Geto Boys - Eye 4 An Eye Lyrics

[Scarface talkin']

[Scarface & Willie D]
I got a partner who been gone but we [??]
And I ain't seen him since he's been gone imagine that
A young nigga in the hood I grew up in
Fightin a battle in the system that no one wins
And all these niggas go for bad when they lose friends
Gettin impossible to top all the loosed ends
My homeboy lost his sista in a carry
He's still alive but through her eyes he done saw her death
And when he came he was violent
And when he left she was silent (silent)
No other way left to describin
You tellin niggas keep they heads up you fool you
When they killin niggas like they used to
And ain't no muthafuckin body fightin back
Pretty soon they gon be hangin blacks (why?)
Cause niggas won't react we're takin eye 4 an eye
And a tomb for tomb do them bitches like they do us
Cockin back and shoot

[Chorus 1]
Lockin low standin at the end of the road
Glocks explode you muthafuckas reap what you sow
Lock the doors ain't nobody leavin alive
At the end of the line we gotta die

[chorus 2]
That's why we're takin eye 4 an eye
And a tomb for tomb
Do them bitches like they do us
Cockin back and shoot
Lockin low standin at the end of the road
Rob and blew
You ride 4 me I ride 4 you

[Verse 2]
And when you pop them muthafuckas
You pop them bitches till they stop bleed
I'm coming through and my glock leaps
And they stop breathin
You tell his muthafuckin mama:'stop grievin'
Cause we're not leavin
Until she know how to feels to lose a loved one
Muthafuck' a redneck race
(Fuck that nigga let's slug one nigga)
Tied the bitch by his ankles to the back of a truck
Rag his ass till his body parts whip to fuck up

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 3]
That's why I'm keepin my peace of mind
Poverty destruction to be destroy
Everything that they'd touches
Leavin niggas on crunches
And the whole neighborhood in pain
We bow our heads and continue to pray

[Chorus 1 + 2]

[Verse 4]
You disrespect our community when you come around
[??] of black ministers to calm us down
Bitch fuck peace and the police
Until the bullshit cease it's a war in the belly of the beast
A Neck-Turner-Learner
I keep my finger on the fuckin trigga
I ain't scared like these other niggas
Black life bein lost to you cannibal types
While you're fightin over animal rights
You cannibal wives
And cavitate 'em like they did do
And let em wroughtin the woods
Leave em sittin over burnt food
It's cold blooded
Cause we can't get a fair shot
We did in 20 years for dime rocks
Three strikes and shit for niggas and the rod doles
Not for the crack it's all for [??] and I hope (I hope)
But painfully we're all overcomin
But ain't no muthafuckin singin
You want drama we can bring it

[Willie D]
Look I'ma say this shit one time and one time only
We ain't against all white people
But we are against all white people that's against us

[Verse 5 & Chorus 1 + 2]
Fuck the jail cells
Fuck the [?maniac ass dogs?]
Fuck the chewing tobacco
Fuck the confederate flag
And Fuck your Militias
Your shotguns in the back of your pickups!
You cow-herdin, sheep-fuckin, horseback-ridin
Berefoot-walkin, tractor-drivin, trailer-parkin
Cousin-fuckin, Nigga-Jew-hatin
Redneck racist (you muthafucka!!)
YOU muthafuckas are unbelievable
Y'all talkin all that shit about go back to Africa
You were'nt talkin all that shit when we was out there in them fields sweatin
Pickin that cotton for y'all muthafuckin asses
Re-feel this muthafucka
We deserve just as much if not more
Prosperity then you hoes do
Angry white men
Who the fuck you angry with
You should be angry with your muthafuckin self
Because we don't own corporate America
Y'all do
Corporated America is 70 % white male Anglo Saxon
Y'all run the muthafuckin
Y'all took the job lower these
You wanna be bad at somebody
Be mad at your goddamned self
But if you wanna get it on we can get it on muthafucka
Till the break of dawn you understand what I'm sayin
You wanna race war
We got it
I ain't scared to you muthafuckas

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Geto Boys Eye 4 An Eye Comments
  1. Sunnyee Gilmore

    Houston Texas stand the Fuck Up you gon get this WUUUUUK

  2. Maurice Chaney

    Yup till this Day

  3. Anthony Gibbs

    That chorus is just hard as fuck. Wow.

  4. stephen thompson

    yeees mam, he is now resting in the deepest part of the blazing

  5. William Edwards

    So Willie D, how do you really feel......GODDAMN

  6. William Edwards

    To many black people scared of these MUTHAFUCKERS.

  7. Elijah Rock

    Eye 4 A Eye By Rapp Group The GetoBoys And Eye For A Eye By past Rapp Artist Doe B Peep Game


    This how I feel they killing us like water and nobody is doing nothing about it

  9. Dante DaKing Walker

    Willie D always been my favorite.... No mo talk!!!!

