Ghost Town - Out Alive Lyrics

I'm a little overdrawn
Picking pages out of books
A run around
Am I doing something wrong?
Are you caught up in the hooks
I throw around
Let's just see the color of the constantly
Psychosomatic ecstasy
The reason we can fly away
From here to get free

All my life I've been settling
Letting them keep me down
All my life I've been battling
A menacing deafening
Sound in my head
Dumbing it down
With the trend
I don't mind
I'm still making it
Making it out alive

I've been running in a race
Kicking dirt up just to find the finish line
I've been dying not to waste
All the energy I've got stuck in my mind
Let's just see the color of the constantly
Psychosomatic ecstasy
The reason we can fly away
From here to get free

All my life I've been settling
Letting them keep me down
All my life I've been battling
A menacing deafening
Sound in my head
Dumbing it down
With the trend
I don't mind
I'm still making it
Making it out alive
Out alive...

Waiting for your turn is never gonna work out
No one's gonna hear you unless you're gonna scream loud
Waiting for your turn is never gonna work out
No one's gonna hear you unless you're gonna scream loud

All my life I've been settling
Letting them keep me down
All my life I've been battling
A menacing deafening
Sound in my head
Dumbing it down
With the trend
I don't mind
I'm still making it
Making it out alive
Out alive...

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Ghost Town Out Alive Comments
  1. Liz Carranza

    I hate that this song isn’t on Apple Music nor the cover you guys did

  2. Melany Atanassov

    one of the most underrated bands and song

  3. mango juice

    Definitely put on spotify please ! Im updating my spotify list and would really love this version to be added!!!

  4. Jenna

    I missed this

  5. C J

    This will always have a special place in my heart, it got me through some pretty tough times while being hospitalized because of my eating disorder, so forever grateful for this band ❤

  6. Grace Marie Reyes

    Oml I remember making nico di Angelo edits to this song.

  7. rokuちゃん 666


  8. bts trash


  9. Nicolas Godin

    ghost town is criminally underrated

  10. Noora Hamodi

    Don’t want to be that TyPe of person but 2019 aNyOnE??

  11. Ghosttt 0203

    F y'all 74 people out of the 8.k 😂 people who disliked this

  12. mtvrad

    this is such a mood

  13. Hadlea Anderson

    This is my dad's favorite song.

  14. Valeria Camila Herrera Rubio

    Ghost Town: waiting for YOUR TURN is never gonna WORK OUT
    no one's gonna HEAR YOU unless you're gonna SCREAM LOUD

    Me: * tried it at school and gets a report, a call to my parents and got suspended * *:.).*

  15. Lara m


  16. PriscillaDraws

    I love this song, but it isnt out on the itunes store anymore 😭

  17. Evelyn Portillo

    Wow just wow

  18. Okami TheBroken

    Is this copyright free too? I wanna use this for an outro. I'll link it and everything, but is it alright? Is like, that something I can do?

  19. Paetton Harring

    Still one of my favorites❤👻

  20. El Pedrocs


  21. Megan Dunevant

    One of my newer favorite songs of Ghost Town, right next to Spark! Keep being you Ghost Town (and I love the new sound)! :D

  22. 엠마emma

    I've known this band for a few years and they're super talented and deserve so much more credit.

  23. 엠마emma

    This band is too underrated. Kevin is super talented and has a very unique voice. I wish he got more credit. That goes for the entire band as well. It's hard to find a band like this.

  24. danny sauriol

    I love this song so much because it's just so emotional and so powerful, yet so relatable at the same time. Thank God (or whatever) for Ghost Town! <3

  25. Kpa


  26. Lee R

    honestly????? my favorite ghost town song hands down :3c

  27. Caitlin Marie

    I keep singing "even if I don't know how" instead of "out alive" now

  28. Last ReXi

    What the hell 57 dislikes. Thats sad man. I love this song

  29. José Vall3

    So much emotion on it ,Loveee it

  30. Oliver Haines

    The ghosts town symbol upside down looks like Bart Simpson

  31. skrlin maja

    Guys! Make every video like this! love yaa

  32. Savannah Scene

    Best band ever! 👻💜💙

  33. DalekHunter1234

    I guess I'll be "Out alive"

  34. Glory Montaldo

    this song is how I feel about my life right now ♡

  35. L U X U R Y娜诶迪

    i love this song

  36. Space Unicorn

    The first song i ever heard from them was Your so creepy and then i was like OMG i love them lol

    Heather Gordon

    Me is Me same I all so watched voodoo and Dr doctor cause like yes

  37. Igor Swoboda

    shit thats dope

  38. AProphetInAPoet'sClothing

    Im totally not obsessed with this band... pfft.

