Get Scared - God Damn Liar Lyrics

You'll never take me
You'll never take me alive
Cause god knows you've tried
I once was blind but now I see the light
Maybe I should cut my wrists
You know I've never been fucked like this
You've ripped my heart apart
You know who you are

You're a god damn liar
You're a god damn liar
I don't want to care
Like I want to care
You're a god damn liar
You're a god damn liar
I don't want to care
Like I want to care

I know you hate me
I can see through your eyes
I feel the same way
You had the guts to take me by surprise
Maybe I should call it quits
I know you like to see me like this
I rot inside to fight the fight
You know I can't win

You're a god damn liar
You're a god damn liar
I don't want to care
Like I want to care
You're a god damn liar
You're a god damn liar
I don't want to care
Like I want to care

After all this regret
You had me at my best
With what little I had left
Now I'm finding out that bottoms not as bad as it gets
I may be wounded
You think I'm already dead
And now I've realized that sorrow only brings out my best

Maybe I should cut my wrists
You know I've never been fucked like this

God damn liar
You're a god damn liar
I don't want to care
Like I want to care
You're a god damn liar
You're a god damn liar
I don't want to care
Like I want to care

God damn liar
You're a god damn liar
You're a god damn liar
You're a god damn liar
You're a...

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Get Scared God Damn Liar Comments
  1. Beanie Lover

    Damn.. I love this song.. get scared got me through freshman year and is currently helping me through sophomore year.. I love this band..


    We all have some sort of reason we're still alive. This band just happens to be one of ours

  2. chonky

    when your mom says she’ll give you your ds back when you wash the dishes but she doesn’t

  3. Unix

    Best line: Maybe I should cut my wrists. You know I've never been f__ked like This. 👌🏻

  4. 「HoneyTea」

    " maybe i should cut my wrists " triggers me because im in recovery but this song is too good to not listen too

  5. wHeRes tHe lAmBsAuCe

    Y'all I just wanted to say that it'll get better, I used to be pretty part with the self harming shit — but I want to advise you all not to do it, I was 13 or 14, maybe a bit older when I felt like absolute crap, I did a lot of bad things to myself.

    I'm 18 years old now and I have a few scars on my arm and I feel hideous looking at them. If you have abusive parents, tell your guidance counsellor, but ask them to not tell your parents you told them, hell even ask a friend if you can go over to there place. If you commit suicide, you'll never ever see your life get better but if you think it's the easy way out, just know that someone out there will be missing you. It will get better, maybe not straight away but it will.

    You're all strong enough to get through this. When it comes to self-harming, it's really... hard to get a job if the employer sees your scars, especially if they're noticeable and deep ( luckily mine aren't.)
    If any of you guys read this, or any new comers, I want you to get a piece of paper and write down everything you love and why, and when you're feeling suicidal, I want you to look at it.

    I also wanted to mention if your parents are decent and something else has got You depressed / Anxious, telling your parents in a cool and calm manner is also a good thing, ask to do a therapist so you have somebody to talk too. That always helps, because it's their job to care. apart from that, just remember there's people out there who love and care and wanna support and cherish you — and keep them in your minds!
    Again, I just wish all of you well and I want you all to know it'll get better

  6. Aklis Torres

    My inner emo is coming back!!! I’m in love with this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  7. DemonBoi Jordan

    Im probs gonna delete this later but this is how I feel my bf broke up with me he is technically my ex now and he wants to say im the dam liar but he just dosent love me enough to understand so he is the dam problem

  8. Cant Think Of A Name

    0:32 "you rid my heart of porn"

  9. MinYoongi'sSwagAndJimin'sSmolHands

    Me to my mum when she criticises me for no reason:

  10. TheEdgy Emo

    When someone owes you money and they haven’t given it yet.

  11. Shiney Fish

    Everyone is comparing it to people they've met n all and I just
    Writing insp

  12. Jaezyn NotNL

    id rather be there for people like this FUCK U FOR NOT SHARING cuz im caring

  13. Iznx

    Great song

  14. Ariel Ruh

    why that word i hate it i like the song i hate that word

  15. lilith webb

    My dad makes this song real

  16. Columbus Threo-thre

    Love the way he says "FUCK" 0:27

  17. Yung goth

    When my mum says she'll buy me food but forgets about me

  18. _GoRe__ cAnDy_

    At first I almost stopped listening to it because there was self harm mentioned and I didn't wanna be triggered by it. But I took the risk and listened to the whole song. This song seems morbid at first, but after listening to the whole song it's actually really motivational bc it helps me understand certain feelings I have. And I'm rambling so I'll go-

  19. _GoRe__ cAnDy_

    This reminds me of a certain someone who used to be in my life. I love this song because it perfectly describes the feelings I have towards that person. >:( Get Scared songs never fail to help me with whatever crap I'm going through though xD

  20. Chloe Hampton

    *When I'm the only one thinking: "My oc to my other oc."*

  21. Boredwithourlives Prouductions

    Meanwhile, I'm just over here being A sexual but still relating...

