Geto Boys - I Just Wanna Die Lyrics

[Soft talking:]

What can we do with all this fucking pain
Somebody stop the pain


I finally look to paint a picture of my whole life
And for me to end it would be so nice
Somebody driving on this back street
So I could leave my shit all on the back seat
Cause I don’t love my life no more
So I don’t wanna fight no more
I felt this way before but it died out
So I shot my fucking eye out
Nobody understands me help
But I don’t understand my self
I always find myself bein trapped
And my drugs that I take so I’m at
That point in my motherfuckin life
Where I don’t wanna live a fuckin lie
I just wanna die


I just wanna die
I just wanna die

Let’s go on a journey
Boldly go where no man has gone before

[Verse 2:]
Buckle up and lets take a ride
I want you to watch me commit suicide
We’re headed for a place in a dark land
In desperate search of that dark man
But don’t you move keep it right there
I wanna bring you smooth into my nightmare
Don’t be afraid of watching life bleed
Explore my every thought, come out and sightsee
There’s no man alive, that can promise breath
But once we arrive, I can promise death
And now were headed for the crossroads
Gettin deeper in the lost coves
And once we arrive
Close your motherfuckin eyes
Cause I’m about to die

Will wake up
“what, what, what, what man? damn you ain’t been listenin man?
This shit is real, man, I don’t give a fuck will, you payin attention
“just drive nigga, damn? you listenin, will it’s goin down, right fuckin now

I put the pistol to my temple
See the bullet in the chamber
Cocked it back and out of anger
I pulled the crack, see the shells jump out the side
Now I’m fallin back, I’m seein faces but they’re all in black
I’m hearin sounds but I cant hear
I’m seein pictures in my head but they ain’t clear
My every picture flashed at full speed
And now I’m feelin like I’m loosin my grips on all reality
But my reality’s a battle g
And I was tired of havin talks with myself about mentality
End it all I stand tall apparently I wasn’t patient enough to hear the man
So now I leave myself to strive or die, but I’ve lost all my hopes inside,
And I just wanna die

Yo will wake the fuck up,
“what, what, what, man, damn? man I’m talkin about killin myself man
“wanna kill yourself? ? that’s right I don’t give a fuck
“aight? what you think I’m playin
Argument……gunshot…….car crash

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Geto Boys I Just Wanna Die Comments
  1. Dion Hayes

    "Buckle up let's take a ride,I want you to watch me commit suicide. We're headed for a place in a dark land in desperate search of that dark man, don't you move keep it right there I wanna bring you smooth into a nightmare"

  2. Morgan Funches

    I listen to this when I want to die or when I'm just angry or sad and this for some reason helps me stay alive! Geto boys are so underrated!

  3. Derrick Leon

    Enter my mind and come and sight see

  4. Joe Phrozt

    Didn't gangsta nip write this?


    So relatable 😭

  6. Lamont Goosby

    Buckle up! Let's take a ride!

  7. Whiteberg Slim

    Man I feel this scary close. I'm surrounded by dope my parents would prefer I'd do dope just so I'd have something in common with them. Shit they never stayed together and my older and only brother was murdered at 18 and the shit just got covered up and called a suicide when everyone knew the truth. To this day I'm the only one who even speaks and reminisces about my brother Craig. I'm the only one who brings flowers to his grave and I gotta sit while the dude who killed him is just living life and that's hard when you have at 15s and shotguns thinking of payback sharing this fucking pain. I'm white and basically live in a all white town and let me tell you nobody gives a fuck about white trash just as our brothers in the ghetto. The only thing I got when he died was his huge CD collection full of spice1 the click 2pac big do or die mc eiht DJ quik and of course geto boys... that's all I had as a teen to get me by and I don't believe I would have made it without it.

  8. Jacob Flores

    I feel this every day.... I won't do it because I know my life will be over soon.... I'm actually waiting patiently for it to be over.... Fuck humans...

  9. Terrence Nickerson

    Rip Bill 2019

  10. Doctor Deadman

    Not too long after I heard about Bushwick Bill's death, I saw a cassette of the album this song comes from and just had to buy it. The lyrics in this song still give me chills after all these years, and they hit even harder now that Bill is actually gone. Rest In Peace.

  11. Lx Swht

    RIP bill 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽Scareface wrote this perfect song for him 💯💯💯

    Joe Phrozt

    It wasn't gangsta nip?

  12. Moe

    RIP Bushwick 2019! My minds playn tricks on me

  13. ryrizzle319

    I am gonna die.

  14. Action Jackson’s really bothering me that he is gone...I like to think that if I met him and he wasn’t Bushwick, just Richard...I think I would have liked him do to his personality

  15. Gary Washington

    This song is such greatness! Performed by Bigman Bill, but I wonder if written by Scarface. The skits make it all more with the while. Funniest part is when he wakes Willie and Willie is seriously tired of Bill’s nonsense lol. So he tests him and he actually does it. Lol genius in every line.

  16. Steve Anderson

    This sht is 🔥 🔥 🔥 forever

  17. riggeddi


  18. Action Jackson

    RIP Bill

  19. Score

    can never listen to this track again without crying, RIP Bushwick Bill

  20. Anthony Coffie obf

    Damm Bush we mis you already

  21. PowellMoore

    Felt this way before but it died out...

  22. Roger W.

    Rest in peace, Bill.

  23. Theris Wheeler

    Rip in peace the first

  24. Joe Phrozt

    Rest in peace Bushwick... I feel ya on this homie

  25. Larry Peters

    One of the most creepiest songs I've ever heard from my high school years...R.I.P. BUSHWICK BILL

    Lil Botent imvu

    Larry Peters he alive 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Larry Peters

    @Lil Botent imvu no he's not, he died last night.

