Geto Boys - Niggas And Flies Lyrics

[Intro/Chorus: x4]
Niggas and flies, niggas and flies
Niggas and motherfuckin flies

[Willie D:]
Niggas and flies, always in some shit
Nigga can't stay out of shit for shit
Nigga rob the bank, now everybody know
Cause nigga had a Rolls Royce flippin through the ghetto
Nigga bought his hoe a fur coat the next week
And the laws had his ass walkin butt-naked down the street
You want drama nigga I +GOTS+ drama
What about these niggas drivin Beemers livin with they mommas
And what about these tennis shoe chasin bitches
Fuckin athletes, to obtain their riches
But they hate it when a nigga call 'em hoes and tramps and sluts
But if the shoe fit, lace it up
Niggas ain't good for shit but eatin barbecue
And holdin other niggas back, that's all we do
Niggas annoy me like flies
If it was up to me, I'd burn a gang of you hoes alive

[Chorus 1/2]

[Willie D:]
I went to the Million Man March, it was all good
A bunch of niggas standin up for they manhood
But niggas are so idiotic
They still found somethin fucked up to say about it
But that's a nigga for yo' ass G
Holla at a nigga if you're lookin for some negativity
Cause niggas got plenty of it, I think they love it
Clarence Thomas youse a motherfuckin puppet~!
Ass-kissin, politicians ain't shit to me
And motherFUCK the NAACP
Motherfuckin cowards, suckin up to their sponsors
They couldn't give a fuck about the black problems
So-called black radio stations runnin they flap
Talkin 'bout they don't play rap
But rap pay the bills motherfucker!
It keeps a nigga out of jail cocksucker!
Nigga get on top and niggas hate it
Cause niggas can't stand to see another nigga make it
So how the fuck niggas comin together to take the first step
When every nigga out for self

[Chorus x2]

Niggas and flies, niggas and flies

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Geto Boys Niggas And Flies Comments
  1. Frank X

    My first choice is Assassins this is my second pick.

  2. Frank X

    I feel my strength coming back B, I love this song.

  3. Cadillac jack 75 deville

    Two things show up when you cookin.........niggas and flies

  4. A Ortiz

    2 things that are always in some sh**.

  5. Steve Hamot

    A fly ass bitch nigga killed Nipsey Hussle The Great, the King!! Rest in Peace!!
    Real black people will always love you and honor your name!!!

  6. Shelbey Bookert


  7. Rudy Drayton


  8. Tyrone Davis

    Out of the Geto Boyze Will spit venom 100%

  9. ahmad mateen

    niggas and flies i do despise

  10. Alex Garnett

    This was my wedding song

  11. Kedric Jamison

    We can't make the frist step

  12. Kedric Jamison

    This is that poping shit right

  13. Oe X

    Guess this is relegated to white people as well, all human kind from all walks of life no matter what their national origins act like this. Keep smiling my b li ack people.

  14. Javiara Zavika

    Another sign of the times, but guess what blacks still don't hear them, they would rather go out and shine a white man's shoes than to collectively pool together to accomplish something.

  15. kolisionn

    Man, Willie D was on some next level shit with this album. Killed most of the tracks, underrated like a muthafucka.

    Geto Boys 4 life

  16. AngryChairNoExcuses

    47 people listen to Kendrick Lamar.

  17. James Pharris

    More true than eva.


    Truest song to date

  19. Debra Evans

    Hey Willie D
    I just had to take a time out
    And listen to
    The Resurrection
    This CD is my favorite
    Every song had a meaning
    Very deep and truthful
    You guys had
    THEM Worried
    I was given this CD on my
    Fortieth birthday
    In July of 1996
    In Sacramento California
    From a good friend
    This CD has been one of the best Gift I ever received
    And I mean it
    What I like about this CD
    It spoke knowledge
    And truth
    I have been a fan since
    And what you Are doing now
    Is like a prediction
    Of what you
    Sung And spoke about
    You're songs
    Remind me of
    Marvin Gaye And the Temptations
    Songs about life
    And knowledge as well
    That's why say to you
    Keep doing what you're doing
    I come from the old school
    Songs back Then Were different than now
    To me
    So long for now keep on doing what you do

  20. Tony Snow

    true song 90s is and always will be the golden era of music especially hip hop. sometimes your own kind is your enemy... sad but true .black lives has to matter to blacks first before some other race will show respect

  21. Mark Smith

    bushwick shouldn't been in this one


    Basically Bill was at the end saying "Damn D, You went in on the idiots"

  22. Mark Smith

    i actually had to listen to this shit twice cause its true

    X X

    They will hold you back. Sad but true. They need to look up the word Unity.

  23. Mark Smith

    hell yeah he tellin the truth,and the 36 dumbs down is some crabs in the bucket

  24. Prince Patrick

    true song but add al Sharpton and Jesse to it. ass kissing losers.

