Geto Boys - Hold It Down Lyrics

I'm gonna fix this shit in '96

FACEMOB in the motherfuckin' house, the G B
For the 1990-3-3, you know what I'm sayin'

Gun shots ring out, niggas duckin', what the fuck?!
Seen this nigga bite the bullet, it, daym, fucked him up
Put him outside his innerself
Took his lifeline from him
Never got the chance to see who done it
Just niggas runnin', breakin' to they shit
Befoe' the gun, put they ass up in the mix
And all I seen was him, laid out chokin'
Eyes to the back of his head, wide open
And I'm hopin' that they don't find the killer
Because this nigga, crossed a whole bunch of killers
But still a bunch of motherfuckas stand dazed
As they gaze at the corpse
Before they drop him in the grave [Get paid]
That's all he spoke, lights out at your part
That's all she wrote
Everybody got a time and a place they die
But if your out there crowdin' up your space, it fly, I

[Chorus x2]

Hold it down, gang type mobbin'
4 5 packin' knuckleheads mackin' jackers that want to try
If life was a game, that money could buy
The rich niggas would live
And the po' niggas would die

Way down in the south, deep, on the creep
There was a monkey tryin' to step on big ol' (??) feet
Nigga peep the monkey was the runner and the runner did the dirt
Came up short on my skrilla and got his ass hurt
What it look like?
On the south side ti be hoppin'
Respect grew wit the .45 if ya poppin'
I got him on the camera, fuckin' thief wanna check mail?
Shot him now another bitch is waitin' just to exhale
But oh well, it's murder, tell me have you heard her?
4 5 knucklehead from the mob ready to serve y'all
Meanwhile, I'ma tell y'all all just what I hate
A fool that want to pop lip
To turn and shake and gyrate, as I


Up in the set you see me robbin'
Sippin' on the Hennessey
Look up in the cut, damn here comes my enemy
Eyes met, and you best bet, she got a bitches deep
Slowly, they movin' closer so I taps my peeps
I'm 'bout to take this hoe down like a Frisco
But never let go, up in this game thats how the best rolls
I test those who ain't never seen me jump
Light they ass up like funk cause I ain't scared of you punk
Motherfuckas that think, I'll pull this trigga and blink
Leave they ass to stank, then I down a whole drank
Understand, I'm out the do' tag they toe and leave 'em rottin'
Cause up in this game (?????) aim and you forgotten
I'm moppin on these hoes like they waxed floors
And I catch those tryin to escape
Where they goin? Up out the back door
And I'm at your head, wit a .38
Ready to murder, straight through your chest
Wit no time to waste, I

[Chorus X2]

Look at him, bleedin from the mob
There goes another nigga, gone
Blood all over the rug, shoulda stayed his ass at home
Niggas can't get along, specially at the clubs
Tryin to fuck these same bitches
Strange niggas, tryin to check nuts
I just look as I drink my drink and I (?????)
All of a sudden (????)
Goddamn there they go wit all that shit
Shankin and shootin and squabblin
But you know I'm holdin it down
Gang type mobbin

I'm havin bad luck Willie
Feelin like I lost my dog
Lookin sick cause my motherfuckin scratch is gone
Ain't no tommorrow, I gots ta get some more today
Spray, all thats in my way if he don't mob this way
I'm sick of windowshoppin, eavesdroppin and
Hearin that you holdin what we did
Up to yourself and tryin to fuck me on my end
Come again come come niggas get toasted
Oven roasted, evenly burnt I pour the syrup
And leave em turned up
Is this that motherfuckin P A Y
Back city and its shitty but for show they timed it
You get what you got surely comin, the latex pipe
You see it and start runnin but can't run all night
Sooner or later you turn up to the sure shot shit
Ass naked for that motherfuckin shit you did
(Its a dog nation and a dog time, everything must rewind, recognize what you (????))
And I'm

[Chorus X2]

The rich niggas will live
The poor niggas will die
So I guess we gotta make all the poor niggas rich
Is that how it goes?

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Geto Boys Hold It Down Comments
  1. William Miranda

    Bring back so many memories riding down Fullerton blast this s%#@ much respect from Chicago 💥💥💥

  2. Josh Williams

    Hold it down game tight mobbin

  3. A Ortiz

    gb always spoke truth to power, word...

  4. Compton Beast722

    My boy devin got loose on this tracc

  5. Percy Gois

    I listen too this it's the ole but the best !!!!! It's real.

  6. Stacey Johnson

    Old school at its finest

  7. Darrell Harris

    When G shit was all we had I cherish them times Still bumpin all G shit classics

  8. B West

    Hold it down, game tight Marvin...

