Geto Boys - Geto Fantasy Lyrics

I used to watch T.V and see the superstars
Three story mansions and fancy cars
Now picture that a Geto Boy walking that life G
Coming up in a house full of negativity
Everybody drinking everybody smoking
Everybody cussin' and fussin' like hell I'm hopin'
That I can raise up outta this mess
I'm too damn young to be distressed and oh yes
I went and got what I thought was mine
Did the crime the time and a mother fucker didn't whine
But fuck that shit the jailhouse ain't for me
I got places to go and people to see
Wanna make millions and live to see my grandchildren
That's the mother fucking dream that I'm building
Anybody ain't with that can step the fuck back
It's 41 for the poor one never cries
I used to dream about getting that cash
And buy my mamma a crib and I did before she passed
The good life has no equivalent
It ain't a fantasy no more because I'm living it

[Chorus x2]
Geto fantasies
I don't live here any more
Oh no no no geto fantasy

He said he'd open opportunities
But to me ain't no open opportunities
So shut your Mickey D's down in my communities
Cos it ain't helping feed me or my family
And that's the reala
And you can give a twelve gauge to a nigga
Ain't got scrilla
And now you got a born killer
Cap peela
And while you build your penitentiaries for my children
I plant seeds for my children
So when they cross these roads you'll be prepared
And never show no respect to these hoes that never cared for
Plus they only come around to the black folks
When they run they campaign and they lack votes
Once you vote em in they don't know
Once you vote em in they can't do jack for you
I guess it's true when they tell me you don't fight fair
You turn my ghetto into a seething messy nightmare

[Chorus x2]

Geto days keep ghetto thoughts relevant
But geto ways make murder imprevalent
You feel me?
I been through many geto episodes all the same
When will niggas learn to use they mind and maintain
See you're always on the defense
Relying on your street sense
I told you once to use them sense to make dollars
Bot to make a mother holler
That hard shit's kind a hard to swallow
Tomorrow there'll be more killings in the hood
From child abuse to drug dealings it ain't good
They want to see us stuck
Shit out of luck
Can't nobody ever say I didn't try to give a fuck
Cos I did and I do
The rest is up to you
No matter what you do to your hood stay true
And you'll make it
Can't nobody take it
Geto fantasies become realities if you don't let em shake it

[Chorus x5]

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Geto Boys Geto Fantasy Comments
  1. Keilana Powell

    Love Willie D 🥰😘

  2. Dale Carter

    Bushwick went the the hardest on this one

  3. Chris Norman

    And u can give a 12 gauge to a nigga aint got scrilla, and now u got a born killa cap peela. Face the truth fr.

  4. Mike Barney

    R.l.P. Bushwick Bill....

  5. Justus Thigpen

    This shit still go hard and paints a picture then and now 2019, timeless

  6. Harun Lad

    R.I.P Bushwick

  7. Blue Vader

    R.i.p bush wick bill the little big small

  8. Mikethegreatone killjill

    Shut your Mickey D's down in my community it helping feed me or my family

  9. jermainejenkins13

    Classic Music Like Is Definitely Needed In Hip Hop And As A Hip Hop Fan I Still Bump This In 2019

  10. Lauren Klitsch

    Damn willie d is hard

  11. Jesse Savoy

    REAL RAP 💯💯💯 love dont live here anymore

  12. Fo Fo

    Scarface snapped he say shut that mcdeeesss down in my community becuase it ain’t helping me feed me and my family!!!!💯🤘❤️

  13. Kevin Martin

    This cold world, will drain all the love from your soul, love hasn't been in my vocabulary in a long while

  14. Parker Gabriel

    Real hip hop. Not this bullshit being put out today.

  15. Eric Brown

    Yeah this was and still is a classic Geto Boys RIP too Busy Wick Bill!

  16. LSJW Thanks

    Hard AF 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #ripbushwickbill

  17. SweetTha God

    2019 !!!!

  18. S Flow

    Face voice slaps you right in the face!

