George Strait - Kicked Outta Country Lyrics

I just got the news today,
The record I sent them: they threw it away
It don't fit the format, don't make the list
They say I'm too old, won't even be missed

It happened to Jones, and even The Hag,
Waylon and Willie, and the great Johnny Cash
Kicked 'em right out without even a word
But that ain't the end of the story I heard

'Cause Cash stomped out the footlights
And Haggard for long had a ball
And Willie and Waylon and Kris toured the nation
And Jones never showed up at all

They lived what they wrote, and they wrote what they sang
And getting kicked outta country didn't hurt a thing
Getting kicked outta country didn't hurt a thing

I just wrote a new song today
Pulled out my old guitar and I started to play
Pressing my fingers into the strings
I felt the feelings a country song brings

I did some Jones, and one for The Hag,
Waylon and Willie, and the great Johnny Cash
They all got kicked outta country back then
And then one day country came calling again

And Cash stomped out the footlights
And Haggard for long had a ball
And Willie and Waylon and Kris toured the nation
And Jones showed up after all

They lived what they wrote, and they wrote what they sang
And getting kicked outta country didn't hurt a thing
Getting kicked outta country didn't hurt a thing

Well, It don't really matter, 'cause I ain't gonna change
'Cause getting kicked outta country, won't hurt a thing

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George Strait Kicked Outta Country Comments
  1. Barry Robinson

    Johnny Paycheck

  2. Jimmy Farrell

    I'd love to ask that pussy luke Bryan about jones,waylon,cash and hank. He would say who's that?

  3. IAM BAD

    No " Tshirt". 👌👏🙏👍🤙🤝

  4. Darren Davis

    No snap track, I guess it's not the "new" Nashville sound. King George is still King

  5. Blake Lowe

    The guys at my school think that square toe boots are cowboy boots but real cowboy boots aren't and are Pardon my French Gay. Get this they like Luke Bryan

  6. Shane Collins

    I miss good country like this todays COUNTY SUCKS it's not even country it's frickin pop and people like that mess .. they need help something fierce please bring back country music that I was raised on PLEASE!!😢🙏


    Real Country Music is like fashion, what is the hottest today goes out of style tomorrow. Real Country music will always be around and will come back stronger than ever. These days, especially in Australia, Country Music is seldom played, however, when they do play a Country song, it's modern Country....almost rock and roll stuff. I love hearing the steel guitar playing.

  8. Marilee Dent

    You can't fake real country is why. Lol lot of love Marilee

  9. G N

    Let's don't forget the great " Marty Robbins"" he's my favorite Singer and all-time country artist of all time he was a legend

  10. Austin Cox

    I've stopped listening to the radio because I can't stand the new "country" the new stuff doesn't have any soul in it

  11. Cj Roby

    is it me or there is he just so powerful with his music !

  12. motleystl

    Things change accept it.

  13. Jimi Jordan

    Lyrics by George Strait & Jamey Johnson

  14. Patsy E

    you tell them George. Authentic Country Music is dead. Hank Williams would be turning in his grave.

  15. WVgunnut !!

    Written by the great Jamey Johnson

  16. Ron Brigance

    There is no country music anymore... thank corporate Nashville!!!! Useless fools in suits that never worked a day in their life.

  17. Mm Ct

    Better than Luke Bryan that faggot

  18. suzieCO78

    Love this song! Hate today's pop country. I play this song over and over. He will always beat out today's fake country. Radio might not play it, but I will over and over. All of his albums. Blessed I saw George live.

  19. Mollee Flood

    It's gotta fiddle, king George, and that killer country twang. This is the real country the radio refuses to play

  20. Kagan Harrison

    I’m not gonna lie today’s country music is ass

  21. David Elliott

    Nice 👊😎

  22. Eddie Thompson

    REAL COUNTRY MUSIC not the CRAP coming out of CRAPVILLE these days ❤️

  23. Shane Javery

    i miss the days that they went on stage with nothing but a guitar and sang from the heart

  24. Shane Javery

    you take these people out of country , you dont have country no more!

  25. Cody Leggett

    I will say this once and only once: take this crap you call "country" and shove it up your ass.

  26. Audio

    The crap that they play today on supposed country radio is not country music. It's bad rock. Strait us the real deal. When NY and LA control what's on the radio, it ain't country. No soul.

  27. Happiness

    Outlaws 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  28. Michael Giovanni

    Jones showed up when I saw him April 2004 Taylor County Colosseum Abilene Tx. He fired the sound guy in the middle of the show and continued with an outstanding show. I’ll never forget it .

  29. Lisa White

    It's a shame how country music has changed

  30. stone cold cowboy

    You tell them George All the best artist which you have named got kicked out so you ain't too good unless you get kicked out!!! LOL I just think you left out one that Hank Williams Sr

  31. Ronnie Bishop

    But country music is coming back around to be good again.