  39. erm erm

    love it make more

  40. Anthony Martinez

    does anyone know the official facebook page

  41. Jumin Han

    He kinda sounds like Kellin o:

    Sarah Balon

    Kellin from sleeping with sirens?
    I love them both
    Kevin is just *orgasm*
    Kellin is a puppy

    Oh boy
    KEVIN IS😍💖❤️💘

    Alexandra Harrison

    Battle Call Kevin and kellin totally need to do something together would be fucking amazing

  42. Shannon Hauck

    I love it ;] You guys are so good.

  43. Neriniex

    i have an extremely unhealthy obsession with this song currently, ive had it on repeat for almost and hour and a half


    o h m y g o d
    my uncle found me in the comments too and i just

    Priscatella Yeah

    I've had it on repeat since it came out and I'll have it on repeat until I die.

    Chele Hirom

    same im 9 my sister loves this song so do i

    Hannah Ray

    I know the feeling I can't stop

  44. Wyd_ Annie

    ✰ only 293538 views oh wow ;-;

  45. Mark is Some Bro

    Ghost town need to get way more popular because to me they are the best band ever me and my friend know so many lyrics to their songs

  46. Gabriel Banda

    best song i ever heard!

  47. Rebel Mays

    Forever loving this song

  48. WildSide Jamaa

    The lyrics <3 The beat <3 The meaning <3 Everything in this song is just... AMAZING <3

  49. Kete

    Oml why is this so unpopular? 268,216 views? I love this ;-;

    ian _

    well ghost town is VERY underrated so yea


    your pfp, joel faviere omg yes

    Eros Strange-Park

    They're underated, which is actually kind of a good thing, as not as many people will go to their signings and concerts, and they're cheaper :3

  50. Taeglyn Rhespen

    Just saw this live today and met Kevin, Alix, and Manny. Bawled my eyes out tbh

  51. Lanie Vixxen

    I am literally downloading all their songs >3

  52. Lily Pad

    ugh this song is amazing. 💜

  53. ariana hicklin-henderson

    omg, Alister dippner's art is AMAZING


    ariana hicklin-henderson yass

  54. Skippy ThePanda

    Always listen to Ghost Town while drawing

  55. jimmy can't edit

    ██▄ ▄██▄
    ▀████▀ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▀████▀
    ▄▄▄▄ ▀▀ ▄▄▀ ▀▄▄ ▀▀ ▄▄▄▄
    ▄██████ ▄▀ ▄▄ ▄▄ ▀▄ ██████▄
    ████▄▄ █ ▄████ ████▄ █ ▄▄▄████ IN THIS WORLD ITS LISTEN TO GHOST TOWN OR BE KILLED
    ████████ █ ███▄█▀ ▀█▄███ █ █████████
    ▀██████ █ █▄▄▄ ▄▄▄█ █ ██████▀
    ▀▀▀▀▀▀ █ ▀██▄▄ ▄▄ ▄▄██▀ █ ▀▀▀▀▀▀
    █ ████████▀ █
    ▄███ ▀▄ ▀ ▀██▀ ▀ █ ███▄
    █████ ▀▄ ▄▀
    ███▀▄██▄▄ ▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▀▀ ▄▄▄██▄▀███
    ███ ████████▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄█████████ ███
    ▀▀██████▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀██████▀▀
    █ ▄███████▀ █
    ▀▄ ▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▄▀



  56. Micah Francis

    At this point, I'm convinced there will never be a song I don't like made by Ghost Town! :)

    Jordan Messerle

    agree without a doubt! #creepygirl love these guys so freaking much and this song resonates with me amazingly and I owe them my thanks for sparking the fire inside my heart and making me feel like every moment I and everyone else has worth it :)

  57. Paola Luna

    I think kevin is cute

  58. gay potato

    The 38 ppl who disliked this awesome video have no soul...

    gay potato

    +BellaUnderTheStarsxx now it's 39 WHATS WRONG WITH HUMANITY

    gay potato


    gay potato

    +2_Over Gaming 77??? dafuq?!?

  59. Millie Dot

    even after listening to so much, that I got tired of it, I'm back to listening to this song and the others. xD its been about a month or 2, but your songs are so good I can't stay away.

  60. Hristina Tzvetanova

    I want acoustic version! :D

  61. James Hoggard

    Is kevin still in school? on the fueled by ramen website it says he is but im not sure yet.

  62. David Moore

    37 dislikes people? Geez check yourself into a mental institution or get your hearing checked

  63. catalina gonzales

    Y'all have come so far since y'all first started in 2012! I love it!!

