Ghost Of The Robot - Finer Than Gold Lyrics

I forgot what you looked like
I forgot your skin
I wanted to stand up
and make you a mountain.
I wanted to gather,
some stars in my hand.
And drop them before you,
like they were sand.
‘Cus I wanted you glowing,
so you could see…
what I’m seeing.

When I behold you,
but I forgot your skin
Now I’m not a rich man,
but I just had to prove,
so I gathered some gold dust,
and I flung it on you.

But you’re finer than gold,
You’re finer than gold.
You’re finer than gold.

‘Cus gold doesn’t suit you.
Not on your skin.
Like a drunk in the morning,
Just doesn’t fit in.
So happy birthday,
I don’t have a gift.
I spent all my money,
only have this…

You’re finer than gold.
You’re finer than gold.
You’re finer than gold.

So now I sit here,
alone in my room.
Holding this necklace,
and thinking of you.
I just want to break it,
dig it a hole.
I know you forgive me,
‘cus how could I know?
You’re finer than gold.

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Ghost Of The Robot Finer Than Gold Comments
  1. Ariel Lowe

    Your voice is so pure! Great job its all amazing

  2. ARKWalton

    I emailed them about this, and they said hopefully this year, but it seems like this year is drawing to an end, so possibly early next year?

  3. Donna McC

    Love this song, my favourite from this great album.
    Very visual if strange lyrics.
    (Unusual for skin not to be suitable for gold!)
    I would love to hear this song at a gig.
    Anyone know of any upcoming UK/Irish gigs?

  4. Janice OConnor

    My song:)

  5. HeatherLinn

    love love love these lyrics.

  6. Laura Jalbert

    This sounds good, but it's so so sad.

  7. Jess Blackett

    You music is Amazing!
    It has truly helps me get through hard times in my life!
    Thank you for making such beautiful and inspirational music!

  8. Madelyn Watson

    Just wanted to say that i love your music. and most of all...I love u James! your such an inspiration!