George Thorogood And The Destroyers - Nadine Lyrics

As I got on a city bus and found a vacant seat,
I thought I saw my future bride walkin?up the street,
I shouted to the driver "hey conductor, you must slow down.
I think I see her please let me off this bus"
Nadine, honey is that you?
Oh, Nadine. Honey, is that you?
Seems like every time I see you darling you got something else to do.
[Alternate verse:] Seems like every time I catch you, datcha you're up to something new

I saw her from the corner when she turned and doubled back
And started walkin?toward a coffee colored Cadillac
I was pushin?through the crowd to get to where shes at
And I was campaign shouting like a southern diplomat.

Downtown searching for her, looking all around,
Saw her getting in a yellow cab heading up town.
I caught a loaded taxi, paid up everybodys tab.
With a twenty-dollar bill, told him "catch that yellow cab."

She moves around like a wave of summer breeze,
Go, driver, go, go, catch her balmy breeze.
Moving through the traffuc like a mounted cavalier
Leaning out the taxi window trying to make her hear.

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George Thorogood And The Destroyers Nadine Comments
  1. Mark Markofkane

    Better than the rest. I have it ON vinyl. And Nadine on CD.

  2. gomez d'gomez

    He kills it! great tune! Chuck would be proud.

  3. Dan Randall

    In my top 10. Love it loud. Thanks Mike.

  4. Norrin Radd

    This is the very best chuck berry cover ever

  5. Andrew Turner

    I see alot of people don't know this version of this song. More for me .Ha .

  6. Chris Bienz

    Chuck Berry - woo hoo!!!

  7. BadLeaders

    George sounds a bit like Mick Jagger here. Great rendition of this song.

    Norrin Radd

    BadLeaders mick jagger wishes

    Jim Coleman

    Good call, does sound like Mick on the early albums

  8. Francois Froge


  9. audrey h

    Only if they can resale this album and the "better than the rest", these are the only two I don't have in my collection

    John Kenebutch

    Yes its a great album I can't find on CD.

  10. Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    🎶🎶🎤🎸🎸90 yrs old RIP Chuck🌷🌷

    William Nash

    "Nadine Fantastic song I never heard G.T., and the Destroyers play Live.

  11. Oaks

    Can you upload "My weakness"?

    Mike Papas

    My friend, your desire '' fulfilled '' ... The GEORGE THOROGOOD is no longer at your disposal .....