  10. Jason Yates

    That's that young n restless sample ain't it. I need this instrumental

  11. Ricky D

    Damn! Tell us how you REALLY feel Willie!🤣 lol. Real talk doe, nutn but respect for this guy here. He spits facts all day.

  12. Eric Jackson

    Willie D strikes again.

  13. Dmetrius Mackk

    They gotta do it like they did dude , let them rot in the woods and leave them sitting there for bird food

    William Edwards

    He said DECAPITATEM like they did dude, lettem rot in the woods an leavem sittin there for bird food.

  14. Curtis Buckner

    Face and Willie D murked the fuck out of this track trading flows on all 3 verses

  15. B WanE

    This my white neighbor favorite song

  16. C Jones

    Mmm. Mmmm. MMMM! I felt that!! 💙

  17. Dana E

    Justice was recently served. Willie D had passion singing this. I remember that tragedy. Still playing this song today.

    Rasu Jones

    Forever, especially with this new sht that called rap

  18. Martina Slámová

    Can please somebody find for me the lyrics of this song? I'm from Czech Republic and I'm really excited to understand what they're singin.
    BTW: Rest In Peace Mr. Byrd <3

  19. T DICE

    RIH MR James T. BYRD JUSTICE BEEN SERVED!!!... peace 2 O.G Willie D...

  20. deonne wilson

    Still valid today and this is from the 90s
    May these slave chains fall off and may we truly be free...... by any means!!!!

  21. Bossy Bossy

    R. I. P Mr. Byrd
    Willie D sent me here 2019

    Memphis All day Memphis errday


  22. Jeff Logan

    RIP James Byrd Jr.

  23. Fat Guy Little Shirt

    R.I.P. Mr. James T. Byrd. May your family find peace and happiness as well. And may your murderer die slow. I'll be celebrating that death.

  24. Suncere Knowledge

    Willie D bought me here listening to him talk about James Byrd. RIP brother them devils will get there’s.

  25. Anita Harrell

    Rest in peace Mr Bryd😢

  26. taddytee79

    Condolences to the family of Mr. Byrd. May you find peace and healing tomorrow. Thanks for the track and the link D. Your channel brought me here.

  27. Frederick Williams

    Will and face say nomore

  28. G B

    Rest in hell James Byrd Jr

  29. georgiaval1

    Willie D. I am going to have Champagne tomorrow for the execution of that POS that murdered James T. Byrd. Rest in Piss ditto.


    I'm with all of that. No mo' talk....

    Rashaun Williams

    Willie d brought me here also

    Diana Marie

    I don't drink but have a glass for me! Cheers!

    Bigdickchaney Tripp

    Facts comin from a Mississippi dude

  30. Barnard Blair

    Best album cover ever underrated album I brought the tape yes tape wasn't up on CD yet now it aux cord and car doesn't have CD player time change I'm in my zone sorry

  31. Marcus Lang

    Music like this is why the rap game is what it is today.. Mainly because of the Geto Boys, Public Enemy, Outkast, Goodie MOB, 8-Ball& MJG N.W.A., K- Rino etc. Or anyone with a voice that questions the system and make ppl think.

  32. Jay Jay

    You want a race war, you got it
    I aint scared of you mf✊🏾

    William Edwards

    Im ready for them MUTHAFUCKERS

  33. MrTUE Dukes


  34. Della Johnson

    H town love 🤘 mac town blessed by tha best Rodrico 🙏 ☝️

  35. MAKAVELI Kastro

    Scarface one of the greatest rappers of all time Willie D one of the realist niggaz of all time.. GB 4LIFE

  36. Grand Reaper sending you to hell

    Tree thumbs up lol

  37. Jesse Savoy

    2019 FUCK TRUMP 💯💯💯

  38. Chakeya Collier

    I love them eye for an eye

  39. Michael Caldwell

    CLASSIC 🎯💯💪

  40. Andre Parker

    Gb warned us bac n 99 bruh

  41. Hb Blacian


  42. Cort45 Productions

    Willie D & Face brought the struggle with them in this song

  43. Mississippi The Dirty South

    I wonder why bill wasn't on this track?

    Wyl Snap Merchandise

    He's not on this LP period

  44. Andrew Merchan

    make sure my mums grass is green all of it we

  45. Maurice Hughes

    Very well spoken classic music from the Geto Boys.

  46. Michael Mcnair

    These niggahs been on this shit,EEL shit, Blacks been dah shit, We our on enemies, EEL shit

  47. Oz-E Velasquez

    Still wreck till this day. RapALot4life

  48. Valentino Parker

    been on this since 9th grade 97-98

  49. Tripp7'nz

    This song is more relevant now than it was back when this came out.

    1st and 15th

    Fuck no it aint.......back in the early 90s racism was 100000x worse

  50. zoser ra neterkeht

    This is what time it is...

