Ghetts - Line Of Work Lyrics

(Yeah, yeah, yea) Yo, I like this
I like it
Brap, brap, brap, brap, brap, brap, brap, brap, brap
Yeah (Yeah)
Ghetto (Ghetto)
(What?) What do you do then?
(I'll tell ya) How you getting this fee, what's your line of work?
(Staying alive) What are you doing to get this dough?
(Spit bars, I'm on a grind) Yeah, yeah, yeah
Fully corrupt out here (Fully corrupted)
All sorts, got my hands in all sorts of supplies, mate

So what's your line of work?
Feds on the case every time you work
Moving keys ain't minor work
Be on point or ride a bird
That cat's really a fed
Now he's got you handcuffed, screaming [?]
But at least you know you ain't bankrupt
When I get released from the bing, you were buying the merk
So what's your line of work?
I ain't ever seen you without a tie and a shirt
I'm like, don't you get tired of work?
9 to 5, that ain't my kind of work
I be on the grind, moving the line
From work, cats say my supply's superb
True shadow for those who tried to observe
Because I know there's time to be served
So, what's your line of work?
Another MC just trying to be heard
I can relate to that but it's my turn
And I've got more than just my mind-works
Nasty be my firm to divert
Plus I've heard, you do nothing but pirate
You might merk when I [?]
But when I'm there
You talk shit like, you can't spit so you buy herbs
You look like [?]
But I'll still call you son like you're my sperm
Your mum, she's got more than nice perm
And she's on every corner I turn
You can get a ring in but I'm in line first
Because ain't no way I'm getting shined third

There's no way I'm getting shined third, you know
Fuck that

So what's your line of work?
Work? All I know is quick-money getting
I'm always on the road, everyday I'm sweating
Never on a long ting, pace I'm setting
Run up in a bookings but not for the betting
8 o'clock curfew, I've gotta get in
Feds on my door for the moment I step in
Money for make and gyals will be checking
If I get shift, will I get belled, would you reckon?
No, I've been off the rail since 7
And I'm 20 now, been through many towns
Good boy but I still have to sneak [?] around
And when it comes to the shit, I'm the best
But niggas don't wanna see [?] crown
Say my name already, whenever you're ready, clown
You have to think, I'm already down

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Ghetts Line Of Work Comments
  1. t.... m....

    Anyone know the instrumental

    t.... m....

    Roll Deep - Heat Up

  2. J.... B....

    Got me hands in all sorts of pies maaaate

  3. K.... 1....

    I was listening to this in high school. This and Ghetto Gospel will one day be held as Grime classics. Voice of the streets

  4. b.... ....