George Strait - I Hate Everything Lyrics

He was sitting there beside me throwing doubles down
When he ordered up his third one he looked around
Then he looked at me, said I do believe I'll have one more
He said I hate this bar and I hate to drink
But on second thought tonight I think I hate everything

Then he opened up his bill-fold and threw a 20 down
And the faded photograph fell out and hit the ground
And I picked it up, he said thank you bud, I put it in his hand
He said I probably ought to throw this one away
'Cause she's the reason I feel this way, I hate everything

I hate my job, I hate my life and if it weren't for my two kids I'd hate my ex-wife
I know I should move on and try to start again
But I just can't get over her leaving me for him
Then he shook his head and looked down at his ring and said I hate everything

He said one bedroom apartment where I get my mail
Is really not a home, it's more like a jail
With a swimming pool and a parking lot view, man that's just great
I hate summer, winter, fall and spring
Red and yellow, purple, blue and green, I hate everything


So I pulled out my phone and I called my house
I said babe I'm comin' home, we're gonna work this out
I paid for his drinks and I told him thanks, thanks for everything

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George Strait I Hate Everything Comments
  1. Jacqueline Whiteley

    Such a sad song, really heartbreaking

  2. grockluv

    i thought i was over this feeling years ago. being all but forced into low income housing due to breaking my back and losing any means of making any real money along with being surrounded by wannabe gangster rap idiots i found my place in this song again. Dont be a caucasion country boy in low income housing in texas surrounded by bullshit folks. You will hate everything until Jesus takes the wheel again

  3. Casey28027

    Sometimes it’s better that a person just give up life because living isn’t worth the pain. I feel this way a lot because the pain of living is just too much at times.

  4. Gary Hieronymus

    I hate lies, I hate, hate, I hate it that people don't listen to facts.

  5. abby

    I was expecting comments about Alex IHE but it's just depressed cowboys

  6. Michael Kayfes

    To be honest i've been both these dudes

  7. Izuku Midoriya

    I know the feels makes me miss my mom cause all she did was listen to this while she cooked she moved to alaska a month ago and it feels like years .....just thinking of my amazing mom

  8. dmm1208

    To hate is to love, he figured it out.

  9. Ross Yeller

    I hate everything.

  10. Rosscoeginncoe Lake Havasu & Orange County

    In hate everything too thanks to TONIE CHITTOM GINN

  11. mikey dejon

    My favorite George straight song. Guy pulls me through tons of stuff!

  12. Deelyn Tilley

    Hearing her say she didn’t love me no more struck me deep, I fell in love with her twice

  13. Mike or patty Rhoades

    I'm done but not with country boy's !Ok!! where is my courtry boy!!

  14. Carolyn Ekuka

    I hate everything! Get Down George Strait! I hate everything I say! Thanks for everything ! I like that wonderful ending in the song!

  15. Valiendo Verga

    George Stariatgg

  16. Ron Tny

    That's me

  17. Debra Parkerson

    Oh my goodness you know I can see things we do to others not even thinking about others feelings or emotions.. So glad I get the big picture now... Hurt heals everything.. Humility is a strong process for a person to really get down to the nitty gritty of such a true starting over point in life
    Love DES
    Georgia peach

  18. Ron Tny

    Leave him alone

  19. Ron Tny

    King George doesn't want more stress

  20. Frud

    Can you do I Hate Mars Bars

  21. Taylor Travis

    This song made me smoke meth

  22. Carolyn Ekuka

    I hate everything! LOL. My Goodness, I hate my job, I hate my life almost, but "Almost" just ain't Good enought! I hate everything! Thanks for everything! I love it!

  23. Terence Begemann

    I hate everything of my ex’s she’s a lier cheater and a lot

  24. dmm1208

    If King George hates everything.... we dont stand a chance - Best there ever was, best there ever will be... by the way, he loves everything -

  25. Luke Davis

    Always said I wouldn't be that guy...

  26. Oscar Vasquez

    I love thes song

  27. Patrick Perales

  28. Ryan Lee

    me too man

  29. David Wright

    I'm more of a Rock music fan but often play George Strait or Alan Jackson as I work, drive or run. I live in Calgary and was fortune to attend several concerts at the Calgary Stampede when these artists played. I don't like current music of any kind...

  30. Heather D


    Lol I came here cuz im a chill Albert fan

  31. Epic Graaler

    I got this cd when i was like 12 years old. I didnt know who this guy was. I was looking for the undertaker music cd. Idk i was kinda stupidnor somwthing.years latwr i realized there was nevwr a undertaker music cd.