  51. Donnie Dixon

    Willie D was soooo intense that Came straight from his ❤️

    Thomas Johnson

    Donnie Dixon the realest getto boy

  52. Big Daddy

    Fuck the kkk

  53. Bigdickchaney Tripp

    Willie D went the Fuck off at the end but he was telling facts

  54. Bigdickchaney Tripp

    I'm from Mississippi so this song really hit home shit still happening fuck the KKK and anybody against us as a beautiful race

  55. Dallas Hamilton

    this is not tight pants rap music for grown folks

  56. Dallas Hamilton

    these youngsters got to hear this s*** they wouldn't know nothing about this

    X X

    Gangs need to come together. And listen to this.

  57. Chase da dolla 247

    2018! This song is so relevant!

  58. Trymayne Bishop

    Real talk Willie D....... SPIT THAT SHIT Face.....

  59. Elijah Kelley

    Eye 4 An Eye By Rapp Group The GetoBoys And Eye 4 A Eye By Past Rapper Doe B Seek Game

  60. slappy happy

    We're they talking about James Byrd Jr. The Texas 1998 dragging?

    Shay Hunter

    slappy happy yep

  61. Deeboi K

    This is real shit Israelite black people wait up to the truth we are Yah choose one this song is old but it lyrics is reality to this day

  62. Jones K

    Still slap it 2018 niggga whaaaaaa

  63. Elijah Kelley

    Eye For An Eye By Rapp Group G-Unit Eye 4 An Eye By Rapp Group The GetoBoys Andu Eye For A Eye By Rapp Artist Doe B Peep it iotu

  64. Rob Johnson

    They still need to make a video for this today. will definitely wake some black folks up

  65. Robert Matthews

    Willie d makes this song. Lol

    Shay Hunter

    Robert Matthews Yea they pissed him off on dis one


    @Shay Hunter Willie D, when totally amped up, is always a sight to behold

  66. Dwayne Curtis

    best ever

  67. chennao

    They been trying to warn us!!!

  68. Jarron Herndon

    No real hip hop like this anymore talking about anything

  69. Memphis All day Memphis errday

    Still bumping 9/14/17

  70. Michael Gardner


  71. True Boss Up

    One Time Only....

  72. mellemel

    eye 4 for eye

  73. Jesse Savoy

    Willie d ,,speak on my Israelites

    kings And Queens

    Jesse Savoy SMMFH

  74. Antonio Danner

    same shit like doc was saying in secret plan shit turning up what y'all gone do

  75. michael wakefield

    rest James Byrd who this song was dedicated too!!

    Shay Hunter

    michael wakefield i always wondered who this song was wrote for wow smh

  76. Eray Kaya

    Fuck Peace and the Police and KKK

  77. T Judah

    no justice, no peace for Terrence Crutcher....

  78. Bless Love

    every so called black man on this planet need to here thiz song rite now cause its speaking on everything thats going on today budda bless Ra

    Trymayne Bishop

    Real Talk Homie.....

  79. mellemel

    fuck him.. eye for 4 eye

  80. True Boss

    They about to awake that sleeping Giant

    X X

    God said wake up sleeping Giants. Stay ready brothers.

    Crown Loyal

    We gotta do something about this we are the most humble people but I feel we have been over looked

  81. Chaka Grady


    I love Rykeem Doggy Dogg

    Chaka Grady agreed bro

  82. Darius Coleman

    needed this for today

  83. Different Breed

    After watching Birth of a Nation this is the best song to listen to

    NIGHT OWL 4:11 AM


    Diana Marie

    I can't w that movie! I've tried but it pisses me off too much

  84. Calvin Maloy

    always was relatable

  85. Don Shevell

    so now nicca on point lol 90s nicca

  86. Don Shevell

    classic truth !!!!!!

  87. Jay mc

    real shit!!

  88. Almighty Sosa

    With Trump being president this song is about to get real relatable


    Almighty Sosa. Mannnn. Thisong BEEN relevant every since a whole race waz kidnapped from our indigenous land bro

    Jermaine Sanders

    Yea we need to pay attion to the song WE NEED TO BAN UP

    Ced Bigby

    I hate to say it but your right

    Laura Morrison

    If you black you better be ready

    William Edwards

    James Byrd was before Trump was president

  89. bruce cryor

    Everything they said then is exactly the case today yiiiiikkkkkes for real.

  90. oded2 ephraim2

    2016 NAT TURNER

    Don Shevell

    fo sho. it gonna b A show lol

    X X

    We need more Nat Turner instead of the sellout Hollywood black men and Politicians.

    X X

    Listen to Dr Claud Anderson. Get our own.

  91. Robert Leonard

    We are living n it right now!!!

  92. j batt

    man geto boys been ahead of they time...