  32. flyover news

    I love the song. Problem is when he was young and the new guy, they kicked some old one out to make room for him. It is what happens. That being said, this is a great song.

  33. Jeff Barnett

    I wish country radio still played country music

  34. Adam Gehret

    It kind of worries me that one day even the neo traditionalists country singers like combs pardi and green who are all for more pop than the outlaws anyway will all be kicked of country and then the Luke Bryan’s will be all there’s left



  36. eil king

    Thanks much for the post.

  37. Valerie Zoski

    #GM #KanzakiMasahiro

  38. Patricia Arnold

    Good one.. Real 👍 good

  39. Joel Dodson

    Thank you for posting. Well done..

  40. charles moore

    Everyone I know likes the new crap they think it is real country. All that is on my mp3 is the old stuff mind you all I grew up in the 80s and I love all the old stuff. This new stuff hurts my head and dont make since. Only new person. I have on there is chancey Williams. But yes to you all this could try pop rap rock is trash

  41. Doom Reverb

    The best country music is pure country music from the heart. idk what they play on radio today, but a pop dance track with a 4 measure fiddle break and a shoehorned Jack Daniel's reference don't make it country.

  42. Anna Ashley

    Thanks for the records George💙❤❤💙💙🎵🎵🎵 God bless ya

  43. Randal Buhler


  44. Chris

    I can't believe it.theres a radio station in middle TN playing his new song God and country music

  45. Mary Jacobs

    Now this is by god country!!!Can't stand what they say is country now. George Strait the king of country!!!!!

  46. Steven Del carlo

    It hurt more than you think. Now we have rap in country

    Coolday 96

    Steven Del carlo yeah but at least my man upchurch isn’t fake like them mainstream country singers

  47. NotACompleteAsshole

    THIS IS COUNTRY MUSIC not the crap they play on the radio in 2019

    Adam Gehret

    Luke combs, John Pardi, Riley green, and a little bit of Morgan wallen are keeping a spark of real country alive, even if it’s more of a blend of real country and pop country it’s a refreshing change of pace from FGL, Luke Bryan, etc


    Mo Pitney.

    Ethan johansen

    @Adam Gehret still don't get why the real country songs luke bryan records never end up on the radio.

    Adam Gehret

    Ethan johansen idk I give luke Bryan and FGL shit but I do like some of their lesser known stuff, the radio stations just suck I guess

    Connor Lhamon

    alright i'll admit, country nowadays ain't shit compared to what it was and noted in too drunk to even listen to new country

  48. Timbo Padgett

    Simply pure country.nobody comes close.

  49. andrew kiesling

    very kewl

  50. Mimi Richardson

    The day George Strait stops singing is the day I give up on country music!

  51. Tommy Robinson

    Radio Won't Play That! #KingGeorge Tells It Like It Is!

  52. Jeff Tappan

    Has this made it to radio? If it hasn't, and I wouldn't be surprised, I think that I know why. The one big ' country music ' station in town will only play contemporary country music ( oxymoron city ) and the other station plays the same songs over and over.

  53. Margie Masih

    He's still my man after all these years.oh what a singer

  54. ed dalton

    28 pop country fans gave thumbs down...goofballs lol

  55. Timothy Cornell

    He is country!

  56. Douglas Arnold

    I miss 'em all

  57. johnnynarf

    That was awesome!!!!

  58. Chris Sweeney

    Dammit George, you did it again

  59. Sonny Pruitt

    This and Murder On Music Row, are two fingers into the eye's of today's country. If you could call that refried rock and roll, country!

    Master Omega

    Sonny Pruitt it ain’t even rock and role now it’s fruity pop and rap which is even worse

  60. Richie Davis

    And this is country. Period.

  61. Andrew Baack

    Love it!!!!!😀😀😀

  62. 2 1/2 Acres

    Just heard this song. LOVE IT. Real country loving it.

  63. Doris Stovall

    I love this

  64. Todd Rheinberger

    The truth hurts doesn't it Nashville. A bunch of fools. Do your own thing King George, it's why we keep buying your records.

    leo powers

    Same thing happened in the seventies (John Denver winning entertainer of the year) than along came The Outlaws.

  65. Gunnar Standifer

    This song is so true

  66. Doris Stovall

    I like this

  67. Stephen Parker vids

    Good for you George keep going while you still can

  68. Jacob Godfrey

    Dang I love this one great song great person to bring it on out

  69. david flippin

    You sing George!!!!!!!!!!!! We don't want you to change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Two Farm Boys

    The difference between George Strait and Alan Jackson vs. these new country singers is Alan Jackson and George Strait aren't afraid to tell the truth and show their pride for the genre! I don't care what these new singers do with their lives and careers, but stop calling your music country cause it's not country. The song we just listened to is REAL country!

