother

  11. Ali Karim

    shkreli better beware...

  12. Jim Brow

    Eminem could fuck with that!?

  13. Jim Brow

    Pumpin' my Fist! He's Sick!

  14. abj5791

    The bass line is sick......

    Jim Brow

    +abj5791 Tony's Sick, cuh!


    true that also....

    Dik Beats

    ? Well there's 12 tracks here

  15. HUS

    The second half of the song really surprised me.

    Arthur 82

    Because the beat was hard, rhymes was hard!

  16. Red1ne M

    i hate rats

  17. miggiti

    Smh some dumb sob out there is completely negligent of the stare


    Action Bronson

  18. Vanessa Gonzales

    Found this album at the library, fell in love with it

    Ghostface Killah

    Vanessa Gonzales good ass library

  19. OZZ G K

    too dope. salute!! 

    Jim Brow

    Yeah. He's dope!

  20. dimitrisghiphop wu-tang

    this album is some real shit ! respect to GFK

    Jim Brow

    Pumpin' my Fist!



  21. Demonboy362

    So awesome

  22. Anthonio Côté

    good shit