Ghost Of The Robot - If This Is Love Lyrics

Why are you standing there
Across a room looking away
I've loved you since I met you
Time ago

If This Is Love
Why won't you look at me
So you can see my tears
I want to hold you
You know I can't stand to see you cry

Well don't say goodbye
Go ahead and leave me
Don't make me cry I stand alone
And if you fly away and leave me and go home
I will die, If This Is Love

In the evening when I met you
You were an angel
And I thought I died
I thought that heaven was called
The Georgian hotel

Now I know that I lost you
But if you fly back to me
I'm going be the man you fell for
And put that gold
On your slender hand baby
On your slender hand

If this is love...

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Ghost Of The Robot If This Is Love Comments
  1. Nef oO

    Great Song <3 hearing GotR since 10 years (or more? ^^)But this is one of my Favoriten Songs

  2. Priestess Triskelion


  3. Melinda Solarov

    James loves his wife,every song is about her.But she was just 17 when he met her and he was 41.

    fox fyre

    Melinda Solarov holy shit seriously? I hate that if he was ten years younger I would totally have a chance

  4. Cyndie

    I met james this week end, it was incredible, dream become true 😭💕

    Katie Rose Wells

    +Cyndie Was he nice? I mean did he seem like a nice guy? I've heard he is but since I've never met him I can't be positive. lol


    They didn't meet him, they are lying it's the internet people lie about that sort of thing!!

    Monique Smith

    He goes to comic cons often, many people meet him...he is very accessible. Does meet and greets all the time.

  5. Oksana K

    such an amazing voice...

  6. Luce & Marie

    I can't believe I've never heard of this band before. Well, better late than never.

  7. jkhanova

    Simply wonderful

  8. Ariel Lowe

    Omg guys :'') thats beautiful im truely speechless

  9. Ariel Lowe


  10. Anatevka Demyan

    you guys are the bomb love ya! 

  11. Brigitte87FF

    beautiful song!!!! <3

  12. musicmadbrilliant

    Very dreamy and sweet. Love it :)

  13. Elizabeth Morin

    This is one of my favorites on 'Murphy's Law'

  14. Hayley Louise Jay

    Omg I love this track! Amazing!

  15. caberet

    wow this has a really retro USA 50's vibe... very 'peggy sue got married' ...going to have to put you all in suitable suits for the video hahaha! ... but what do I know I'm from England ;-)

  16. Jill Shaw

    I love this song!

  17. Ashley Roy

    this is a wonderful song and true for aot of people.

  18. Donna McC

    Great song,
    This should be played at the "Sunnydale High Prom" at the Vampire Ball 28th Sept 2012.

  19. TaylerWithAnE

    Another of my favorites!! love the dreamy guitar solo, pretty harmonies, and Sullivan's solo!! You guys rock!!!!