  22. Tokyo Grace

    Why is the category for this song: gaming? Lmao 😂😂😂

  23. MrJohnlibbyusa

    Am I the only one that saw the editer put "maybe I should but my wrist" when it says and should be "maybe I should cut my wrist"?

    Roselyn Franco

    Lol true

  24. Jason schweitzer

    First song was depressing af I didn't seriously think this was gonna be serious I guess the person who made this album is passionate... Or metal head that when made the name was crying to it

  25. James Paul

    the best part was 0:00 - 3:13 honestly

    the shadow

    James Paul yeah I love this song but, 3:18 wasnt that good tbh

  26. Oka Ruto

    My "best friend" He uses the power he has over me... Like this, he practically owns me and I hate it, I hate him. But I'm stuck.

  27. Twenty_Øne_ Piløts_Trash

    2018 anyone?

  28. ᴘᴏᴛᴀᴛᴏ ᴄʜɪᴘ

    This is so about my aunt mentally abusing me and me falling into self harm and shit

  29. Ticci Who

    Get Scared rocks. I don't care who publishes the songs they are all awesome! I would sing along out loud but I live in an apartment and the other person who shares it with me might think I'm a bit weird... :)

  30. owenwouldnever

    did anyone else listen to this and get mad at your partner that you dont have?

  31. Serjio Arreguin

    "Ive never been Fucked like this" ..

    the shadow

    Serjio Arreguin neither have I ;)

  32. Hala K

    There's a special place in hell for cheaters and manipulative people.

  33. Discord 247

    I JUST LOVE THIS DAME SONG!!!!!aaaaaaaaaa

  34. Komi Vica

    I don't really like this one song, but I listened till the end, cause that voice is just....damn

  35. Ink lusive

    Almost every metal song is about revenge and their ex


  36. Jacky V

    First song I'm singing to my ex

  37. natti gabrielle

    Listen to Do Your Worst by New Year's Day after this and listen to the similarities

  38. Kit Kat

    This literally reminds no one of songs by Set it Off? Just me?

    Iris Morales

    You are not the only one

    SoHa Friend

    ‘I’m done with plastic promises’

    Umbreon Gaming

    Kit Kat Reminds me of plastic promises

    Quinton beck

    why would it remind you? one is like a pop rock/rock and jazz hybrid and the other is gothic rock/heavy metal band these bands really aren't very similar

    drown_the_people TM

    Kit Kat set it off and get scared are very similar so that’s why

  39. Red

    "Maybe I should cut my wrists, you know I've never been fucked like this" my favorite part 😍


    Red same

  40. Cheese Stick

    Maybe I should cut my wrist
    Already done.

  41. Big horny Daddy

    This is how I feel about my "friend" because she won't stop lying about a lot of shits.

    Stop lying Abby, I can see right through you like a person can look right through glass windows

  42. Ciel Marie

    Write lyrics for this and whore and give it to my worst enemy

  43. Dylxn

    I swear i heard him say "Joel you're a god damn liar" in this song ;-;


    _Untouchable1_ at what part

  44. Darkness Rising

    What I want to say to my mom, bio sis, and step dad

  45. funtime roxy noxy

    When your dad says (Dad:I'll take yall to the movies to the the New IT movie tomorrow (and he doesn't)-_-

  46. Chloe Selley

    listening to this song for the first time holy crap when he said maybe i should cut my wrists you know ive never been fucked like this ..wasnt expecting that bahaha but yeah good song

  47. Thunder Cloud

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE the editing!! Made me like the song even more for some reason. ;)

  48. Chloe Hampton

    "I promise I'll give your pencil back after class-"

  49. Oliver the Cactus

    i never been fucked like this...

  50. gore. kween

    This song describes my mom...she's such a fucking liar

  51. James Nunez

    wow. Ive been looking for a song like this that could describe what i feel. I fell for my best friend. We are both girls. I told her i love her and she said it back. A couple days later she told me she didnt know how to love... She lied to me when she said she loved me back. A few days later she had a new girlfriend. And although im still her friend and i comfort her.... she hurt me and now i dont think Ill ever love again... I was afraid before then. Now im more afraid to ever love...