  26. 713skywalker

    RIP Bill 🙏🏾

  27. Tupac Shakur


  28. Prince Ital

    Geto Boys Salute

  29. U.K D.K

    Bangin beat.

  30. Blay Bundy

    Bill was on 1 back then!😨🔥

  31. Cpt. Zombitron

    Bushwick can teach so much to the down...

  32. j bird

    I played this song as I popped a fist full of sleeping pills

  33. Cpt. Zombitron

    This song is scary how relatable it is

  34. Betul

    The Resurrection 1996 Rap-A-Lot Records

  35. Brian Thomas

    Good Halloween song lol

  36. trevor p

    I felt this way befor but it died out

  37. liberty chirume

    dope song. sad as hell tho ,realistic too

  38. Mr Cum Get Sum Boi

    I hate my life and I think this song will help me end it

  39. R2TheArTisT

    😦 this deep as hell


    R2TheArTisT what does this mean


    Glockz means what he rappimg about got a strong meaning

  40. Sean Lewis

    Wish I could hang myself...fuck life

  41. Matt Giant

    I can relate to this

  42. J S Ellis

    I put the pistol to my temple
    See the bullet in the chamber
    Cocked it back and out of anger
    I pulled the crack, see the shells jump out the side
    Now I'm fallin back, I'm seein faces but they're all in black
    I'm hearin sounds but I can't hear
    I'm seein pictures in my head but they ain't clear
    My every picture flashed at full speed
    And now I'm feelin like I'm loosin my grips on all reality
    But my reality's a battle G
    And I was tired of havin talks with myself about mentality
    End it all I stand tall apparently I wasn't patient enough to hear the man
    So now I leave myself to strive or die, but I've lost all my hopes inside
    And I just wanna die

  43. Charles Connolley

    Don't think so much

  44. iRAPLIVE

    but my realities a battle G!!

  45. LoveIsLord Aah'doo'blah

    take me now if you claim you're God🔥😡😈👿

  46. LoveIsLord Aah'doo'blah

    please Lord God

  47. LoveIsLord Aah'doo'blah


  48. LoveIsLord Aah'doo'blah

    Jesus Christ

  49. Adam Brown

    I just wanna die but not before I bring a few bitches with me well call it suicide by cop

  50. Γιαννης Τριανταφυλλιδης

    I live Only for the  hip hop ,  everybody give respect to the geto boyz every album they made it was 100 % real , fuck the stupid fashions and the stupid people .

  51. Y Young

    "Im seeing faces but there all in black". Sh** is hard...

  52. staffie luva

    Does anyone kind of know what went down at the end of the song. Lol. It sounded like he woke his mate up in the passenger seat while he was driving telling him it's about to go down lol and when he shoots himself he loses control of the car and the 2 blokes talking at the end were driving either behind or beside them as hey heard the shot and seen eveything

    Jameer Harris

    staffie luva that's exactly what happened 😂

    Patricia Ellison


  53. staffie luva

    I felt this way before but it died out ,so I just my fuckin eye out. Lol.

  54. Nick Pyles

    I refuse to go alone

  55. Joseph Bentley

    Damn Bill damn man

  56. Typhoid Mary

    Fuck ya! Any of you fucks of filth carry guns, YOU ARE A FUCKING COWARD.

  57. greg shahanahan

    absolute banger i wish i could hit the like button twice

  58. BomberMonkAssassin35

    The Cleveland Browns need to play this every time they lose a game when they have shitty season....

  59. JayyTV Tv

    love it

  60. Chris Edwards

    first heard this in 96 I was like bill tripping again on them drugs

  61. saj8

    I can imagine Dallas Cowboys fans playing this song after every season.

    due whit

    saj8 what about the Cleveland fans who still think the team that plays there is the real Browns..............

    Rene P

    saj8 fuku

    Paul Pierce

    After every GAME xD

    Paul Pierce

    Except against philly last week



  62. Daniel Kondrath

    how I feel everyday

  63. Elijah Kelley

    I just wanna Die by You all Rap Group The GetoBoys If I Die by Rap Artist 8Ball and Before I Die by Gospel Artist Kirkfranklin Peep That $Hit Out

  64. LaBelle Fuller

    Cant die but put soon i just pray to die

  65. FrontRowSection8

    ...End it all! or should I stand tall!?

  66. young disciple

    do y'all even know what this song is really about


    +S Kingmalace ?


    Kind of in the song title

    Shala Dookum

    @TheInnovatorMan lmao this nigga too dumb mayne. Glad you set him straight.

  67. FuchGugel


  68. FuchGugel


  69. Free

    Bout to

  70. Damien Hayes

    This song is funny lol

    Keith Witcher

    Yes it is Damien. Bushwick Bill made me laugh when he woke up Willie D while he was sleep to tell Willie D he was gonna kill himself LOL. Willie D said man what what? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  71. Amanda Kinnison

    I totally agree ..

  72. David Smith

    Got to love.this song.

  73. Truman Gibson

    I know the feeling. I just beat myself up all the time and hope to get lucky.


    I played this song while I hung my self

    Luke Hodgson

    staffie luva I hope one of your closest loves ones kills themselves. Talking about “selfishness” you’re a hypocrite.

    Lobo tomy'

    that's hardcore to the fullest

    Iden Rodriguez

    Sweet Tooth

    Brian Thomas

    Sweet Tooth lmao good comment

    rawd dawg

    Couple years later, but hope all y'all are feeling better these days

  75. growingforboredom

    great blast your self song

  76. growingforboredom

    This pretty much sums up my daily routine