Geto Boys - Bling Leading The Blind Lyrics

hey yo, check dis dope ass beat out
willie back in da muthafuckin house and i got my niggas
da menace clan on dis one to help me out
and we representin our god damn selves
cuz how da fuck
you gona tell me how to get to where i'm goin
when you dont know where da fuck you goin
man das da blind leadin da muthafuckin blind

I could've been a leader not a follower a coach not a balla
I could've had progress
i could've lived wit less stress
but i took it upon myself and played da card i wuz delt
thought about my self
fuck everyone else
and they said fuck me too
but it was cool like that
see my mission was paper chasin and puttin da hood aon da map
now i've done been there
done that
took one step and dew back
for da life i wuz takin
wut da fuck wuz i thinkin
should'v slowed it down but i wuz speedin
and i wuz stuck with a code
and niggas waitin around to see if i wuz gonna come up befo
but i can fold like a bitch
seen da chance to switch
but i wuz brought up yo make it
seen da chance to take it
find a rule and break it
take a badge and shake it
and against all odds
get da fuck outta dodge
but I'm a nigga wit records dat da state can't file
young, blind, and wild
an uncontrollable child in da ghetto
but seddling fo mo everyday
and when i make up my mind i'm gonna get back in line but now i'm
[chorus x2]

blind leadin da blind
in a world of wars i search for peace of mind my stabillity
fo my niggas and me said da way life wuz supposed to be in da ghetto

I looked out my window wut did i see
it wuz a crack head nigga starin dead at me
he said can i get a muthafuckin nickle for three
i told his ass to da better in his rorock swetta
he got a daughter he aint fed her
he'd rather get high
in his eye i see da demon
i can hear babies screamin
it demeaning to see him
to be in the ghetto
but this is where i settle
now wut would you do wit a strap in yo hand
gangstas do wut dey wunt to
suckas do wut dey can
my role modle sips on a forty botlle
in his footsteps i follow grab da brew and take a swallow
i've been livin on da streets since da age of thirteen
cuz i wuz sick of being raised by a dope fiend i so seen
babies need similac money dat wuz meant for similac wuz spent on crack
now do you wanna
no i dont and its a liquor sto on every cona
and niggas aint da owna
now listen, we cant afford to send our kids to school but dey got da
to spend dey money on da chaps when we could send our kids to college
now here we are: hoes, dopes, dealers, and bums
at da white man's table still beggin fo crumbs but its da
[chorus x2]

niggas shoot ball
(niggas shoot da logs)
nigas shoot da doves
(niggas shoot to love)
niggas shoot up
(niggas shoot pool)
but watch out cuz niggas shoot niggas too
so wut da fuck am i to do when niggas fallin down like flies
and dis muthafuckin money starin me in da eyes
and my brother sayin come on in stop buggin
but we done already lost 3 uncles and 5 cousins
to da streets niggas shit deep
no room fo da maple leafs
cuz muthafuckas play fo keep
i wunt respect when i step on da field
saw a nigga dat killed i gotta kill befo deez niggas get sum bright ideals
and start thinkin we hoes or sumthin
so when i see dat muthafucka nigga nigga staight dumpin
[chorus x2]

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Geto Boys Bling Leading The Blind Comments
  1. domitilio allee

    Dec 2019. Any oldschooler here ??

  2. Kenny Vawter28

    Getto America...
    Theres no money...Its the Economy..The dollar bill is worth negative 900 quadrillion dollars.
    Kenny Vawter

  3. Kenny Vawter28

    A vision for all who are free..A Democracy without cyber slavery.
    Kenny Vawter.

  4. Kenny Vawter28

    I can see!
    Kenny Vawter

  5. Jessica Gomez

    One of my favorite songs! ❤️

  6. Ivan Mccants

    Every cut on this album is classic , I really related to this growing up in the dirty , the point of no return is my favorite

  7. Heath Kelly


  8. Robbie Timmons

    The blind lead the blind every day since eve and Adam bit that apple!

  9. Tony Snow

    Willie D ate dat boi

  10. andres pinon

    Back in the days vwe.

