George Strait - I'll Always Remember You Lyrics

It all started back in 1981.
Our life together had just begun.
I didn't know what my future would hold,
But you gave me a chance,
So I set out on the road.

It wasn't easy going then.
There were times I almost threw that old towel in,
But you kept callin me back to the stage,
And I finally found my place in each and every face.

I'm not sayin I'm through by any means.
There's still things that I want to say and do.
I hope you won't forget me, cause we've shared a lot dreams.
And just know that I'll always remember you.

When I first set out on the road, I figured
I had maybe 5 good years to sing my songs for you folks.
Well, it's goin on 30 now
And I still love it just as much as I ever did.
When I hear that announcer say my name,
And I walk through those curtains
And see your smilin' faces,
My feet don't touch the ground again
Til I walk out and get back on that bus that got me here.
I don't know how many more years I've got left to do this,
But I figure a few.
I do want you to know, though,
That when I do walk off this stage for the last time,
And I'm all settled in, away from all this,
You won't be far away.
I'll still hear your screams and cheers in my mind.
And I'll always remember you.

I'm not sayin I'm through by any means.
Cause there's still things that I want to say and do.
I hope you won't forget me, cause we've shared a lot dreams.
And just know that I'll always remember you.

You've pulled me through some hard times.
Hope I've pulled you through a few.
And just know that I'll always remember you.

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George Strait I'll Always Remember You Comments
  1. ryan guerrero

    Heading to vagas to see king George again

  2. my music

    I will always remember you!

  3. Nancy Proulx

    Love him and his songs. True performer!

  4. Chris Damiano

    George l absolutely love you l feel you wrote every song for me you are the bomb there will never be another you you are the last of a dying breed you are pure country and still on top

  5. Renee Orr

    No way I ever Forget George. I love this song. It sad in away but I understand where he coming from. He can't get music out of his system, more he ever fully get going on the road. It to much of his life we are huge part of his like we love u George always

  6. Jesus lives

    And we're still calling you back to the stage George I love you

  7. Irenee Shubert

    A gift to his fans when he decided to retire from those road trips.

  8. Joan Thornton

    I saw you in a little club in Modesto, CA in the early 80s and loved your show. On the way out I ran to say goodbye on your way to the bus and you shook my hand. You were so nice. I'll always remember you.

  9. Linda Neighbors

    love you George Strait

  10. Pete Martinez


  11. Stephanie Evans

    Who could ever forget Uncle George...... The best, and the legendary George Strait❣️ you have been the Chair.. the firemen, the heart that understood what my heart was feeling and sang about it it!! Hope you never STOP!!! 😇🤠😇

  12. Doris Stovall

    Ok song


    Goerge strait who make me cry when I hear this song you rule

  14. jflo1958

    I never liked country till George Strait. In 1981 when I heard 'Unwound' I never went back to the 70"s soft rock I listen to. All these years he has kept up with changes country music has taken on and still Holden strong, but the most important part he never let his fame ruin his life he has stayed true to one woman and one woman only. I love you George, you had me at "unwound". I will always remember you and as long as I can hear i'll be listening to you sing

  15. Jeanne Ruh

    You'll never be gone or ever forgotten. You have molded my life with your beautiful melodies...straight from the heart <3

  16. Mitch Cota

    I'll always remember you should've been released as a single instead of drinkin man

  17. Steven Md

    I can’t listen to this sorry 😢😢😢😭😭😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I just can’t listen it hurts so bad😥

  18. Doris Stovall

    I wish others could hear them

  19. Doris Stovall

    I love these songs

  20. Yin & Yang

    Simply the greatest of all time!

  21. Karen Kinserlow

    Beautiful song Love your music George

  22. Joseph Davis

    Your the best George strait we love you

  23. Vicky J

    I am very happy you got thru all the ups and downs... as all the songs, you’ve sung have gotten me thru many moments... anyways glad you are still singing them songs... ty always George Strait... ☺️👍
    Seems some of your songs did for me and many other folks too. God Bless You Always

  24. Melanie Memories

    I can't even listen to this, I cried too much! I'll always remember you GH I hope the rest of your life is the best of your life forever 🦋😘❤️ You’ve pulled me through some hard times. Hope I’ve pulled you through a few and just know I’ll always remember you💋🤠💕🦋

  25. Pamela Knowles

    Awesomeness George🎶🎶✌🏼❤❤❤

  26. Sylvia Payton

    Amen. Thanks.

