Gerry Rafferty - Shipyard Town Lyrics

In a dance hall by the river, I was singing in a travelling band
Just another small town night, with a silver moon shining
I remember when I saw you, that first moment when it all began
You looked across a crowded room, and stole my heart away.

And we stood out in the moonlight, in the shadow of a factory wall
Music playing soft and low, and a gentle breeze sighing
And the light on the river was magic, yes a magic that I still recall
Moments come and moments go, but these moments still remain.

Remember how we met, down by the waterside
How easily we forget, all the love that we knew.

So we married our fortunes together, and we sealed it with a golden band
But somewhere down along the road, we could see the flame dying
Now an exiled heart gets weary, like two strangers in a foreign land
We reached the point of no return, a long long time ago.

Remember how we met, down by the waterside
How easily we forget, all the love that we knew.

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Gerry Rafferty Shipyard Town Comments
  1. Leslie Collins

    john yes he comes from scotland friend of mine went to school with him he was so good at music he said
    keep playing his great music it will never never die

  2. Tompa M

    One of my favourite songs ever.

  3. jersey tattie

    well thats one of best scottish songs ever ,nostalgic on all levels rip Gerry x

  4. Christoph Mayer

    Da war nicht nur Baker street. Du warst ein Riesentalent, ein absoluter Ausnahmemusiker, wir vermissen dich! RIP!

  5. graham donachie

    I'm crying...

  6. Jeremy Alderson

    Never tire of listening to this man. Such a tragic loss....

  7. Betty Veronica

    We wish you were here Gerry ❤ ❤
    but we're sure you are happy singing angel there 💐

  8. Evangeline Rengsi

    One of my favourite songs ever

  9. wyn howells

    Pure genius

  10. wilhub

    one of his best and fantastic quality

  11. theone Andonly

    Who downvotes this!?

  12. Jérôme LAURENT

    This needs to be published again. This is truly great music.

  13. Bob Bishop

    Shades of roy orbison. Literally

  14. Cory

    that 80's sax sound!

  15. Tim Barham

    Miss you Gerry 😢

  16. Michael Gorman

    Life and love change, we can let people down, and be let down by others-it is all part of the dance, the dance we are all compelled to follow

  17. Tim Barham

    Without doubt my favourite singer songwriter. But so so sad he’s gone. Love you Gerry 🌹

  18. BRD

    once again, a truly brilliant Scot! Kudos Gerry, I can feel the breezes of Aberdeen Bay with each song! RIP my brother! Dave Balentine

  19. James & Christine Irons

    What a voice. The best to ever come out of Scotland. What a talent! What a loss!

  20. mapior

    Davy Spillane on pipes

  21. mapior

    Jerry Donahue on lead guitar

  22. Adam Zbyszewski

    oh gosh I like this album so much! and Jerry Donahue's guitar playing is simply exquisite

  23. Marcel Breitenstein

    Ein Song der Superlative

  24. Gumshrud Flenzoro

    the melody blows me away. bravo Gerry Rafferty. Wish you could have stopped the booze. oh well, such is life. this guy was genius.

    theone Andonly

    "Find what you love and let it kill you"


    Timeless music . just gets better everytime I hear it . such great music,

  26. derek thomson

    one of scotlands greatest songwriters,rip gerry never forgotten xx

  27. Louis Filliger

    Perfect lyrics

  28. Stefan Frisk

    Gerry of the BEST. R I P

  29. mairim Forniel


  30. ClubViking63

    My favourite Gerry Rafferty song!!

  31. Wolfram bröckel

    einfach nur genial 👍😎

  32. Clarityandharmony

    Amazing! The vocalizations from 4:42 towards the end especially get me ... Wow, take me away!

  33. Koert VAN DRIEL

    The magnificent Jerry Donahue

  34. Brahim Achtbi

    Great song!

  35. Donovan Compaan

    fantastic tune and its not available on iTunes what dissapointment

    Józefina Apanel

    Kocham tą piosenkę...Dzięki Jurgen...