  11. Lonnie Franks

    3197 New

  12. Omar G.

    Deep track

  13. Charles Dixon

    Hero boy's blind leading the blind old school

  14. Francisco Serrano

    Rest in peace bushwick bill.cant no other fake ass nigga take your place.true ass Legend.geto boys for life

  15. cornelius borum

    I still got original cassette tape!

  16. killavalleyG

    Geto boys Underrated. RIP Little Big Man🙏

  17. Migatron1

    R.I.P Bushwick Bill. This has to go down as one of the best Rap/Hip-hop tracks ever!!!

  18. Mike Maxwell

    High powered ((((SONIC BOOM))))

  19. Mike Maxwell


  20. RiseNshine247

    The realist story ever told , Make up your mind , 2019

  21. Michael Titlow

    How's liseng to this in2019 everything they talk about is the truth Willie d and frist part of the snog. Was truthful

  22. Bella Elizabeth


  23. Gerald Kelly

    Who ever can't respect this old school greatness in lost for words there's a lot of new so called rap for you people. Menace clan killed it wit Willie d. Enough said. G.Kelly ths dirty riva last of a breed......

  24. Cambreezy The Colorman

    Well that every generation specially this generation not me I'm a leader not an follower

  25. BeastMaster210


  26. Kedric Jamison

    These youngest is blind blind leading the blind

  27. Lorenzo Williams

    This shit go hard

  28. Andrew Merchan

    New Zealand we c all its black all now now now time is now let's do it black all

  29. Andrew Merchan

    4ever look at there teeth an wrott names of company lap tops were changed xanku xanku

  30. thuglife 79

    When Og spit i felt that man talking for me!!!

  31. BeastMaster210


  32. BeastMaster210

    #210sanAntoneChekkinin 🐐

  33. bumpyface228

    Need messages like this today.

  34. Ares

    So motha fuckn true😎

  35. BeastMaster210

    #210sanantonechekkin #FAEVALEGENDARY #BIGMOOD 🐐🐐🐐🐐

  36. Dave Davis

    blind can't bind those behind

  37. Derick Rollins

    2018,,,STILL PURE TRUTH!!

    Abrye Penez

    Derick Rollins Right on the money! Ignorance still leads ignorance, especially in impoverished communities.

  38. Jason Payne

    Whole song gives life, verse 2 tho

  39. W Haris

    One of the greatest of underated and misunderstood by weak minds songs ever made!

    Abrye Penez

    W Haris True! It's weak minds guiding weak minds. This madness must end.

  40. AngryChairNoExcuses

    How can you not like this. Classic, sorry for the youth they cannot see the value in this track.

    Abrye Penez

    AngryChairNoExcuses the youth today needs to stop falling for that bullshit mumbling rap and learn to understand relevant messages from real rap music period.

  41. Gerti Gerti

    Masterpiece . Takes me back in time..

  42. Naga_Biru

    That beat is fucking seductive, back in days when rappers were musicians, not mumbling pricks with facial ink

  43. 13dale13 aka devious d

    Still loving this album in 2018

  44. Jermalfelder Felder

    If u fucked up please don't advise me u haven't shown me any results that makes me believe I should consider your opinions when I was driving I traveled far but now I'm riding and almost crashed three times

    Jermalfelder Felder

    Your seeds r stuck in poverty,prison, eternal peace I bet a dollar u don't Know change

  45. Brandon Jamaal Williams


  46. Antonio G

    Every word in this song is true. This is.the black community everyday all day. We as black people need to listen to this song before we start blaming others

    Michael Cochrane

    GETOBOYZ = HIPHOP REVOLUTIONARIES. CASHMONEY = HOES WHEN YOU COHMPAIR all their chips. Fact is they are opposites one serves a social cause GB and other group serves Socialistic Nahzissistic bargaining practicability CM. My opinion of the day: commentary of this song should rival commentary on this song. So others who may come on YouTube thinking like a piece of pork or alien or whatever, outta Antonio Gates' face

  47. Danny

    Back when artists picked the perfect beats for their concepts and not just what bangs the hardest..