  9. Rob San

    10-2-19 ..... Geto boys 4 life. Still bumping this real shit in the CHI

  10. Jay French

    man i really wish we still had rappers that made music like this , this shit now a days dont last more then 2 seconds on any of my radios

  11. Teezy The Goat

    Who’s listening in 2019🔥🔥

    Ramon Slepcik

    Blastin this shii

  12. Kevin Walters

    2020 still holding it down

  13. Jay Jay


  14. Jesse James

    Bangin this shit in 2019

  15. Star Wanderer

    Who listening to this in 2019?

    John Felton

    Me...i love it and I miss it bro

  16. Tobias Hermansson

    I was here

  17. Marc Burg

  18. Willie Johnson

    R i p bushwick geto boyz 4life

  19. ILL 7

    FIRE! respect from Georgia ;))))

  20. killavalleyG

    If life was a game, that money could buy
    the rich niggas would live
    and the po' niggas would die

  21. George Milton


  22. Endorphins

    Rip bushwick bill

  23. RED TEAM

    Real rap real era

  24. Ray Walton

    Tha shit

  25. bumpyface228

    Can someone refer me to a current song from 2018 or 2019 with this kind of content please and thank you.


    bumpyface228!! There is NONE Bruh!!!



  27. Nkosi Rooms

    2019 pimpin this. Had to get down on the floor and get in my dam push ups dam

  28. Aaron Williamson

    Realest shit, game tight mobbin

  29. Maurice Pickens

    people be saying biggie and PAC no face and PAC

  30. Tim Macon

    still listing in 2018

  31. Jeff Simpkins

    There they go with that lippoppin, gum bumping, jaw flappin chickenshit. NyQuil that shit.

  32. #youtoo? #everyoneButMe

    80's babies da realest

    Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    To 90's Baby Some Of Us

  33. #youtoo? #everyoneButMe

    Convicts only... U ain't a gangsta, then FUCK u, don't listen.... U don't deserve to

  34. Maurice Pickens

    geto boys was harder than n.w.a.

    Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    No No Tf


    Wide open

  36. JT SmoovBoy Thomas

    Yo,bump that big homie!!!2018 still hitting.

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  38. Amy602 Chalmers

    Geto Boys 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  39. Adventure Fishing

    Put him outside his innerself


    Stillrob V 💀

  40. maurita burgess

    Who listening to this in 2018🔥

    Will Rayford

    Real niggaz!!!!!Down South, Street Niggaz, that's who listening!!!!! "Ya Feel The Real" n the rest can chill!!!!

    Lane Bacon

    I'm still kickin it this!!!!! 90s rap is the shit always has been!!!!

    Hassan loun

    Me. ...on 04/12/2019

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    My cousin micah always bump this in his hondi😂old man shittt

  42. David Smith

    Geto Boys, Dirty South, all day, every day.. BIG DAVE

  43. William Quick

    This is dat real shit Ain't no tight pants or gender bending here just gangsta shit Dade county been on GB

  44. Aaron Williamson

    Game tight mobbin. Southside h town

  45. keith stermin

    There will never be Real Rap ever again because u just can't compete w the 90's Rap ....Classics and untouchable

    Leontine Morgan

    Real talk gettho boys

  46. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561


  47. johann lattimer

    Hold it down.....

  48. Daimian Jones

    Mannnn dem.yungsta just don't understand dis shit here!

  49. Dathan Hall

    yeah sometimes the real shit ain't honored the wrong untruths and the fake shit gets the better position

  50. Ricky Carroll


  51. Gregory Gofuckurself

    Love this album. This song stayed on repeat in my system.

  52. FESH_robby 420

    Man I’m in the 7ht grade and I love this music I can stand Kevin gates , lil pump , ect.

  53. John Gomez

    Texas baby

  54. George Njoroge

    classiiiiiiiiiiiiiick '

  55. hoodybeatz

    Classic Slapper

    Cody Doherty

    hoodybeatz ffffk

  56. Joseph Hunter

    This joint still FIYA

  57. Shandon Davis

    does it really get any gansta than this?

  58. jamie marrs

    REAL TALK.....!

  59. Bryant Bowman

    there's not no more gangster rapper no more

  60. greg town

    This track is straight gangstar: it's killa !


    THE COLDEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. necio hunt

    face verses always give me the chills #goat

  62. richard romero

    game tight...

  63. Leslie Endsley

    its true😑

  64. BigOlSasquatch

    68 ppl aint holdin it down 👀

    Kiron Golden


  65. Jarard Jones

    Where is Willie d and bushwich.


    they on the album....just not this song....this was Face group FaceMob

  66. Jarard Jones

    I heard this on Pandora.

  67. Latisha Ray

    my shit.right here. Real Rap..

