Geto Boys - Gotta Let Your Nuts Hang Lyrics

You gotta let your nuts hang...

BOOM BOOM BOOM on your black ass, bitch!
Here's another hit from my shit
I made a couple of moves and five-oh were outsmarted
Here's part two of how I started
Slangin them thangs on a dope cut
Five-ohs are ridin my dick, but so WHAT?
What can you do to a nigga like Face?
And why you sweatin Ak in the the first place?
That's the motherfuckin problem
See a young nigga rollin a Beemer and gotta stop him
But I'm a tell you like this, heh
All lawmen suck dick!
Sneaky as hell and try to bust ya
But you can die motherfuckers, cause bitch I don't love ya
You're makin it harder, on my fellas
These dopefiend bitches, and the big drug sellers
How can you preach to the fiends that they should quit
While Barry's up in Washington smokin that shit!
You need to get yourself a life or keep tryin
Or more and more cops'll be dyin, cause I am
Sick of seein niggaz bein shortstopped
By a buck-oh-five dick and a booty-ass cop
You figure you're hard cause you're a cop see
FUCK WITH ME! I'm a put that ass in a box G
Cause I don't give two fucks about ya punk
You may carry a 45 but yo I pack a pump
And you can step up if you want, bitch
I ain't askin no questions, I'm goin for my shit
I'm runnin up I ain't afraid
I'm from the land of the heartless, the home of the paid
And if you want a gang no thang
I get my ass taxed, but I'm a STILL let my nuts hang!

You gotta let your nuts hang...

Barney calls me up he needs a ki'
But I can't give it to him, he ain't got 30 G
A Cuban on the Southside sells for 33
I'm goin 12 and out because the shit is hurtin me
The dope is gettin short up in New York too
We sell it for 33, they sell it for 42
See what we gotta do is come together
They're tryin to cut shit short, and they will if you let 'em
Now let's go out on a boat, YEAH~!
Pretend to be lawmen, and come out with dope
But first we gotta find a bitch with nuts
A down-ass bitch, who doesn't give a fuck
Distracts the cops, on duty
Walkin around shakin nothin but booty
That's when we make our motion
Comin from a small little island in the ocean
The other group comes in from the Rio
Me, Lil' J, Big Chief and O-Beedo
First we'll hit 'em up with some gas
Then launch a missle on they motherfuckin ass
That oughta get the shit to float
Come back home slangin nothin but snow
Then the prices'll drop again
Niggaz go in ki's payin 10
You wanna get paid mayne?
Well that's what you gotta do; and you better let your nuts hang!

You gotta let your nuts hang... ha ha!

Look deep into the eyes of this criminal
I'm gunnin niggaz down, even women too
Back in the game I used to steal shit
Nowadays I don't sneak, you get killed bitch
And I don't give a FUCK about your rep
I got somethin for your ass if you choose to step
One nigga from the Park comin hard
Heh, sendin motherfuckers to the morgue
Steady gettin paid, pushin powder
Cakin motherfuckers sellin flour
A brother like the Face ain't broke mayne
Hah, I started small time, dope game, cocaine
Just a reminder for those who forgot
A nigga got paid slangin rocks
Bring on the magaziney people who ban, I won't duck 'em
They ain't never scared me before, so motherFUCK 'EM
You ain't never seen what I seen
Young niggaz killin people, and beatin up the dopefiends
So if you wanna fuck with me mayne
You better come prepared, cause I'm a let my nuts hang

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Geto Boys Gotta Let Your Nuts Hang Comments
  1. John Bennett

    I don't get it the whack ass rappers get millions of hits geto boys should have trillions. Shits eternal

  2. Chubs Fatboy

    AMEN .... simply Tru as it gets, in fact ,ANY THING ELSE , IS JUST A SIN AIR E O

  3. Chris Norman

    Best that ever did it!

  4. 47 47

    I listen to real music like Soulja Boy and Drake not this garbage

    Movie Nerd

    You soft as baby shit. 😆😂

  5. 47 47

    Tekashi69 and Xxxtentacion are real music not this trash

  6. Michael Arline


  7. Johnmark Erwin

    Old Skool FOOL

  8. Channing Brown

    I respect the POLICE to the fullest....I like ryming ass rappers

  9. Channing Brown

    I made a couple of move in 5-0 out's part 2 of how it Started....slanging them thangs on the dope Cut.....five-o riding my d*#* but so what.......what can you do to a nigga like FACE.....and why you SWEATING "ACT" in the 1st place

  10. thecedc1

    As real as it gets👊

  11. David Sekowski

    A great intro to basic economics in this bad ass rap cut..

    David Sekowski

    RIP Bushwick Bill

  12. Supercar Qatar

    Miss my homie bushwick bill, rip bro!


    Barney calls me up... he needs a Key[Kg]
    But I can't give to him, he ain't got 30 G.

  14. Rodney Smith

    I wonder why when the best rap groups of all time are brought up they are never mentioned? They are definetly on my list

  15. yazir Ameen

    PAC mirrored his style after Scarface 👑

  16. Ducati Rottie

    Scarface is soooooooo underrated!! Bro, is one of the ILLEST M.C.'s of all time!

