Ghost Town - Skeleton Lyrics

I say tonight we go out
Get our minds in the clouds
And all our spineless friends
are comin out to scream and shout
We tearing at the seams
My skin can't handle me

She's got a way of sayin...
She's always tellin me...

Your skeleton forgot to bring its backbone
Next time pack it in your body bag
Your skeleton forgot to bring its backbone
Your broken ribs are cracking me up

You say I'm bad to the bone
But girl you really don't know
The ones that got away, were tied to loose
Without the moon I haven't changed in days
I'm breakin out this cage

She's got a way of sayin...
She's always tellin me...

Your skeleton forgot to bring its backbone
Next time pack it in your body bag
Your skeleton forgot to bring its backbone
Your broken ribs are cracking me up

I'm tearin through your skin to bone
Breaking through your ribs to your heart
It was mine to keep from the start
Who are you to tear us apart?

I've always wanted you to fuckin' tell the truth
and now I finally know who you are on the inside
Damn, I like your insides

Your skeleton forgot to bring its backbone
Next time pack it in your body bag
Your skeleton forgot to bring its backbone
Your broken ribs are cracking me up

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Ghost Town Skeleton Comments
  1. Eclipse and Mila the furrys

    i was watching this and i realized that i disliked this....i was a monster last year

    Ghost Town

    BunnyMasked all is forgiven

  2. Beautiful Silence

    Okok I may not be “emo” anymore but like their songs are so catchy like i-

  3. Logan Campos

    What do you call this type of music?

  4. DTG Pack

    Good song

  5. Tam Tam

    Dude this bands songs are perfect for halloween

  6. Hailee Hess

    Loved this song for five years now

  7. Danno

    Been listening since 2013

  8. Happy Stomp

    This entire song is just a whole big pun

  9. Collin Pizzo

    i hate that i still love this 4 years after finding it. but it's such a bop

  10. Toxic_ Rainbowz

    I can't find a single fucking music downloaded that has ghost Town :( I NEED THIS MUSIC OFFLINE

  11. Anne Marguin


  12. orange juice

    I have finally found my place in this world.

  13. Sheiz SF

    And the acoustic version?

  14. ghostkingz 290948

    Love this band

  15. lixeira do kuro

    its possible to remix it?

  16. Wink

    Your broken ribs are cracking me up.

    No pun intended......

  17. Oh, You Know

    Ghost Town is apparently ready for the skeleton war.

  18. Landon G

    Anyone else still listening to this?? XD

    jazmine _909

    Leia G meee

  19. TNTJordan07

    sings the whole thing while dancing!😃😑😶😶😶😶😶😶😎😨😤

  20. tnt

    2017 👻👻

  21. Wiki Gummybears

    rock on 👌

  22. Wolfox

    I used to think the lyrics were "Your skeleton has lost it's back bone" damn did I feel stupid

  23. M S

    this song gives me a falloutboy patd 2006 vibe

  24. Allison Myers


  25. hidden DOLLHOUSE

    Im crazy for Ghost Town!

  26. maks józwiak

    fucki in shit

  27. maks józwiak

    fuckin is trick ortread

  28. 차onetwosevens

    Where can I find Ghost Town Merch?

    Cori Linsey

    Hot topic :)

    Bryce Manasco

    Riko Siren Edgy

  29. totally original channel name

    Did anyone else notice that the gravestones say the names of the band members?

  30. Oh, You Know

    69 dislikes.

    *internal screaming*

    Sylvia Mollett

    Space trash now its 91(1) dislikes

  31. Firerina 32

    67 people forgot to bring their backbone

    Ally Owl

    Actually 77

    Cool My Bro

    Firerina Plays 78

    Connor Carpenter

    well probably because their dirty vocals arent good


    Kitty cat 79

    Sylvia Mollett

    91 people have broken ribs... Too dark? Okay, I'll leave :')

  32. Katelyn Vercher

    My new favorite band

  33. Tiberiu Ionuț

    i love u guys u are amazing
    i listen this song like 50 and i did not get bored!

  34. Insane Bloody Mad Hatter

    I am starting to really love their music

  35. Honu

    Freshman Memories when I was "the freak" <3

  36. Scotty Blair

    does anyone know of someone who covered this song?

    Scotty Blair

    on guitar

    Brooklyn Radke

    im about to on my channel

  37. PYR0xD34TH

    badass love your music

  38. Sidney Labelle

    ah Sophomore year memories ^_^ now just a nostalgic senior

  39. Airam weaver

    best song ever

  40. Absolutely Cherie

    these puns in here aren't very punny they're puaweful

  41. juve Soto

    you guys are the best!!