    Florence Matherson

    The new "country singers" don't believe in America. Like the dumb blonde Taylor Swift, the damn Yankee!!!

  71. Jesse arriaga

    Love it!!

  72. james howard

    Fuck Nashville

  73. Lois Enochs

    Very true, Strait!

  74. J Mit

    It just the way things are. Luke Bryan will be in the situation one day and he knows it. He stated in an interview several years ago that he didn't see himself preforming in ten years. Luke isn't taking things for granted as he knows it won't last but he is enjoying the ride. George has been around a long time and shouldn't really complain.

    J. Chris Watson

    Luke Bryan sucks. He's all about the stupid millenial bro culture country. Strait is the living definition of how classic country sound can still be relevant. He has earned the right to speak out about the posers and candy a$$ music industry execs.

  75. Thordan

    Thank God for being able to be putting Greats on you tube

  76. david potter

    Great country they aint sing like that these days no sir ey,,

  77. Lane Havemann

    They won’t play it on the radio but how much you wanna bet he still out sells everyone else

  78. Lane Havemann

    They won’t play it on the radio but how much you wanna bet he still out sells everyone else

  79. Lane Havemann

    They won’t play it on the radio but how much you wanna bet he still out sells everyone else

  80. Lane Havemann

    They won’t play it on the radio but how much you wanna bet he still out sells everyone else

  81. the_Earl_Of_Belyonville

    The only genuine Country is classical country music.

  82. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Love my Classic Country 💘🎶🎶🎶🎶🎸🎻

  83. Sandra Gregory

    If George was not such a gentleman I think he would be putting up two fingers to the record people

  84. Thordan

    Hard to believe this is true what the record companys say.Kenny Rogers started his own record company.

  85. Master Omega

    Man this makes me sad but I don’t care what they think cause I’m gonna listen to this stuff no matter what

  86. Klaus-Peter Kubiak

    Before the internet came along I had to listen to the so-called "country" songs on the radio. Nine out of then of them were pop songs. But nowadays we can choose and ignore all the "pop shit in cowboy boots" as someboday once called it.

  87. Mason McLean

    I am 13 and I know all of George straits songs by heart. "The king of country" I don't think George Strait who ever be kicked out of country and if he does that is stupid because he is the best singer in America.

    dedrick suggz

    It's a metaphor cause there looked at as old and not good so their kicked out of country

  88. Gary Kerns

    Where Waylon was with The Highwaymen, his hair was considerably shorter.


    This song makes me think of people we never hear or barely hear on the radio nowadays. Tracy Lawrence, Travis Tritt, Terri Clark, Daryl Worley. They are still doing good. We have YouTube and Facebook and all the music apps. If radio will not play them it’s okay they don’t need it.

  90. brian versansky

    I swear, any song George Straight touches...... turns to flat out GOLD!!!!!!!!! Another great song, George!!!!!!

  91. AKZ Vince Gill

    Today’s country is not country! Nothing like the old classics. George will always be king.

  92. Lutian Murphy

    Hear that steel, that fiddle , THAT'S COUNTRY .. Amen !

    Zirconium Arthiritis


    Shane Collins

    @Zirconium Arthiritis
    So true i was raised on that the best sound there ever was but don't hear it now days it's frickin pop's sucks

  93. Bad Driver

    If anyone listened to my playlist.... they'd say ...." damn , now that's country music"...... One of the Greatest Artists ... Hats off to George!!!

    Jacob Leal

    Bad Driver send me that playlist

  94. martina parry

    jamey Johnson doesn't need the country pop machine either

  95. Dalton Sparks

    George will never get kicked outta country

  96. jennadyann walker

    About the country "punkers".

  97. M R

    You know what George I refuse to work on Sundays at the beer born in Houston because you were playing you sure became great later though

  98. ski bum

    The King ....

  99. Jeromey Cole

    Killer tune

    Jason Pelham

    Nope he helped keep country music alive

    Hockey Is life

    Jason Pelham he meant great song, not that this helped kill Country

  100. BigBlueFan1987

    Only person omitted is Hank Sr. He was kicked out of Country and became an outlaw before it was even a thing

    Tyler Brandt

    Missing David Allan Coe.

    Jeff Tappan

    Hank Sr. only recorded for 4 years, and he's still the king of country music. Or, as the song says, " St. Hank, St. Lefty, and Brother Waylon " . I've added, " Sister Tammy and Deacon George " .

    leo powers

    Early in his career Elvis tried out for The Grand Opry. They told him to stick to driving a truck.

    Jeff Tappan

    The suits in the Opry front office are selecting people before they've actually earned membership in the Opry.

    G N

    No they forgot the Great Marty Robbins