  27. my music

    First time i heard this song. i was crying through the whole song. Listened to it again and still cried. Thank you George for being you. Someday i hope to get a chance to see you in concert. Come to Canada. You have lots of fans here also!

    Joan Thornton

    Today is the first time I heard it and I'm crying.

  28. Dylan Thomas

    Slow signal scheme distinction vs column week natural atmosphere let.

  29. Lisa Hall

    I so love you ❤❤

  30. Bill Connely

    Even when you are gone from this old earth, your music will still be around to help us get through some trying times. Gone from sight but your voice will never grow silent.

  31. Mikel Sr

    Damn every time I hear this song I get dust or something in my eyes!

  32. Vicky Bemis

    George you still the king

  33. Sylvia Payton

    A very interesting mini-autobiographical anecdote from Country Musician King George Strait!.

  34. ejiro kirishima

    This was played at my friend Shawn's funeral today. So beautiful 👌💖

  35. Sylvia Payton

    George Strait: "I Got A Car."

  36. Sylvia Payton

    Good morning, "Sunny" it's me, "Moon Beam." I hope you got my message to you on Facebook yester-evening. God bless, Amen.

  37. Sylvia Payton

    What can I say when I have "put my foot in my mouth" already?. King George Harvey Strait of Poteet, Texas is still the King of Country Music because he is the Singer, Songwriter, Actor, and music producer of all time. Most of all, I like King George Strait because he believes in God and his wife, Norma, is my best friend.

  38. chivas tv

    Remember I was 23 I was at ArizonA sence.that.time I hace.lisend your.good.songs.Congratultions..George..

  39. Gilbert Rangel

    Wow! What a great guy! What a great song!

  40. Ingebjorg Mosberg


  41. Margaret Johnson

    Theres a song for every feeling he is such a special person

  42. John D. Rockefeller

    I love you George, you were singing when I was born in 91 and I have listen to you ever since I continue to still, you are indeed the king of country music and you will forever be the king of crushing music. We all love you and may God continue to bless you. You're a true once-in-a-lifetime talent.

  43. Kansas

    Why does this song make me so sad?

  44. Kyndal

    This song reminds me of my two very very special cousins Mark and Morgan, they're headed to collage:( I am happy for my cousins but, I will miss them. it's bitter sweet knowing watching your cousin's head off to collage. But I know they will be great. But still it's hard letting my cousins go.

  45. justess martin

    This man is what country music is all about! He never sold out (like Reba McEntire) just to do what sells. He never compromised and therefore, never lost his integrity as an artist!

  46. Hugo Garza

    For my beautiful grandmother, rest in peace and I'll always remember you :'(

  47. Guy29 ツ

    Love this song

  48. Amanda Jong

    song makes me think of my skate kids oh love them so much.

  49. Jordan Duni

    good song

  50. Kyndal

    This song reminds me of my kitty cat his name was Tiger who passed away on May 5th 2014:( I sure do miss my cat so very much.

  51. Benedict Youti

    Loving Voice George .......

  52. Sergio Sanchez

    My little brother got me to listen to country music and George Strait you were on of his favorites. He's passed on now he was 13 years old when he passed. it's been 15 years ago I'm now 39 and you always be one of my favorites. thank you George Strait for all your good music

  53. Latasha Conorquie Irick

    Love you George.

  54. Jessica Champ

    huge fan since I was 20

  55. Tori Reeser

    Song makes me cry every time I hear it.

  56. Brenda Hays

    First time i heard this song.  I love it!  Awesome...