  19. Shon'non Wooten Sr.

    Face called out the whole voting process! Kinda prophetic huh?

  20. Jeremy Bowman

    I'm 45 2019 thank the Lord above

  21. dynamic

    Classic...Rip Bushwick

  22. tonnytigertickles

    Just found this song a few weeks ago and it's amazing. How is this not in everyone's 90s hip hop playlist??

  23. Jesse Savoy

    23 yrs later 💯💯💯 R.I.P RICH

  24. B. Reel

    anotha timeless classic video in 5th Ward,Tx. from da Geto Boys, roll all nite & day threw yo hood with dis one.

  25. Gotta Keep It Movin'


  26. Mr Community

    My track!!!

  27. Jason Watkins

    this album is a classic

  28. Fred Turner

    Damn can believe that bill "6 feet deep".

  29. Sugar-Ray Conley

    Whoever disliked 👎 to yall💯✌

  30. Joey Watson

    Still a banger!!

  31. Artarious Cook


  32. OG DR. KLAW

    Bushwick could achor a song mane... always delivered 😔

  33. Shon'non Wooten Sr.

    Face went in on this one! Almost prophetic like

  34. Righteous Shadows Dojo

    1st time seeing this.

  35. J Will

    So slept on...another CLASSIC from da GB


    Rest in peace Bushwick bill aka little big Man

  37. cpierson8

    RIP Richard Stephen Shaw AKA Bushwick Bill!

  38. orlanduce

    Tommy Sotomayor's theme

  39. travelfoxxxx

    ...composition as mournful & haunting as: mind playing tricks on me. Remarkable production!

  40. Jetauna Freeman

    I was a fan of the ghetto boys back then and still is but I don't remember this one! But I like it just the same! # ghetto boy love!

  41. acacia816 squared


  42. Still Barz 2019

    Wick did his thing🔥R.I.P

  43. TownBizz510

    I use to listen to this jam whe hurricane Ike hit HTown me and bros bbqing only block that had electricity love this song RIP Bushwick Bill

  44. chainlace2


  45. sanders journet


  46. Steve W

    Bring back memories...

  47. Isaiah Jones

    Bushwick went hard. rise in power

  48. Jerome Scullark

    One favorite Geto boys song with all them .Dear on there .Ones feeling them rap this song togther you tell all them .Stay real to flow .Some time I gotta play this song even real 2019 yall feel me sreaming on Geto boys for life much love all them .And Family tree rap alot thay kept reality music make you 🌎 wide feeling it for .Dear life

  49. Ce Cee

    2019 jam jam

  50. Ephraim J

    Rest in paradise Bushwick Bill 🕊

  51. Rodrick Johnson

    Back when u didn’t need to see who rapping you could tell by the voice or style now days every body flo sounds alike

    marcia wade

    Been saying that forever! Back then, they were also original; no one stands out these days. That's because this mess is thrown together, all hand-picked by the record labels, knowing these people suck, but want to create a certain "look". That's where rap and hip-hop have gone. Damn shame!

    Blaine Lee

    Rodrick Johnson nobody flows today, that shit these fools are doing today is not flowin.

    David Limehouse

    Nigga!!! REEL



  53. Groll 79

    They don’t make em like this no more

  54. AliEnigma Show

    Man Willie can't rap Jesus smh

  55. Keith Versie

    This my shit

  56. Gemarqis Parker

    Geto Boys for life they rep H-town to the fullest extent Nawfside/Southside

  57. Mane the resurrection album will forever be my favorite Geto Boys album!!

  58. Denny Beatty

    Love don't live here anymore. Great sample


    What's it off of?

    Denny Beatty

    @happymeltedcity the group Rolls Royce from the 70s

    Jay Coleman

    @Denny Beatty It's *ROSE ROYCE* .

  59. John Jigga

    R.i.p Bushwick

  60. Kelly Norman

    Geto boys suck

  61. big lokoté till i die tracker

    Profil scarface mixture

  62. big lokoté till i die tracker

    Reality street show

  63. Drink More Water

    One of my favorite GB tracks of all times. Timeless music.