  68. Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77

    Just imagine if 1) Scarface did not have issues w/ Big Mike,  2) Big Mike decided to sign a long tern contarct J. Prince offered him, 3) some of Rat-A-Lot goons did'nt shoot at Big Mike's house, and 4) Big Mike did burn down a Rap-A-Lot Records studio in retaliation, this album would have had The Geto Boys (as Scarface, Bushwick Bill, Willie D, & Big Mike) all on this album! and others!!!

    Tee Breezy

    blackstruggle77 word because Big Mike was the truth!

    Jay Guerra

    Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle

  69. MAGE

    Halloween murder shit

    Aurby Bell

    That is the music from Halloween, classic!!

  70. Donta Scott

    I was very Dangerous in that year, 93 didn't give a fuck about shit and had plenty of guns and alot of bread not to mention nuts of iron dipped in titanium!

    Jarard Jones

    Donta Scott Yeah crime was at it's wrost in the 80s and 90s.Like Los Angeles for instance, their was 295 murders last year.But the year 1991 and 92 there was 1092 murders back to back years.And ppl think its bad now.

    terry burton

    Donta Scott so was spelling it seems

    Cixx The Chiller

    lol but this came out in 96

  71. Sam C

    Yes in deed my nigga

  72. Darrell Chambers

    These youngstas rappin today not bringing it like this!!!

    Rodney Wilson

    The realest lyrical group
    #of all time
    Long live Geto Boyz

    William K Bolan

    These young rappers be bringing shit like Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang

    Tim Martin

    That's what rip Pimp C was talk bout

    Kiron Golden

    Facts.'s even worse

  73. marcell eugene Chambers

    this song speaks a meaning for tha 96

  74. Sam R

    1990 3 3 = 1996

    If you like this listen to some ROA from B'ham or Dayton Family

    thomas walker jr

    Sam R on

    Ernest Mcggee


  75. Bernie Lomax

    Holy shit how did it take me so long to find this :0

  76. Joe Smith

    Here is where it is.

    Tupac Shakur

    Destination: Where it's at.

    James Purdy

    Ayy PAC the rap game needs you..Miss you man

  77. MsDommo09

    why you say the album was made in 1996 but in the song at 0:17 he say 1993?

    Carlos Martinez


  78. MsDommo09

    ahh such memories

  79. courtney hodges

    there is never a top 10 rap list without scarface & pac

    Ali Chicko

    Good decision

    Fred Lamont

    Real shit.on top 10 without Scar Face in pac

  80. BigOlSasquatch

    wow I found this shit!!!! finally!!!!

  81. gary holt

    The best and hardest Geto Boyz album peroid

    Cdb Browning

    Yes it is migos wtf👹👹👹👹

  82. Charlie *!

    mob deep

  83. kicker121000

    Im gonna piss everyone off. Rap sucks! Learn an instrument & turn the damn machines off. Not music at all. Pathetic.


    +kicker121000 By saying you are trying to make people angry ruins your "opinion". Please don't post if you have a disability with your brain.

    Kenneth York

    fuck you i aint scared of you punk

    Kenneth York

    fuck you i aint scared of you punk

    Dylan Golden Bell

    +Kenneth York It's just a troll. No need to get angry over this.


    kicker121000 saying that like live instruments don't go into production of this quality? 😂😂😂😂😂 yea ok. shows YOUR KNOWLEDGE of this culture

  84. Bill Bixby

    Doot di doot, ba bumm bumm, duh duh duh, ba bumm bumm... Start over and repeat over and over

  85. oneindachamber

    The sad part is I dont think many people can hang and LISTEN to what is being said. Respect to music that speaks the real and puts out the truth. Geto Boys on point. I hold it down.

    David Lee

    Thats nothing but the truth!

  86. Cort45 Productions

    And all I seen was him laid out choking
    Eyes in the back of his head wide open!

  87. peanutbutterJane

    chi town

  88. r g

    this still kills any album in the 90s.... id have to say they were sounding harder than pac..... i remember when i bought this and put it in the whip fools were begging to tell me the name of the tape. i scratched all the lettering on it

    barnell gadison

    this the truth

  89. leif sandberg

    hardest album ever 

    necio hunt


  90. Wendy Ridgell

    This is when I loved rap and what they had to say because it told a story. This shyt they putting out now is straight whack!!!


    @Wendy Ridgell You got that right, support the underground. this isn't dead its just tucked under all the mainstream crap . gota clear the foam to see the sea.

    Allen Maurant

    gon head on y'all ,gon lol dis my stuff too

    Robinette Woodland

    RumpleFoldSkin 一'

    Stacy Scott

    Wendy Ridgell u rite

  91. edgar salas

    The mfucking jam

  92. James Clark

    1993 shit


    James Clark 96

  93. moabite sounds

    FaceMOB....takes me back right here. This LP was my shot in '96.

  94. snipingpyro

    these guys know how to rap. its 2013 now and no one can come close to their skill.

  95. Peter Mcconville

    Why aiii