  57. Suzie G

    Geeeeezzzz.......way to pull at the heart strings...a touching tribute to his fans

    Hesham Hany

    His wife actually

  58. tristen posey

    King George I always been a huge fan of your music sense I was 6 year old. It all started  with I cross my heart sense then and I will listen  to your music till the day I die    

  59. kyla hawk

    King George! I am 34 years old and as far back as I can remember George has always been King in my house. My momma raised me listening to him and at 7 years old I could sing every song he had out word for word. Hate it that he is done with the road but blessed that I got the privilege to see him multiple times over the years. Thanks Ma, for the greatest birthday present of all 7th birthday and my first George concert! Amarillo by Mornin still makes the hair on my arms and neck stand up and The Cowboy Rides Away makes me tear up every time. Long live the KING!

  60. erin mcconn

    This made me cry. I  have been such a huge fan for so, so long! George, I'm gonna miss you when you're gone! Bur I will ALWAYS remember you, too!!

  61. Jess

    What a beautiful tribute to his fans! <3

  62. Christy D

    To madmadrocks: I've been a fan since day one. Unwound was his FIRST major hit. I have all cassettes, records, cds. I am 46 and dreamed of seeing him in concert since I was 16. This year, April 19th in Tulsa I FINALLY get to. Have my tickets. I CRY each time here this. Some songs on concert, I see, are from songs which should have made big hits; didntl Glad I will see him do them. I WILL MISS HIM. U should been all along. Us hardrock King George Fans... LOVE YOU TILL I DIE

  63. Haidelyn Melano

    i like this song

  64. Jose Roberto Almeida Valente

    Sou técnico em agropecuária, e, apesar de sentir mais prazer com a música Clássica, ouço muito as músicas Sertanejas das ótimas duplas Brasileiras!
    Gosto muito do Gênero!
    Quando ouvi pela primeira vez Allan Jackson, George Strait,... a música Country passou a ocupar o segundo lugar em minhas preferências.
    Sempre que posso, estou assistindo à um Vídeo, ou ouvindo uma ótima música Sertaneja ou Country!
    José Roberto A. Valente,
    Belém do Pará, Brasil!

  65. Donna Gillenwater

    Love you George, You will always be remembered and your music will live in the hearts all over this world. You have touched many people with your songs and I'm one of them. I own a lot of your albums and one song I have always treasured by you was I'm carrying your love with me. That was the song my Daughter told me to listen to when she had leukemia and I nor she will ever forget that one. You are KING of country music and you will always be. We Love you Babe.

  66. Janie Carlson

    Wow where do I begin? I have loved you from the first song you sang and I'm pretty sure I will be a fan until your last. Thank you George for being there when I was alone. My husband use to work the evening shift and every Friday night I would put your records on and I would feel like you were there with me. I have grown old with you. I think we both look pretty darn good! Like a true fan if you keep recording them then I will keep buying them. Love you George!

  67. hartiganlogan

    No words will ever say what he has done for country music. He is nicknamed King George for no reason. We will miss you George more then you miss walking out on that stage thank you for giving us amazing music to turn to when we needed it.

  68. fish1648

    I was born in 1980 started to like king george in 87 been a huge fan sence

  69. j osborne

    I have been in love with George since 1981...that was the first time I ever heard him sing!! I will always love "The King" and this song gives me chills when I hear it, it is like he is talking directly to all who adore him...I shall be saddened when he does leave the stage but I will have his music forever...Thanks for posting this song.

  70. JonasBrosBeyond3000

    This song has me in tears!!! OMG, I've never been much of a Country fan until this year, and I really love it. George has some amazing songs. I couldn't imagine what this song means to the fans who have been supporting GS since the 80's! :) I wasn't born untiil 1991, but I wish I could have recognized the beauty of Country music long before 2011!

  71. Delia Solis

    I have been to many many of your concerts here in Houston and every time it felt as if I was the only one in the room and you were sing to me. I love you GS

  72. Delia Solis

    OMG George I will always remember you. You pulled me through a lot of tough times. I have been a fan since "Amarillo by Morning" I was a flight attendant on a flight you were on and I tell that story as if you noticed me like I noticed you. I have loved you since mucho besitos.....always remember you <3

  73. Jason Rodriguez


  74. cutandshoottx

    george has a lot of oil rigs on his ranch he could have quit a long time ago and by the way if you what some of his ranch land you can buy some of if its UP FOR SALE

  75. ForTheLoveOfSoftball

    My new favorite song!!!!!!! <3