Geto Boys - Ain't With Being Broke Lyrics

"Better to have money and not to need it;
Than to need it and not to have it!"

Money, more money (I AIN'T WITH BEING BROKE!)
I've got to get my hands on some

[Willie D:]
Let my headstone quote, I ain't with bein broke
I'm tired of my mother bustin ass for other folks
Gettin nowhere fast
While the hoe on the corner makin mo' money sellin ass!
I ain't with this outfit
I gotta make some moves to buy G Jones some nice shit
Before she kill herself, workin on a job all week
That don't even make the fuckin ends meet
I walk down Main Street
Growls in my tummy cause I ain't had nuttin to eat
So how the fuck am I gon' thank?
When I'm in a funky sweatsuit and Syl bitchin to me
Her ass is tooken out puttin non-stop
Make the swap and go shop
I said that to say this and every note
I ain't with being broke!

Money, more money (I AIN'T WITH BEING BROKE!)
Got to get my hands on some
Money, more money
Got to get my hands on some

[Bushwick Bill:]
I was BORN in a cheap-ass hospital
Brought to 5th Ward, stuffed right in the middle
Of a rock and a hard spot
Before my dad got that ass I was already counted out
What a motherfuckin pity
Momma couldn't afford milk so we had to suck her titty
In the kitchen every night I would see
Rats and roaches eatin better than me
There was no Thanksgiving~!
They say I'm a fool for thanking God for living
But bein broke ain't no motherfuckin joke
Well out in '91 shit just ain't happenin bro
I never had a God damn thing
Christmas came and went, without a choo-choo train
In the ghettos gifts get stole or bought
Ain't no motherfuckin Santa Claus!

Money, more money (I AIN'T WITH BEING BROKE!)
I've got to get my hands on some, sweet mo-neyyyy
Money, more money (I AIN'T WITH BEING BROKE!)
I've got to get my hands on some

Let the gunshots RANG OUT, blow my God damn BRAINS OUT
If you've been there, you know what I'm talkin about
Gettin over tops my agenda
The easy way out, is to jump out of a window
But that's a dopefiend move gone left
I'll kill you, but not MYSELF
I tried to do the right things major
But that didn't put no food on the table
Went back to school to get my G.E.D.
But who's gonna hire a motherfucker like me?
... McDonald's don't fit
They work you like a dog plus they talk too much shit!
Without them dollar signs
It's like livin and dyin at the same time
And you wonder why a motherfucker sell dope?
He ain't with being broke!

Money, more money (I AIN'T WITH BEING BROKE!)
I've got to get my hands on some, yeahhhh
Money, more money (I AIN'T WITH BEING BROKE!)
I've got to get my hands on some, sweet sweet

Money - yeahhhh, money - yeahh
Talkin 'bout money
Yeahhh money
Talkin 'bout that mean green
Talkin 'bout that money
Money, more money
We've got to get our hands on some
We need money... [fades out]

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Geto Boys Ain't With Being Broke Comments
  1. John Bennett

    One of my fav jams yesterday it became my every morning motivation song

  2. Sparkling Cosmos

    this album is what turnt me on to rap way back in the day

  3. Derek Gunter

    These Geto Boys were ahead their time....EVERY PERSON WHO BROKE,CAN RELATE TO THIS ONE.....!

  4. Wop Boyz


    david horton

    That's the line that sums it all up right there.


    Yeah. If you been there.
    When i hear authentic anger it sounds like heaven to me. And i know i aint being lied to. Saying the things i understand but didnt say , this music makes me feel like the best friend i never had.

  6. Terron Herring

    Thank God for living 🙏 Bushwick bill rip

  7. PeekaBooo08

    R.I.P. Bushwick Bill 😢

  8. Rennard Cotton

    R.I.P. DJ Ready Red and Bushwick Bill

  9. Chapo Blanco

    Still in my rotation 2019

  10. Mauro

    Still jammin and relevant today. 2019

  11. Justiceorelse

    I had this single on cassette. Side A was “minds playin tricks on me” and Side B was “I ain’t with being broke”

  12. Michael Patske

    They say I'm a fool for thanking God for living. I never had a gaddamn the the ghetto gifts get stole or bought....AIN'T NO MUTHAFUCKIN SANTA CLAUS!!!!

  13. Michael Patske

    If you've been there, then you know what I'm talking about. The easy way out is to jump outta the window, BUT THAT'S A DOPE FIEND MOVE GONE LEFT.....I'll kill you, but NOT MYSELF!!!!

  14. jdmikeg4

    Hey check this out:

    I hate being broke/
    I can barely afford to smoke/
    I gotta job but the pays a mutha fukken joke/
    And I work til my damn back breaks/
    While half the cash I make the government takes/

  15. Michael Patske

    .....before my dad got that ass, I was already counted out.....AIN'T NO MUTHA F****IN Santa claus

  16. Coy Leigh


  17. Coy Leigh


  18. Rob Jackson

    And the "bro" saying in this song is sarcasm. Not in love. They hate "bro"-saying wogs, hence this song is OG!
    Banging established studio chorus, fuck that "bro"-saying wog Broadway shit!

  19. Jermaine Johnson

    2018: The Real shit still outweighs this new age bullshit....

  20. Brian Macklock

    Ain't no mothafuckin Santa Claus!

  21. TheRenard10

    They should use this song for a bank commercial 📺💵

    Dope- C

    TheRenard10 lol💯

    Dev Hillman

    I agree!

  22. Matt C

    love this beat

    Jermaine Johnson

    The Jb's

  23. B. Rod Clark

    'Damn RIght I'm Somebody' by Fred Wesley & the JB's ('74) and vocal interpolations of 'Gotta Get My Hands On Some (Money)' by the Fatback Band ('80)

    Jesse Taylor

    my name is YUM YUM GIMME SOME

  24. Jatavious Robinson

    i aint with being broke...

    Tim thechamp Manimtellingu

    Jatavious Robinson 💯💯💯

    Kareem Supreme

    Ever since the summer of 1991, Every time I'm broke I think about this song.

  25. Aaron Creagh

    This should have been put rest years ago. You know why?

    It's about black people sounding worse than that "hoe" mentioned in the beginning of the song.

    I don't think things really changed that much since I was a steady listener.

    Chris James

    Face is cold dude

  26. Danielle Jonas

    my shit back in the dizzac. still ain't wit it....
    extra dope.

  27. killajay26

    @hunkallgood73 well noone told your racist ass to listen to this song. Go listen to Kenny G or something.

  28. Adoko Neil

    Real Rap at its finest...

  29. Antoine Stith

    @stith215 classic!!!

  30. jjdomb

    Im glad someone put up this real rap instead of all the bullshit today.

    Ronnie Vaughn

    90's was the shit

    Dope- C

    Ronnie Vaughn hell geah

    Big Daddy Creme Cheese

    deandre menefee bro this comment was six years ago and the shit is still relevant