Ghetts - Tarantula Lyrics

Creep on the riddim like a spider
See, this one's called Tarantula
I feel sorry for the next generation of blacks
RIP Mandela
It's a mad world, black boy dissin' black girls
Takin' a black pill but he couldn't handle her
What a fuckboy, pengers alert though
Up goes my antenna
Look at the bloodclart back off
You ever seen a man take a step back
In amazement and take his bloodclart hat off?
I Bobby Shmurda a new era come
Like it grew legs and it bloodclart ran off
Everyone shower till I bloodbath man off
I never forget shit, I'm half-man, half-mammoth
I'm talking, boy, you can't cut hard man off

Listen up, man are liquored up
Magnum inna ma system, let me ring a slut
I am inna the position where I live it up
I'm only going back in prison as a visitor
Still I might ride out, giddy up
By now, I should at least be a milli up
Everybody be rappin' about trappin'
I'mma find out how much food they're really pickin' up
I know a man that might type in a website
Just to see which one of you rappers are shining
Soulja Boy's ex got kidnapped
That's code talk for her grabbing a diamond
They be studying the whole music scene
And rappin the man up just look at Simon
Alright, my bruddas, pass with flying colours
It's your fault, look at what you're advertising

Tools and watches
The topic of the neighbourhood gossip
Heard he had a chain, then a hater took it off him
Heard he had a watch, like a hater wouldn't watch him
Who you watching, me? you do a Coffin
When it comes to guns, I know man that have flew a lot in (ke-ke-ke-ke)
What's good? Heard you were shotting, where the food at?
Is it peng, fam? Let me review that
Sounds like me and my crew are plotting
Hand on my heart, I wouldn't do that
Two twos, me and my crew are shopping
Don't hate, man a the darg, give me the loot, fam
I don't wanna stab man, I don't wanna shoot man
I don't wanna do any of the above to you, fam
But, yeah, there's a but
Man are hungry and you ain't hearing me, blood

Stop that, start that, get that gwop
Cock back, blast that, get that gwop
What's that? Our gang, rep that block
Hot pan, Tarzan, check that pop
Old school, new school, man've been around
Me, I'm out here, never in my house
Who you was, I'm that nigga now
Where's your girlfriend? Better ring her now

Your Mrs
Is just another one of my bitches
Face it, we in the matrix
She the pussycat causing all the glitches
I'm lettin it all up inna your business
One man's trash is another man's treasure
One man's car is another man's whore
One man's wife is another man's mistress, what is this?

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Ghetts Tarantula Comments
  1. Oloff Music

    What a fucking opener. Ghetts is on another level.

  2. daniel arnold

    Chains and watches, the topic of the neighborhood gossip

  3. luke holmes

    tech n9ne should do his own version of this then get ghetts on a choppers track

  4. Martin Watkins

    ghetts neeeds more views

  5. QueenWeezy™

    Pengness alert Tho, up goes my antenna

  6. bigfess 93

    A bobby shmurda the new era it turned black grew legs and it bloodclart ran off


    Lol said i Bobby shmurda'd a new era, come like it grew legs and it bloodclart ran off..

  7. bigfess 93

    Ghetts gets to underappreciated coz half the country are thick as fuck 

  8. switch

    Why has this not got at least 100k views that's mad big up ghetts and grime all day big tune!

  9. Nelson

    Aww this reminds me why this bother is my favourite