  36. les collins

    what a song gerry you were so good you are my hero tell my 4 sons i m 68 english never will stop playing your music

    john gordon

    les, being english doesnt stop you enjoying a man of many talents , he was just pure brilliant , glad u enjoy his music

  37. henderika

    kippevel zo super mooi

  38. mustapha houri henni

    just beautiful

  39. Garth Adendorff

    Fucking legend

  40. Garth Adendorff

    Gerry Rafferty a legend of gigantic proportions !

  41. Wolfram bröckel

    The best!

  42. Marcel Breitenstein

    Das Saxophon is voll genial

  43. john gordon

    les, my son of 27 says .......that guys music is brill ......where does he come from..... Scotland son

  44. les collins

    well said john gordon you are right the man was a genius

    john gordon

    aye les no more legends like gerry , certainly not in my time i would not think but heres hoping

  45. les collins

    what a song easy to talk is helped me a lot when i got divorsed thank you gerry r i p pal xxx

  46. les collins

    what a song i have been a fan of his many many years i am 68 love his music friend of mine was is same class as him and frankie miller and billy connely said gerry cauld play anything all those years ago miss you gerry even though never met you bes singer songwriter ever r i p pal x

  47. Max Rex

    just fantastic

  48. Marcel Breitenstein

    geil..Dieses Stück ist einfach überirdisch 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

  49. Rodrigo Gómez

    And.... Davy Spillane on the uilleann pipes!!

  50. Elaine Cody

    music like this crosses generations.

  51. Steve Whitehouse

    Magic tune !!

  52. MrMckuhn

    Wonderfull, one of the Most Romantic Rock Songs ever . The guitarist is in fact the Great Jerry Donahue

  53. endrizo

    the voice.

  54. Ivailo Stankov

    GERRY RAFFERTY № 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. john gordon

    no, he was above the beatles if you were of that era , which i am gladly are

  56. john gordon

    surely gerry must be ranked as one of the most best of british song writers after the beatles |||||


    He was Scottish, and the only Scottish artist ever to top the US Album Charts!

    john gordon

    So. he was total
    ly brilliant


    Scottish is British too, but I think whoever think about Gerry think about that he had Scottish and North Ireland decent. He was remarcable.....after Brian Wilson I have never loved a musician as much as Gerry.

    john gordon

    no, he was SCOTTISH not british


    @ClubViking63 never try and tell a Scott he's British...EVER. HE'S Scottish!

  57. les collins

    this song is so perfect r i p gerry x

  58. les collins

    this is so good r i p gerry xxx

  59. les collins

    there will never never be another singer songwriter like gerry wish the young people today just spend a couple of hours and listen to his music and they will never go back to lisening to the crap music of today
    rip gerry never will be forgotten pal

  60. ClubViking63

    You know this song is about his wife, whom he met at a young age. Very sweet love song.

  61. Richard Crossland

    One of the best

  62. Bernd Sauerwein

    die besten balladen nur von ihm

  63. Some Dude

    I think I'm too young to know who this guy was.

  64. herbert brockhaus

    Lead Guitar played by Jerry Donahue


    yeah...dont miss him in the hellecasters. supergroup.

  65. Christopher Mahoney

    Should have said Choke

  66. Christopher Mahoney

    I listen to this song tme and time again and each time I try to sing along and each time I coke with emotion,when I married Karen as we left the wedding reception I played this at full volume ,It is in fact a very sad song.

  67. Andrzej Brauer

    Gerry Rafferty, forever gorgeous ...

  68. les collins

    what a song cant stop playing it it is so perfect 

  69. Mike Slim

    What a voice this man had.

  70. les collins

    i  am 66 been a fan of yours all my life allways been my hero this song send hairs on the back of my neck stand up briiliant song 


    You're now 71 and I'm 62.
    Same thing.

  71. JeansBlue60

    Never forget this excellent artist!