    Hey yo check this dope ass beat out;-)

  49. Kedric Jamison

    Listen y'all too that piano lesson learned

  50. The ignorance Of wisdom

    2018 Chicago to Houston

  51. Kedric Jamison

    Blind ??? I'll be dam ? Shit

  52. Kedric Jamison

    Listening to that shit

  53. Jeremiah Polk

    GETO BOY Fa Life Smithfield stand UP (Birmingham) just below 16th Street simmer on that one six.

    Ron Will

    Jeremiah Polk North bham

  54. Corie Michael

    when i make up my mind im a get back in line for now im blind leading the the blind

  55. Marko Oluich

    2018 still bangin it

  56. Luis Aguilar Jr

    I had the tape and played it till i wore out

  57. 3to1 eternal

    The beat :)

  58. Erik Thompson

    Gboyz the best..... best raps ever, still...

  59. Kedric Jamison

    blind leading the way blind cold ass shit right

  60. BullyVard

    we done already lost 3 uncle's and 5 cousins!!!!!

  61. Jermalfelder Felder

    Ain't nothing changed much still walking and talking blindfold why be alive without true purpose still sleeping

  62. Antonio G

    How can anyone hate this song , this shit is real

  63. James Thomas

    I want respect when I step on the field

  64. Create Peace

    This Track Brings back Memories . Dope Track .

  65. Mike Honcho

    willie d makes this song fucking go hard!!!

  66. Lonnie Lewis

    So true!

  67. Mj Yates

    still one of the best songs ever!!

  68. rj doggman

    this song not only is dope af but it speaks the truth. look at todays youth prime example of the blind leading the blind

    Create Peace

    Real Talk

  69. Brian Clark

    g shit alot of Des hoes blind too

  70. John Davis

    true spit here put some fatt on ya brain.

  71. IanF7emming

    That first verse was played on repeat relentlessly!

  72. Mack D

    Mister 1999

  73. Joseph Kirk

    willie d kilt it

  74. Johnny Nelson

    blind please stop lead-in the blind

  75. Sam White

    geto boys was banging back in the days,Scarface still on

    Pennies on a Dollar

    Sam White Check his Deeply Rooted album out🖒

  76. jeffery junious

    For You Republican and Democrat party BOOTLICKERS In 2016! Real Life. 😎

    Glen Smith

    Hell yeah!

    Terry Dishman

    Right on!!!

  77. Pi Tote

    I remember when I had this album ain't nobody around me new Wuttup with this music a lot of people didn't like it at first till I kept on bumpen that shitt an then they understood and liked it to. but I aways new Wuttup. with GEE BEE . rapalot records. the shiznitt ...

    Don Brown

    dope spit

  78. Pi Tote

    I remember when I first bot that tape in the swapmeet. I was just a kid I was still rollen with my perents when I first got it. I loved y'all in my mind is playing trick on me. I use to sing that shit like if I rote it but much love to all u pioneers of this new life...

  79. Wakeel Lowe

    Willie dee went in heavy on here

    Create Peace

    Real Talk He went Ham with no Pork


    Willie always goes heavy.

  80. Marianne Yates

    REAL ASS SONG thank you Nicholas  for gettiin me itnto this  band 5 years ago OLD BUT GOOD CLASSIC!

  81. marlon fowler

    ak korupt kind familia (fuck norputos) barrio pacoima !!!

  82. A Mac

    Dope album, but this my favorite song of them all. Back in the day I played it so much my tape snapped and had to splice it back together


    kkkkkkk mine too

    Ruben Rodriguez

    Lmao he'll yeah put some scotch tape on that shit

    Harold Cowboys Mart DC4L

    Lol awwwready I miss those days everybody was themselves and so real the big homies back then would get on your ass if u was fucking up and trying too do what they was doing especially if it was wrong they cared for u the real OGs

  83. Brian Johnson

    One of the dopest groups ever getto boys

  84. Brian Johnson

    One of the dopest groups ever getto boys

  85. Brian Johnson

    One of the dopest groups ever

  86. Brian Johnson

    The dopest crew ever getto boys. 4 life

  87. Brian Johnson

    scarface Bushwlck & Willie D the DOPEST Getto Boys forever

  88. Misanena Scott

    telling u mannn

  89. TampaOutlaw


  90. Lil Roy

    6lind,. Leading 6lind, #bikelife$