  17. Rael Ockletree

    California never had the gangsters South Texas had bro 👌 💯

  18. Rael Ockletree

    "I don't give two fucks about ya punk, you may carry a 45 but yo I pack a pump"👌 💯

  19. Blaise Sepac

    Gotta let your nutz hang

  20. Chris Cormier. Cormier

    Sounds funky and good 👍

  21. Rob Jackson

    This shit is gangsta


    Yo I cannot believe that these songs aint got millions of hits. Youngsters could learn some shit from the O.G.s


    Hell yeah and i always do. Bumping this almost 30 years

    Johnmark Erwin

    Yo dats what up me too this shit olddddd

  24. Jeffrey Simpkins

    Gotta let us nuts hang. When you become an o. G. They'll even float in the tub. Use em for a soap dish.

  25. Sally Port

    Bout that time She sum thick ass leggs and booty thicker than snicker chocolate melt in my mouth not in my hand

  26. treeblazin

    damn ol splip plime split tail bip didlyatch !!!!!!

  27. G Slimm

    9 years old when this G shit came out and i was on it word for word! Now i really know what he was speaking on yea, hitting licks like zoe pound ya dig intercepting shipments on the coast line and making the prices go down on the streets on them 🐦s!!!

  28. Jeffrey Simpkins

    Got letyour nuts hang. A real o. G. S nuts float in the bathtub. Use them joints 4 a soap dish. Then hang em over the side of the tub. Let em be drip drying while he washes on up

  29. james Deer

    Back when Willie Dee was gangsta. Now he is a a preacher. LOL

    Akachan No Tatsumaki

    He's damn their 50. lol.


    Maybe that is how it should be :D He isn't dead like a lot of em.

    Brian Johnson

    Yeah, he still box nigkas though

  30. Gabe Huncho

    Gotta let ya nuts hang

  31. Solomon.K. Casperson

    What have some Placenta light flow

  32. Solomon.K. Casperson

    now had a herme and a black guy girl

  33. Aims Jonse

    it's not just him! They ALL have something 2 say ,listen 2 the WORDS!?

  34. Dwayne Taylor

    Real Trap Music👍

  35. old school

    Hardest gangster song ever made

    Johnmark Erwin

    My feet hurt too be raw doo

  36. No name

    Gully Boy sent me here.

  37. Adapted MC

    Tekashi 6'9s theme song

  38. Iam WhoIam

    Tell Tekashi 6ix9ine his nuts don't hang

    Blaise Sepac

    Iam WhoIam lol gotsta drop first

    Rael Ockletree

    Blaise Sepac Word

  39. Grunge Clown


    Damari Martin

    imsw4gandkoolmlg420iam 9yearsolddudean that why I'm here

  40. Noon

    Ak-shun !

  41. Evo K

    My nuts are always hanging... I don't have to let'em

  42. Fetti Gamer

    Don't let them trick everyone

  43. Michael Carlton

    How I grew up

  44. Dana Blake

    "Then the prices will drop again, niggas scorin', keys,paying 10!" One of the most crucial albums in pop culture history!! Critically Acclaimed!

  45. Patrick Timothy

    DWBH(Dis Whiteboy Here)grew up on 5th Ward's own.Best hip-hop offense Run DMC,PE,and NWA.I love you all.But The Geto Boys were my favorite.

  46. MassiveGat

    Face is hands down one of the greatest to do it

    James Bullock

    MassiveGat yeah, but he still sold out, due to age though...

    Rael Ockletree

    James Bullock How?? Please explain

  47. Gaetana Nelson

    Malcolm X brought me here?

  48. Kyle Hill

    Real shit

  49. Christopher Puryear

    dope ass song

  50. Greg Serrato

    Hell yes

  51. Tiyon Brown

    face the best already!!!!

  52. bruce gruy

    just a reminder for those who forgot...

  53. kevin harrison

    44 people are not letting their nuts hang. this is Face , gangsta.

  54. Paul Supreme TV

    Boom Boom Boom!!!!

    Tim thechamp Manimtellingu

    Yes sir

  55. cixx Tha Chiller

    #Legendary #Classic

  56. Greg Cummings

    26 years later Face still lettin his muthafuckin nuts hang Scarface The O.G.H town legend

    James Bullock

    Greg Cummings really?

  57. Cixx The Chiller

    Original "Trap Music"

  58. Robert Burris

    this shit makes me wanna get some everclear, and get some shit started

  59. Derek Marshall

    y'all corny as hell you can't compare nobody with Scarface are you serious no one can't still his shine


    Scarface is look, but he can be compared let's not blow things out of porpotions here... people like Grand puba are on the same league as him in my opinion.

  60. Dwayne Jackson

    geto boys this album was my first one I bought

    Akachan No Tatsumaki

    Good pick

    Dallas Bradley

    My Nigga.... €*

  61. Stephen Jackson

    Ronnie calls me up he needs a key......

    T. T.

    But I can't gives it to him ,he ain't got 30 G

    Stephen Jackson

    @T. Thomas a keeper on the south side sell it for 33

  62. Donald Pace

    B.G. listening in 2017


    Its all good

  63. Supercar Qatar

    "boom!boom! boom ! on yo black ass bitch"....still sounds hard!