  64. Charles Williamsjr


  65. demaification

    Rest in peace to Bushwick Bill he will truly miss geto boys for life For sure Peace out

    Jeffery Hankins

    demaification did

    Jeffery Hankins

    demaification let it do what it itydo


    @Jeffery Hankins thanks all forgot one thing rest in peace to DJ Ready red One Love

  66. Leigh Lackey


  67. Mark Bell

    Front 2 back this is a non skip album. Classic

    Tin 1978

    Can't argue with the truth!

  68. caramel king200000

    Classic !!!

  69. Gerald Collins

    Now the whole world is a ghetto!

  70. Kuda Kwashe

    This shit zoned me the fuck out

  71. Devon Peace

    Rest In Peace Bill. How prophetic was Face talking about people on the campaign trail? Now him and Will is running for council. If you live down there support them.

  72. tim walk

    2019 still rockn

  73. Deven Matthews

    Heard this when i was 8 r.i.p chuck

  74. JQuestWarhedCeo


  75. I'so Xoduz

    💭 Uuhhm "same ol shit, different toilet" G.B's been spitting FACTS!! TRILL spill we as MELANIN DNA shall peep & change for the better though; LORD knows all the while HuH 💯 ☝ 💭

  76. marcia wade

    Now THAT was a GREAT song!!!
    These mumbling dummies better take note!

    Denny Beatty

    Right on, sister

  77. T Bone

    Thats what i tell a women when i break up with her....this a geto fantasy baby, when she ask why cause love dont live here anymore!

  78. cleveland 216


  79. Tobias Hills jr

    r .I.p to bush

  80. Louis Okeefe

    On the real tip..... R.I.P. BUSHWICK AKA CHUCKWICK

  81. Tin 1978

    If you need a reason to be a geto boyz fan...

  82. Michael Martin

    Love this joint I remember bumping this jam when it first came out

  83. MidWest Marauder

    D of the Menace Clan wrote Bill's part.

  84. Harrison Williams

    They dont make real shit like this no more we need this life was better

  85. youngestson 65

    Classic. 💯💯💯💯

  86. Ced Von

    That took me way back

  87. Ernest Owens Jr

    Still one of my songs; favorite albums and still play it til this day..

  88. Jay Smith

    The song Legendary even had Larry Hoover on it🙌👑✔✔

  89. Chelsea Bella Gallo

    Rip Bushwick..

  90. James Cooper

    Dope, Geto boys! Really got us through tuff times with there music. They put hard times of life, Stories, Greatly, Through there music. RIP One of the Greatest Bushwick Bill. Thank you Geto Boys!!!

  91. Tammy Franklin

    I used to bump this n my car...people were shocked because I was a female bumping Geto Boys, Scarface, n Big Mike...a real fan...

    Geavonni Barbosa

    U look to young to be able to remember bumping them when they were out back then 😂 , yea Big Mike Changed the Game down THERE.

    Digital Candy

    @Cee Dee ..and you look thirsty.🤣

    Jay Coleman

    @Geavonni Barbosa *too* , not to.

    Geavonni Barbosa

    @Jay Coleman stay in SCHOOL. smh .

  92. Johnny Hinton

    Coming up in a house full negativity...! Want to make millions to see my grandchildren

  93. Shit Bitch

    R.I.P Bushwick!!

  94. Maverick MAC

    Scarface was Polo'd down

  95. Eric Jackson

    I swear I will never stop fighting for the hood.

  96. Willie McLean

    Bushwick killed this shit

  97. corey taylor

    GIP GanGsta Bill real brotha of da struggle real Black man dats n heaven rest up Memphis brotha n dis bitch

  98. Mike Barney

    Aw Mann, that was my jam back in the day, and by the way, R.I.P. Bushwick Bill.....

  99. CourtNKing83

    2019 Check In !!