  64. Devin Mcallister

    love this song

  65. TheTroll_2016 YT

    The best song ever

  66. Kevin Hill

    As of now, There is 35 ghost that disliked the song because they didn't make it out alive. I'm afraid that number may grow. Those poor souls!

  67. Dawn

    This reminds me of SWS's new music. Just me?

  68. Epril Seye

    This song has a very "Icon for Hire" vibe


    Wow it does

  69. alexa eleni

    i saw you with simple plan in hamburg and i fell in love with this song and now i FINALLY found it !

  70. kitty kat123

    Why do I relate to this so well

  71. ιįνï ηδçtïš

    i love this song so much!❤

  72. Angie L

    i smoke crack every day

  73. meow

    I've heard from Ghost Town the first time last monday at the Simple Plan concert in Munich and this band is so fuckng amazing I'm so glad I found them! Thank you for this amazing introduction to that evening !! stay awesome !

  74. vvikativv

    Imagine Pierce the Veil singing this...



    Louise mc donnell

    If ptv sang this... omfg heaven

    Eridan Ampora

    That'd be great even though this song is just fine the way it is.

    Alexandra Harrison

    CowboiRoi that would be so amazing I think I would die if that happens

  75. Dominika

    I've seen you last night in Prague and this song killed me. The vocals took my breath away! <3

  76. Zackx Page

    draw a world
    a book is so unreal
    leads over me AS IT comes real ARE WE ALL JUST SLAVES HELP ME GOD TO GET FREE




  77. Serena Rose

    if i could like this song a million times i would

  78. Set It Off.

    35 people obsviously don't know what life is.

  79. ZivXan

    Heard this song in a Hot Topic this weekend, shazamed it, and now playing it on repeat. Such a great song!

  80. Alche

    i love their new album
    but i feel they need some screams

  81. Sergeant Sunflower

    You guys are EPIC!!! I will always come to your channel when I go through tough times. I'm now a ghost forever! 👻💙💙💙

  82. Raj Karan

    its been a long time since I hear a good catchy song. this is Dope!

  83. NANA Leigh

    I unintentionally took a brake from Ghost Town and what do they do? They make a song that becomes my favorite song above all other songs. I LOVE Ghost Town!

  84. Cy Gomez

    I've been listening to ghost town for a long time and it doesn't get old to me, they deserve a lot more recognition for their amazing work.

  85. Sarah Jane

    I'm totally covering this! It's sooooooo good! Literally relate so much to this song

  86. L엑소

    this reminds me of far cry 3 sooooo much
    that house just like dr earnhardt's house


    i said that to my sister once as a joke n she started crying 

  87. Elisha

    Some parts of the fire on the house look like blurred out versions of Spiderman...o-o

  88. Gina Cordero

    i love the band art its cool they did a good job who ever does the art

  89. Riley C.

    Dear people who have depression,Anxiety etc...I'm so so proud of you for making it through 2015. You're alive. In just a few hours,it'll be 2016. You DID it. I'm so so proud of you. You all...WE made it out of 2015,ALIVE. I'm getting emotional just writing this. But u guys are so strong and beautiful. You made it through 2015. Let's start 2016 with clean slates,and smiles on our faces,and renewed strength in US. Mentally,emotionally and physically.You made it. I made it. WE MADE IT. I'm so proud. You guys are my heroes. My idols. Thank u for surviving and staying strong. You guys are beyond BEAUTIFUL,and beautiful beyond COMPARE. 2015 is done. 2016 is stepping in. Take a deep breath. Look in the mirror and tell yourself,I CAN DO THIS. I WILL DO THIS. I'M UNSTOPPABLE. I love u all so much.All my respect and love,-Riley (age: 15)

    sunlight ginger

    Riley that was amazing i would love to be your friend if you have anything i could message you on could you tell me


    Riley C. I feel so encouraged reading this

    Riley C.

    @oh dear! That was the point! I'm glad u do!

    El Pedrocs

    wow, that was beautiful

    Trixtr God

    2016 was horrible I'm blaming you

  90. softy karen

    I love this song!😃 It's my jam xD

  91. Viktoria Eichner

    This Song is so Emotional! Every Time I hear this Song i Cry because i know, One Day i will Die and can never hear this Song again :( ...

  92. King Balls

    Make a new song plz!

  93. Tox1cGh0sT

    \m/ so good 😩

  94. Katiez LPS

    whenever I hear this song I think of corpse party

  95. Hollie Elder

    i love this album i love this song they are a good band i love them with a passion

  96. SoundBolt

    wow yall need more veiws

  97. LiamLikesGames

    His vocals in the 2nd verse are almost like Michael Jackson