Ghost Of The Robot - Figures Lyrics

I can't seem to figure this out
All the stupid kin things
That I think about
Like when I pretend that
Every time I sleep
Right left beside you

I create my own fate every line
I define I can't say anything
That I mean my heart can't speak

And if you ever think
You have a doubt
I'll reassure you some things
You think you thought
You knew about
Like when I sleep softly
Every time I find myself
At your mercy

I negate my own stake every time
There's a sign I can't save everything
That I need to be, my heart still beats...

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Ghost Of The Robot Figures Comments
  1. Naughty Peupui

    I need the lyrics of that song... BAD!!! :P

  2. Michael Crockett

    I love the spirit. I heart the dance. Sprinkle them with Sacramento for us :).