Geto Boys - Point of No Return Lyrics

G.B. ha ha youknowhatI'msayin'? Geto Boys in the house for the 1-9-9-6.
(G.B.) [x16]

What if I learn to work your beat
And fuck with you in the ways that you fuck with me
And underline all y'all downfalls for ya
Catch you fuckin' up and bring the pound down on ya
Infect your neighbborhood with this drug called hate
Ish out your income and control y'all fate
Provide you motherfuckers with this shit that look cool
And price it outta range to keep your ass outta school
You don't work you don't eat you don't eat you don't sleep
And then I got your ass apon these motherfuckin' streets
Poising your own breed turning you from Jesus
Get you out your faith and hit your ass with diseases
And now you can't reproduce there goes your children
Don't worry about you dying slow I'm a get to killin'
And shot up your motherfuckin' dreams fromt he jump
And hold you in the penitentiary like a punk
But you can't do shit unless a motherfucker tell ya
You ain't a motherfuckin' man niggayous a failure
You wonder why I hate cha and I paint this picture?
Cause the government is fucked up and I ain't that nigga
So you can point the fingers at the motherfuckin' press
Cause they be feeding me with all the shit that I address
It ain't my motherfuckin' fault niggas ain't learnin'
We in too deep and ain't no returnin'

[Willie D:]
Willie D is my motherfuckin' name
Lettin' you hoes know is my motherfuckin' game
You got a problem with the way I drop my bloww
Bring it to the G to the motherfuckin' E to the O
I'm a let you hoes know the deal
You can't FUCK with Will, Face and Bill
I got niggas fully strapped with lots of nuts
And niggas in the back of ridah trucks
Do I give a fuck about America? (FUCK NO!)
Call me a patriot bitch I'm a buck yo, ass
Right up your motherfuckin' shit creek
She got some negativity with Willie D
Well then let the bitch be

In the begining motherfuckers pack straps
Puttin' they eyes on any motherfuckers back
You got out of line they hit your ass with the gat
Let you die where you lay and left your ass for the rats
Thats how it was and I can see it all again motherfuckers goin' crazy
Like they did when I was ten
I'm goin' through the same shit that my daddy went through when he was 22
Now who, the fuck to blame for the condition that we in
Pursue the game or end up back up off my shit again
It's kind of easy how we make your choice
We go to ghetto tactic labratorites providing ?
Well anyways that's how I seen it then
But now I realize white collar criminals had to bring it in
And now I go against my own kind
With the mentallity that these niggas been after me a long time
And if I'm caught up then I'm OUTTA HERE
But if you caught up you outta here
And then you wonder what we learned while we've been trapped here
We figured out how to adapt here

[Willie D:]
Edgar Hoovar I wwish you wasn't dead
So I could put a bullet in your motherfuckin' head
Goddamn faggot motherfuckin' drag queen
I know you put the hit on Martin Luther King
And Fred Hampton, Malcom and the others
You red neck punk motherfucker
Bob Dole keep you motherfuckin' mouth shut
Before a nigga beat your old ass up
Jumpin' on the rap bandwagon ain't helpin' it
You need to be concerned about the motherfuckin' deficit
I'm the type of nigga throw a party when the flag burn
I'm at the point of no return

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Geto Boys Point of No Return Comments
  1. Cali Surfer Dude

    Absolute power here. These are some chilling lyrics here.

  2. Gregory Campbell

    Best song ever

  3. Laczaric M

    There is no one better one Love

  4. Rico Tucker

    Great song

  5. Ape Billings

    Wes Kremwr

  6. Tristan McKee

    These things are hard to swallow at first, when we are brain-dead, but they quickly start to sound extremely real compared to the shit they choked us on in academia. This song made me feel so much less isolated. Fuck Relativity! All those genius thinkers are welcome to have their little imaginary worlds without Big Mean Rules, but they had better not EVER again try to drag ANYONE else in with them! The consequences are not condoned or requested but would be fairly predictable.

  7. DQ You A Goofy

    Willie D the king

  8. Carlos Crim

    My favorite all time rap cd...Point blank PERIODT...

  9. Chasin gr8ness


  10. Francisco Deanda

    Straight old school dope shit!!!!!!!

  11. clean blacc sneakas

    This is street sermon✊ RIP Bushwick.He always reminded me of the jewel onyx✌

  12. Marlon J Peters

    That first verse.....underline all your downfalls for ya!

  13. Richard Norwood

    This song is a Reality check!!!!

  14. Rasu Jones

    Don’t disrespect the originators talking bout what brought you here.educate yourself and check out there massive catalog of hits

  15. Black and Sensual Mark

    I love the part when Willie Dee says , im gonna let u mothrfuckers know the deal . You cant fuck with Will , Face , and Bill . Thats right , Geto Boys are a great rap group with substance , better than NWA . N i love NWA 😀 .

  16. harleiux12

    Scarface spit one of he realest verses of all time... too bad brothers ain’t learning!

  17. Raymond Spicer


  18. Eric Jackson

    Bob Doyle keep yo mutherfucken mouth shut.

  19. Marcus Lang

    Never heard of Gulley Boys. 😅😅😆😆😂😂!!!

  20. Tori Gulley

    I'm a Gulley so yeah.... This is what I like

  21. Jay Bee

    This and my homies double CD were in heavy rotation in my Jeep back in the late 90s. 1600 watt system with pioneer head unit. Orion Xtr 15s ported, Soundstream reference amps, polk components, and a 50disc CD changer. Those were the days.

  22. LEE L.

    Real Gangsta rap, who was here 2019?