  64. Kenneth Simpson

    Every now and then you gotta come Raw!!!

  65. midtolate

    Still the best after almost 30 years!!Nothing touched this then and nothing has touched this since!!!!

  66. sonnyblack71

    Boom boom boom classic intro!!!

  67. dsd

    the title alone makes this a classic.

  68. Craig Johnson

    My kinfolk from H-Town put me down with the GB....# rip James Ross

  69. jack snow

    what a classic...

  70. G. D.

    Scarface was way ahead of his time..fucking great voice when he threw down his flows..geto boys wayy underrated..

    Pennies on a Dollar

    G. D. 1.geto boys 2.Nwa 3.Hotboys 4.Run Dmc 5.Outcast

    G. D.

    MAYBACH WOO you gotta have UGK , 8 ball and MJG in there as well bro..!


    MAYBACH WOO Public Enemy? U 4got. Come on Bro

  71. greg shahanahan

    good lord this track is a jewel props for the upload

  72. MachineGunMouth

    why everyone keep talkin bout jalen rose? are yall talkin about the basketball player? yall never heard of ghetto boys until yal heard them from some dude named jalen rose?


    @Mytown Trill the "new breeds" can cop the ghetto boys albums all day but they'll still be some ol' skinny jean, wig wearing feminine ass lil niggas but at least they'll make a huge improvement in their taste in music tho... 

  73. Manyle Goodman

    The Geto boys real gangsta music

    Sean Macattram

    Manyle Goodmanoeo dlxolp sogt🍏🍒

    C Mccafferty

    gangster is gangster

    Rael Ockletree

    C Mccafferty That is selective 😂

  74. capoislamort100

    These dudes had a high influence on Tupac

    Blaise Sepac

    capoislamort100 did

    Rael Ockletree

    Brandon Shields Nope cause Geto Boys been blastn down in the Lone Star before NWA.. These were grown men while they were teenagers


    Rael Ockletree
    Tell em Rael..


    Willie D put it like this..we were just us we werent trying to be NWA or anyone else..we were doing us

  75. SuddenlyInstant

    Samurai champloo

    Denis N

    Episode 17 right

  76. Dwayne Sullivan

    lol Jalen rose carried me here too lol


    Dwayne Sullivan , not to brag or bost, but I was fortunate to listen to this ad a youngin' (14yo). MY mom moved to Dallas-Ft. Worth (Grand Prairie, South side) in the early 90s and my peoples hipped me to that Texas/Houston/true school rap scene. Been fortunate to hear this since the early 90s, fam.

  77. Armando Koz

    Jalen Rose brought me here lol

  78. Kevin Stankovic


    Nathan Taurua




    Kevin Stankovic



    Kevin Stankovic how is Jalen Rose tied to this song?

    Jon S

    murphdrag2100 “Gotta let your nuts hang” was a motto of the Fab Five teams. Jalen has spoken on it on his podcast many times.

  79. 206WarEagle

    For all these fake ass new age 'gangsters" and "gangster rappers"..... did yall miss the remidails?  Face just told yall whats what..... now grab a sawed off and rob a bank or shet tha fux up...... a

  80. Darrell Cooper

    Scarface is straight up the baddest gangsta rapper that ever lived.

    Gary Smith

    Willie D is the GOAT

    Disciple of The Way

    It's true

    Disciple of The Way

    @Gary Smith Geto Boys is the hardest rappers to rap on a gangster level. Then everyone else.

    Jeremiah Polk

    @Gary Smith Damn Right Playa

    anal broth

    @Carol Sherman yeah daddy day care was my favorite from him...

  81. Tom Hague

    I blast this on full volume when I'm t-baggin ma ho

    Ervin Young

    tom lmao I feel ya

  82. Coach Smea

    FAB 5 ! NUTS UP !

  83. Tony South Dakotaha

    you have quite simply, and abashedly, GOT to let your nuts hanggg...

  84. Paul Walnuts

    I feel that this track needs to be on the next national testicular cancer awareness campaign.

    Gregory Diggs

    Paul Walnuts too funny. 😂😂😂

    john conner

    tee hee


    Ctfu, for real tho

    Richard Fruge

    Paul Walnuts very foolish.

    A Ortiz

    you tha' docta!

  85. Godzilla Fanboy

    This pretty cool.

  86. Jack Caselli

    My testiculitis makes it hard for my nuts to hang

  87. Danielle Jonas

    boom boom boom...
    that's still my shit.
    super dope.

  88. Paris Edwards


  89. Wakeel Lowe

    This used 2 be 1 of the all time anthems

  90. FarmerBenny

    boom boom boom

  91. Eric G

    Official song of The Fab 5 from the University of Michigan, circa 1991. Had the entire country running scared!

  92. adon31997

    5thward Texas!

  93. Phil DaGreat

    Nigga face went in

    Jerell Collier

    Hell Yeah!!!

  94. vampevilj

    good shit.

  95. Boosie Jones

    Having a ball when this dropped.