  52. Coretta Cecelia

    I haven't listened to this in a year or so. I still remembered the lyrics all the way through. I almost forgot how awesome Get Scared was.

  53. Aileen_

    i like to silently sing along as i cry my eyes out

  54. gore. kween

    i luv dis songg ;0;

  55. TheRealKellinQuann 69

    When someone says botdf is a good band

  56. ???

    When mom says Spicy Spaghetti is ready but it's Cheesy Pasta Shells

  57. Danica Hodges

    Dam I'm 12 and I love this song

  58. Kain Locke

    This song is bloody awesome

  59. pickles are great

    Me towards my mother literally

  60. xPigeon

    just hit 1 mil views. grats.
    btw you weren't 'asked' to make this video, you know what that means, right?



  61. Rhiannon Holland

    Man I remember listening to this in 5th grade when I had zero problems and pretended I was a creepy pasta and was dating Ben...

    Things were a lot simpler 5 years ago

    random trash

    you know things were simpler when we were younger now so many problems and things happen

  62. lovabel tedybear

    this is better then tits

    all most

  63. TheBeschikbaarheid

    what a dork stuff

  64. Shelby's Akward Channel

    to my mom

  65. Shelby's Akward Channel

    my mom thinks this song is stupid and pathetic...sorry I like real music mom

  66. the faceless wonder

    Man this song says alot.....

  67. zoey detillion

    Love this song

  68. Honestly. Nobody.Cares

    **violently reminds me of Tim and Brian**

    random trash

    yup you are not the only one

  69. That Pete Dun Guy from Panic at The Romance

    When a song describes you perfectly

  70. Aristotle Kaiser

    When the teacher says you're their favorite but earlier in the hall you heard them tell someone else that they were their favorite

  71. Crystal Biggs

    I have felt all of those feelings

  72. Captain Soybeans

    I smell Prince Felix

    -not sorry-

  73. Serby 302

    everyone complaining about their ex and im like"i dont have any ex...."

  74. Emma Watkins

    This song pulls alot of strings

  75. Trinity K.

    I was singing this song out loud when my brothers girlfriend started yelling at for saying God danm lier. I was like "Bitch do I give a fuck what you say" she stomped off pissed

  76. Dylan Klebold

    "I've never been fucked like this" OoH iS tHaT aN iNsUlT oR aN iNvItaTiOn?¿

  77. Brenna Corey

    This reminds me of my ex....

    Fuck you Jake...
    And everything you stand for...

  78. Lauren

    When the teacher says that the lesson will be interesting

  79. Ynnub1

    This song remind me almost all the fucking humanity


    I like dis song

  81. Nugget From Kindergarten

    I sent this to my friend, she doesn't talk to me anymore.

  82. AG 1x2x3

    Toothpaste adverts af

  83. Elliott Douglass

    Me talking to the mirror

  84. Zack Zoce

    It's Fuckin' Hannah Baker

  85. Paula Moore

    I feel so much emotion in Their songs!

  86. AEM Musiclover

    "and now i realize that sorrow brings out my best" which describes me i make myself think of the bad things ive been through while i paint draw or whatever and the picture comes out more amazing then it would have if i didnt think of it


  87. L for Lucifer

    Me when my dad says will be there in a minute.---1 hour later and we still haven't left---

  88. Lizzie Rolfe

    Love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️

  89. errortale frisk

    this fits bendy and the ink Machine

    errortale frisk

    you know bender bendy?

  90. Farrah Jael

    This song relates to how I've felt lately about people.

  91. Makidaria Sumaki

    This would be a good theme song for some parts in Fairy Tail...

  92. Hades Inc

    when your brother steals something from you but you can see him holding it behind his back

  93. Andrea McCallister

    No regrets into clicking this song, my final form theme song 😂🖤

  94. AProphetInAPoet'sClothing

    When your kindergarten teachers told you that you can't erase crayon.

  95. ICould CareLess

    When I'm watching Keemstar...

  96. Glitter Overload

    When your best friend says he isn't gay...

    random trash

    yup i agree with you

  97. AJayne

    When your friend says they are not sitting on the remote.

    When your friend says they got a 100% on the quiz.

    When you say you have friends.

    When people say MCR is over.

    When someone doesn't like your ship.

    When someone getting ready says "Five minuets".

    When your mom says we will leave soon after. once she finishes talking to her friend.

    Everyone lies....

  98. Makotowo Nyaegi

    For the longest time, I thought that human in the middle of the album art was intestines or a weird ass slug. I'm sorry. XD