Ghetts - Shortman Lyrics

We take over the jails and the streets

I feel like to kill you
Because you're a little bitch boy
Bitch boy, don't deserve live around the way
No way, fronting like a killer
I've seen primary school kids realer
To introduce you to [?], you got no hot
When it comes to beef, you're a chief
You're a youngen like [?]
You ain't built for the battlefield
Better fall back, do you
What do you mean? We just leave it like that
You don't want no static, no kind of friction
Boy bathing with bullet addiction
This ain't a competition, rude boy, I'll stop your vision
I'll put you down, have you just stay in the ground
This is my town
And the place of the real g
You better [?] because you ain't real, g
This is real hard-hearted shit, no thorough shit
And even [?]
Look at you now, overly exposed
Your [?]
I'll leave your whole crew in the heat
You don't want no beef with me
Shots will leave you resting up very peacefully
It's time to destroy him with bullets like nah
That's a bit hard, I'll show bredders what time it is
Niggas are bored, you fake fuck
Any time [?] get suck
This is steal, we're back with realer shit pussy, what's up?
You sound quiet, now
Not a peep or a whisper
Don't backchat because your family will miss ya
You're a little loser, furthermore, bitch boy
I'm back and I'm here to destroy
I'm your worst nightmare, I'm not [?] Mack or Nada
You bitch boys will never get harder, you pussy

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