  25. GTG Beats

    Still relevant 20 years later.

  26. kevin harrison

    Willie D : the gangster. of love ! ny nigga.

  27. ceopimpwolf

    From Zulu warriors to GPS Catholics

  28. A Scott

    all time favorite song!!!

  29. Events Local

    So true love this willl still saying real quotes

    Keith Witcher

    I agree Events Local and Willie D is my favorite south rapper. He's so funny hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I'm subscribed to his channel on here and I like listening to him talk about different issues.

  30. Urban Patriot

    I'm a nigga he's a nigga wouldn't you like to be a nigga to

  31. Surge Álvez

    dope as a fuck, all damn day

    Frank X

    I feel you Surge, I wake up in Reno, NV and every morning my neighbors say, "mornin nigga" all damn day. A nigga can be any colori i.e., and aryan called me a nigglete on CT Fletchers blog, he said, "you better get that nigglette out your belly Iron Bibby" . Thats why I have become who I have become, I hate all humanity and don't give a fuck. I look at all humanity the same, as if I was the devil.

    Frank X

    I feel you Surge, I wake up in Reno, NV and every morning my neighbors say, "mornin nigga" all damn day. A nigga can be any colori i.e., and aryan called me a nigglete on CT Fletchers blog, he said, "you better get that nigglette out your belly Iron Bibby" . Thats why I have become who I have become, I hate all humanity and don't give a fuck. I look at all humanity the same, as if I was the devil.

  32. Tanya Lego


  33. Bighou

    Song is still true to this day.

    Keith Witcher

    I agree Bighou LOL.

  34. TheBigdaddy45able

    One of the realest songs ever recorded,I love it,Geto Boys Forever.

    Keith Witcher

    I agree and I love Willie D. He's my favorite south rapper.

  35. Tyson Brinson

    Love this one

  36. jball2ktv

    this shit is mad dope

  37. big john

    I think they need some bug replant form all the flies X D

  38. C A Adams

    The unfortunate thing about this song, it's so true!

  39. bigtexansfan

    Willie D always bring it raw as phuck!

  40. K-DUBB BadGuy

    Our Struggle !!!!!!

  41. HarrysPinkter

    racism? if only he wasnt black, black people would be mad. bushwick letter from the kkk

  42. Alex Snow

    I'm pretty sure I 'm going to hell for laughing at that..

  43. mfdoomify

    My favorite cut! Dope

  44. kunluv

    between this and fuck rodney king willie d just has a special way of putting things..

  45. Henry Chandler

    so real, so raw,no bullshit !!!

  46. TheAlbinoSquad

    @surroundedbyasses HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  47. Casht380

    @surroundedbyasses Shut up nigga!

  48. mike hale jr

    damn who let 1 fly nigga in here?

  49. Alton Crosby

    I swear I have yet to hear a tune regardless of genre that has topped this one. So in your face. But that's Willie D at his finest. Instant classic.

  50. william coleman

    In this day and age a nigga is just a dumb muddafucka. Any real black person would not get mad when someone of another race calls each other nigga. It has long lost it's true meaning. When Whites and Mexicans call each other nigga, it gives the word new life!!! So thank all you dumb ass niggas that made the word nigga what it is today... just another word!!!

  51. djseriousbizness

    Way too real but you gots to be a nigga to really understand this shit. But you a bigger fool if you think this shit don't apply to these funky ass white folks too.

  52. Casht380


    jeffery malveaux

    The only one I quote.

  53. savannahblk

    One of the greatest songs ever written; lmaooooo. all the raw in your face truth on what some people are good at or all they do. alot of african americans hated him and this song, but hey the truth hurts. and nothing has changed with this group; they just do it on a lower scale now.


    love this group, will dee was on some shit on this album!!

  55. Vmusic TheMC

    check out my new video
    Simply Put - (um bluesing)

  56. Casht380

    Tell'm Willie D.

  57. Matt

    haha hell ya lol

  58. mcgstudmuffin

    Such a ballin song.

  59. Dre7Guevara

    LOL @ that line about the "tennis shoe chasin' b!tches "

    Kim Kardashian anybody?

  60. Dre7Guevara

    Willie D has always been the truth.

  61. Ethan Nesbitt

    such a true song...MOTHAFUCKA THE NAACP

  62. Ethan Nesbitt

    what hes sayin is true too lol

  63. Ethan Nesbitt

    love this song...classic

  64. Alton Crosby

    Too real. It's been years since I first heard this song and I have yet to hear anything else this scathing. Cold blooded.

  65. payupbuddy08

    i agree 100%

  66. Antone Johnson


  67. stainshield

    rev. wright

  68. elaminb1

    did the Klan write this for them? Could be used as the 'ice breaker' for the Klan meetings...way to go GB!

  69. elaminb1

    nigga can't stay outta shit for shit!!