  42. Eunice Castro

    At first I was like "It's a'ight", but then I heard that screaming part and I was like, "omg I love this song"

  43. elf

    Ever since Undertale came out, there's gonna be a lot of Undertale fans here. :')

    N o p e .

    Justice Rosa

    +アストロ meee

    B Quenga

    Why not enjoy both? :)

  44. Mina H

    who's here cause they came across it by there sister?

  45. Justis Billsborough

    This song is freaking amazing

  46. Trucky McGee

    Each song I listen to a song by these guys, I become more and more obsessed o~o And I only found them today

    Shade Hatake

    Francisco Gomez i think we might make it to tge top if we rry hard enough. im good with tone and lyrics. haha. especially dark ones. i make most emos look fake as hell.

    Francisco Gomez

    I live in Nebraska we should calaborate if we get well known.

    Shade Hatake

    Francisco Gomez that i will do man. haha.


    Late Welcome to the ghosts(even though I joined them later then you did). and yeah they're addicting

    Kasandra Cortez

    Trucky McGee woohoo!!!

  47. Allison Myers

    Kevin's voice helps me sleep at night

    Allison Myers

    it calms me down, not bores me

  48. LayneTheWallflower

    Your broken ribs are crakin me up , SANS!

    FellGirl 13

    +Princess of the Dark true

    xXGamer Girl95Xx

    @Masked Kitsune Gamer you dumb ass

    Masked Kitsune Gamer

    @Imagine Far ;)

    Lilyana Macy

    LayneTheWallflower YEEEEEEEEEEES!

    Murasaki Usagi

    Your tickling my funny bone

  49. george chacon

    I really think your songs rock

  50. leya mae

    I want free downloads of all Ghost Town songs to be legal.
    Because then I wouldn't cry when my internet dies.
    I can't go a minute without hearing Kevin's voice.


    try music Paradise pro ;)

    Neutral Kush Hotel

    Youtubetomp3 DOT com

    Kaleb Belanak

    +Dovahrino Kiinereno she said legal. youtubetomp3 isnt legal im pretty sure

    Kaleb Belanak

    good chance there will not be free downloads. it cost money to produce these songs and they also want to profit. why not support the artist and buy there songs? links in description to do so.

    annonmous user

    +Kaleb Belanak they were in a court battle with Google and Google never took them down so it's legal

  51. Caombhe Fleming

    They are AMAZING live Sadie Sade

  52. saaj l

    I wish I could hear these guys live

  53. Mary Martínez

    I loved all their songs so far

  54. Ptr Luqs


  55. Epril Seye


  56. annareed wennie

    when he said broken ribs instant thought of andy biersack trying to fly Lol

  57. älɇxişş

    fuck ily guys so much

  58. HumansAreNotReal

    My back bone is twisted and curved... lol

    Mi-Kina Cze

    such pro gamer

  59. Mai Luu

    This brings back old memories from 2013 of when I loved this song and I still love it

  60. Lunaric

    I feel he really put his heart Into singing this song.

    White Rabbit

    +MythicLegends〉〉 Yeah it seems he literally did.

  61. paige

    Just discovered ghost town recently and this is my favorite song by them. It's so catchy

    Forever On My Way To Fuck Your Bitch

    I'm glad you like them they deserve more new recruits

  62. Tito Amador

    When they say you forgot to bring it's back bone its like they are telling you to do a chore

  63. Yup Nope

    Ghost town is AWESOME

  64. Colemydude


    Kill Clardy

    @cole petty  i get your weird XD love that song


    sorry this is late but your spooky scary skeleton forgot to bring is backbone 


    ROBLOX Zeninjago

    +Kleinlich cole O

  65. Destin Meza

    The catchy lyrics!! UGHH.

  66. Rielle2

    Love Ghost Town. Obsessed.

  67. Amber Opphile

    Currently my favorite song. <3

  68. Willy Fred

    so. many. puns.

  69. KawaiiCoraElf Princess

    I'm obsessed over this band I'm actually going to see them live

  70. It’s Carena

    This song is perfect, and this band. <3
    I'm so glad I randomly came across them, then ended up seeing them 2 months later and proposed to Kevin with a Ring Pop 😂

    It’s Carena

    i agree 100%
    it's not even just him, it's manny and alix too! they're literally the best and so sweet in person aw <3

    DweebStudios VS

    @Carena Ghost
    True, they are all just so sweet.
    I wish some of the other bands I knew were sweet like them to their fans.