  23. Onaje 10

    DAMN 🔥✊🏾

  24. T Dub

    Fuuuuuuuc Willie... I would pay top dollar to see these REAL Bros in concert

  25. Vukoman Vitez

    GB GB GB

  26. Marcus Lang

    Gee Beeee!!! Gee Beeee!!! Gee Beee!!! My number 2 favorite emcees simultaneously! Of course Cube is #1.. Mystikal #3. It was about their sincerity and how they made me feel and in that order of appearance.

  27. Johnny Williams

    This that shit

  28. Ruben Dominguez

    What up guys it’s your man gulley boy with a brand new video from the 80s version of the twilight zone 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. mookie george

    Millennials do yo RESEARCH

  30. moabite sounds

    One of the hardest & honest Trax

  31. James Chase

    This song was revelant back 1996 and most definetly still till this day


    Set it off Sound Track;-)

  33. Pernell Wilson

    Now I go against my own kind with the mentality that these niggaz been after me a long time!!!💯

  34. Kizzy Jackson

    Willie d n scareface went fed on this bitch......from tha nickel claim this bitch forever....

  35. Enchantresse Shakur

    Heard Tupac liked this song 🔥 this is so fire !

  36. Maurice Pickens

    geto boys was way harder than n.w.a.

  37. Gregory Campbell

    The greatest group from the south

  38. Vukoman Vitez

    GB GB GB

  39. Felishadae Young

    Willie D is definitely in the house 💯💯💯💯💯

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    That my shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

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    This shit go hard

  42. GeniusLoci1970

    I need instrumental. where I can find it?

  43. blesshawn

    This is Y I can’t listen to new sh*t.

  44. David Jr

    Dang I miss rap that had a meaning

  45. David Jr

    Hard as song

  46. Cris Sayago

    I wonder why they didn't include this song on the Set It Off soundtrack?

  47. Ray Ray Silva Jr

    Chuckwick would of sound crazy on this one!

  48. John Smith


  49. L Boogie

    Still banging in 2018

  50. Mustafa Yusuf Ali

    GETO BOYS killed this track.☉tribe

  51. Oh Sorry ME


  52. AngryChairNoExcuses

    2018 and 133 people had that picture painted by the government. They also had a hard time with their eyes burned from the truth.

  53. Officer Orange cheetolini

    “Imma type of nigga throw a party when the flag burn” imma at a point of no return 🖕🏼

  54. Marlon Ford

    damn damn damn the greatest

  55. G Plays

    Gulley brought me here

  56. Roger Redding

    Find a harder verse than face

  57. Shilot Brunson

    This shit go REAL HARD !!! No bullshittin !

  58. TheIronLung

    Gulley boy

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    Real old old school ..great ttrack!

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    im here cuz of gulleyboy

  62. Free World

    Aight my niggaz I'm going from here to "Gotta let ya nutz hang" to "Thug Niggaz" to "White Sheets" to "Gs" who gone ride wit me??

  63. Catherine Guinn

    This my shit.... Geebeeee

  64. Jose Romero Jr

    Gulley boys intro

  65. Tony Snow

    this is where the generation under me is at the point of no return
    I'm a 80s child but the genocide came from the kids in the 60s and 70s generation because it's their children nowadays that's destroying each other even more now , trick daddy did a video about it .

    Charles L. Nemons

    You don't work you don't eat,you don't sleep then I got yo ass on these mother fuckn streets,ohh so deep.


    Set it off

  67. Ten of Cups

    Face killed it. Willie D was inspirational and made me wanna do something. But Face was Excellence. Explained shit I been through I can't explain. The GOAT

  68. Hunter Q Rose

    "I'm the type of Nigga that throws a party when the flag burns...I'm at the point of no return." - Willie D. That some real shit right there. You can tell he don't give a flying fuck with that sentence.

  69. Geeez Nuutz93

    I heard this on gully boys channel then i heard it in set it off and was confused

  70. Bryan Brooks

    My nigga Gulleyboy brought me here as well😄😄


    Edgar Hoover I wish you wasn't dead... so I can put a bullet through you muthafucking head, Willie D my boy lol....

  72. Tony Snow

    I remember this album when I was in middle school I was very young a pre teen ,i couldn't decipher everything they said but I know it was real hip hop ,just like tupac ,rap with a positive message

  73. frederick jaxn

    Face dat dude will good too but from the start of the track face on 10000 and dropping facts raw knowledge

    L Boogie

    frederick jaxn

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    1996 living in H town shit was real

  75. My Name Is Earl

    I been looking for this shit

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    I wonder how much money it would take Willie D to put his hand on his heart for the Pledge of Allegiance or stand for the National Anthem? ha ha. I'm sure a lot. Then again, he might do it for $100 and then after it was over, scream 'Fuck Amerikkka'!! lmao.

    rustleup 1000%


  78. Da Sh

    'Do I give a fuck about Amerikkka?, FUCK NO, call me a patriot bitch and Imma buck yo ass!'

  79. Mook X

    Being a real ass nigga growing up in the 90's brought me here

  80. willie winston

    @the nigga u love to hate- Yea, face the GOAT. best solo CDs, group CDs, realest topics, meanest subject matter, longevity, NEVER crossed over, all in the same cat smh...I'm witchu bruh. He got too many tools in his arsenal NOT to be the greatest. I been sayin dat shit since 97 bruh. Like face say "unless u face to face wit scarface u aint done shit"💯

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    Wille D was spitting on this track here

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    Johnathan Outley facts!!! When Queen Latifah was shootin them 2 Desert Eagles

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    amina cathey Set it off from the year 1996 brought me here.. but gulley boy is awesome af though

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    tyrese g


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    Pennies on a Dollar

    judah 🕵

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    man when I hear this song I get so crunk, and want to smash on the politics

  97. Nipponisms

    I fucking love Willie. It's just that kind of real nigga aggressiveness that you can't really find in Hip-Hop. You can hear it and can tell it's not a persona, but how he feels.