  72. disapphires

    I only wish he could have seen himself as everyone else did.  Sure am sad knowing you're no longer with us.

    john gordon

    so true , gent he was but all the rest , wish he knew what everyone thought of him

    john gordon

    The only true musician of Scotland and moresay Paisley Rock on Gerry

  73. susan robertson

    oh the memories :)

  74. Margareta Wållberg

    10 points out of 10!!!

  75. TONY DEE

    Why Gerry???
    I'm getting a bit choked listening to this.
    You still had a lot to give, and  you are sorely missed.
    Your music was played from the heart, which is a bit rare these days.

  76. PaullyBB

    Well... when I need some relaxation & cool down, this man can put me where I need to be.

  77. 1976Chubby

    WOW!! Awesome! song, Gerry! Rafferty!, you complete legend, such a loss to the true music lovers of this world when you passed away. Your magic and melodys shall remain with us now and forever, musical genius. Sadly missed, RIP Gerry

    john gordon

    bump the great GERRY RAFFERTY

  78. Allan Drummond

    seeing the dry docks n hearing this  braw !

  79. Doug

    Absolutely great!!  One of the many excellent songs from his best lp, North & South - a hard to find cd in the U.S.  Every one of his lps should be released as special edition remasters, like City to City was in 2011. 

    David Cook

    @Sammy Boy I agree, his back catalogue is crying out for some tender, loving care. Only City and his first solo record "Can I Have Money Back?" have been spruced up.

  80. graydon blower

    my fav of all of his

  81. joevs21001

    The best part of this video is 4:49. Gerry is smiling widely. Gerry is one of the greatest musical composers, writers, songwriters, producers, and singers of ALL TIME. There are VERY few musicians with the musical range and talent that this quiet and humble man had in his lifetime. Gerry is sorely missed by all of his fans and will be remembered for generations to come. His music will no doubt be timeless and listened to by even our Grandchildrens children i'm sure.

  82. sharon lee

    I love love love Gerry Rafferty.. i hold many wonderful memories in my life when i was listening to his wonderful music.. thanks Gerry you were are are still amazing ♥

  83. Alan Warner

    Colin ,I agree totally.Gerry was a musical genius for me,I must admit that this was new to me, What a surprise, I love it.

  84. 1976Chubby

    FANTASTIC!!! TRACK!!!, Very! underated song.
    One of the greatest tracks from one of the greatest musician, singer, songwriters
    ever. Such a phenominal talent. Gerry Rafferty, you will always be missed, but your
    legacy shall always live on & bring joy to millions.

  85. Colin Phillips

    2 people..... No, there are no words to describe 2 people who don't like this. They have my sincere sympathies, that they can't appreciate this glorious Celtic masterpiece of time and place, and know Gerry Rafferty for the genius he was. Thank you, Warner, for posting one of the very best.

  86. Steve Haack

    I freaking love Gerry! God Bless my man we shall share music in Heaven my brother!

  87. Joseph Clifton

    Best of the best of 1988

  88. stahlplast

    That was awesome!!!!!!!!!.

  89. Bill Butler

    Brilliant!! it's the first time i've heared this song and seen the video. :-). FANTASTIC.

  90. liz daisley

    what a fabulous song and the video is great especially the wee girl wearing her mammie's high heels . takes me back hard to believe it's 2 years ago today since gerry rafferty died

  91. Les C

    Hard to believe it's been two years.

  92. Forque YU Gugle

    wow.. Gerry's voice & Jerry Donahue
    on guitar... doesn't get much better than that!!

  93. Karel Spanjer

    Gerry...super...super..emotie....geweldig...fantastische video ...dank je wel..thanks!!

  94. BOH-HD

    fine ... fine ... very fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. David Cook

    I caught him live with Rafferty's band back in '93 at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Superb player.

  96. uviclad

    It took me two takes to recognise Jerry Donahue..Saw hin many years ago playing with Fairport Convention in Dundee's Caird Hall...

  97. uviclad usual.

  98. wambui37

    Gerry Rafferty -- He was for me one of the best

  99. David Cook

    Should have been a hit single. North and South was a great album.