    It’s Carena

    another good band that's sweet to their fans is Set It Off. i met them in sept and after the show, they hung out with us and gave us free posters. they're pretty fucking great and lead singer, Cody said he liked my face and i giggled so hard lol

    Emma Amigon

    yeah me to thank s to Heythereimshannon (*_*)

    Brooklyn Radke

    +Emma Amigon samme
    dude i idol shannon she's like my mental wife lmao

  71. Silvianna Marti

    ''Your broken ribs are cracking me up'' 

    Obsidian Kurai

    I read this comment as soon as he sang that part XD

    Suhey Iraheta

    +_oBSiDiaN KuRai_ >~< i like cookies

    Obsidian Kurai

    @rapid escapes yay :D

  72. Mayra Matias312

    i love every song this band has

  73. elf

    Even though this isn't a popular song, I really love it. Just Kevin's voice, the beat, and the lyrics are just so URGH. <3
    Forever a ghost. 👻

    skellingtion bae

    @Eren Jäeger dude, the post with the ghost emojii... lol. the emojii made me laugh so hard

    Sky C

    +Eren Jäeger
    Attack on Titan is bae and your profile picture is bae too. And i agree with you about the song. Ghosts forever~!



    cyndie hornblower

    daddy same

    Kry Kry Stott

    daddy same

  74. egg child

    This will always be my fav band. 4ever a 👻!!

  75. stormie arashi

    I luv this song and ghost town I wish I had listened to them when they first came out now they r my new obsession XD such a fangirl \(^¤^)/

  76. aamna

    So in love with this song <3<3<3 #ghost4ever

  77. MeowMan67

    I love how punny they are :) Amazing band. Definitely will be listening to them more often.

  78. brianna gilbert

    Love ghost

  79. GabbyxSora Love

    fav song

  80. Alyssa Lane

    luv this song

  81. emo mcr

    I'm gonna play this song, trick or treat, you're so creepy and halloween means death by Snow Whites Poison Bite through some speakers on Halloween. I'm gonna ride in the back of my friends dad's pickup truck driving around campus.
    I live in Columbus btw so if you do too you better watch out!

    Alyssa Lane

    lol that would be awesometastic

  82. ruba

    I love this song so much! Forever a 👻

  83. jane willson

    Just started listening to them and there amazing ! ✨

  84. Ally Sykes

    "Your skeleton forgot to bring it's backbone" <3 ♥


    "but girl you really don't know" :P <3 

    Creepy Boy

    Creepy Girl Cat love you 

    Twyla Samsong

    "The ones that got away were tied too loose. Without the moon I havent changed in days. Im breaking out this cage."


    I used to think is was "Your skeleton has lost it's back boneeeee"
    I feel stupid


    I love the way he says it <3

  85. jacob shedd

    I just noticed its waldo

  86. Zee A.

    What the crap happend to the acoustic to this song ?? .. I'm so sad man I love it 😢

  87. Brendan Mathews

    Obviously the 39 people that disliked this thought it said "dis i like" lol

  88. Angel Wade

    I think this may be in my top five of my favorite Ghost Town songs. Keep it up, Ghost Town! I love you all! Especially you, Kevin!

  89. NimphadoraUndead

    The starting reminds me one of the Sleeping With Sirens songs.. I just don't know which..


    I actually think Kevin sounds like Kellin.

    Jewel Smaddar


    Yeezus Christ

    Free Now

    Alisha Santiago

    @ArtyTheArcher I think that's why I'm so into it. I said the same thing when I first heard him

    Rebe Rodriguez

    It sounds more like Decoy by Parmore ._.

  90. Kyraa Mariee

    I have gotten a new obsession with this song <3

  91. rayne massimino

     I saw in a magazine, they were considered related to botdf. lololol they are far better than those shits

  92. evie

    This band would definitely be in my top 10 ;-; Ahh, I wish more people in my school would listen to this kind of music so than we can obsess over it. o3o

    Leah Haunted Phantomhive

    SOOOOOOO many people like different bands so I feel ya ;n;

    Dezzy Truschke

    @Jamie Black Potter im with ya and those ppl suck😂

    Leah Haunted Phantomhive

    You people understand meh ;u;

    Leah Haunted Phantomhive

    @Ash Wright Right though? People always asking that and how can a person possibly pick one band? 0.0


    evie same tho

  93. Susanna

    this is really cool


    @***** aww thanks haha 

  94. Jawsh :3

    Great song/band. But the screams are kind of weak. not sure if that's intentional, but they sound too raspy.

    Mackenzie Park

    In my opinion, I like raspy. But I understand what ur saying.

    Max lerman

    No not really

  95. NyanNyanNeko-Chan

    best song of all time. i love it so much along with Voodoo xD