    I lime to listen to thisnsong cuz it takes me back to 2004 2005. Good old times.

  32. Brenda Crabtree

    The cowboy won’t ever ride away

  33. xtTamii

    I searching for I hate everything’s channel and this popped up and Im so confused

  34. Rawb Castañeda

    2019 . Still listening..

  35. The Gestapo

    I hate my life and job

  36. Joey Vi7aLiTy

    I am happy and i enjoy the music, but i also have a new found love & these lyrics make me sad and pray she never leaves me :/

  37. JimmyaKaTheK

    Why do you hate Mars Bars

  38. Mohammad Ghaedi


  39. John Bear

    I hate everything but vodka

  40. Steve Chaffin

    listen to the lyrics

  41. Reginald Purifoy

    boyo laid down 20$ for 3 double shots? what a bar

  42. Ryan Latimer

    George strait is the king of country

  43. chris Jarvis

    Sucks when you feel like this song is made 4 you

  44. Fain

    It’s crazy, I’m 19, in the military, I enjoy rap music a lot but being from Texas I always get in a mood and just listen to country and George strait always knows what to say. Brings tears to my eyes sometimes

    YouTube junky

    Thank you for your services hunny. And the king brings love not tears always smile.

  45. Justin Galarza

    Perfect song to a shitty day

  46. Escobar Wade

    950 ex-wives disliked the video! NO MAAM

  47. Imperial Germany

    guys when they meet 65

  48. Just Try and Convert Me

    There ya go,,,,

  49. Carissa Kuhn

    I’m always sad so I listen to this song everyday. Thanks for this amazing song

  50. sandra Ferrington

    Love this so g

  51. Odella Wi

    story of my life

  52. mark mccarthy

    how feel sum time

  53. greg perryman


  54. G E Wetherington

    I lived this life.

  55. Sandra S

    He left me for the other woman 20 years ago. He fathered my only child and I still hate him. My Daughters the only good thing in my life.

  56. Jeffrey Simpkins

    I hate starting over looking for work.Just when you think you can exhale and pay your bills and maybe call some place home,a full week drops to a day or two.Then you have to go searching to dummy up with a new phoney asshole.

  57. Scott O,Donahoe

    Nice ! Beats the crap they're putting out today !

  58. sadeee

    Só edgy

  59. Vee Bee

    Didn't say pink!

  60. Choff C

    Country God....GS..!

  61. Frank chase

    Looked at his ring, My wife passed on April 6, 2017. 18 months later I had to get my ring cut off. It never left my hand in our 27 years of Marriage. I was proud of that. I may have gotten bigger, but the ring still fit.I have it put away with her wedding band, We are together forever. Its been 26 months later, She is still the Love of my life. Met in 1983, married in 1990, and she is my one and only

  62. sandra Ferrington

    Gosh , how do you guys wright these songs?

  63. Mickey Bowser


  64. Conman Gaming

    This is Soo true i understand and imma a kid this sucha great song love it🤕🤧🤧

  65. Joey McNew

    This is exactly what country music is about! Life lessons.

  66. Ruben Valverde

    Just gimme some "Strait up" George and I'll take care of the rest....

  67. Kayla Baughman


  68. Dane Eddy

    “It’s really not a home, it’s more like a jail with a swimming pool” as a person who can rarely leave my house due to multiple illnesses, this hit me a different type of way

  69. Mike

    The king of country.

  70. Keith Matthews

    I felt that way when my wife died.

  71. Chase Bristow

    Very sad I'm in tears

  72. anskar alvarez

    this is how my life when

  73. Andy Joe Lane

    You taught me to hate everything including you ...

  74. Will Garrett

    Strait is the best.

  75. William Palmer

    1000th comment. Lol

  76. Steve Chaffin

    He is talking to a man in a bar telling him a story. Listen to the lyrics

  77. Doris Stovall

    I love these

  78. Doris Stovall

    These are so good to never be heard

  79. Krivv

    Country music is farm emo

  80. Rick Harrelson

    My theme song..........

  81. Chelsea Harmon

    My heart hurts but this song cures my soul

  82. Joe Olivas

    Love if you want someone else that's ok with me if you hurt me one more time that's it I'm done I don't care what people think the only thing I care about is what you and my kids think I don't see nothing wrong with that I'm a good person if you don't want to see it or be with me it'll be your loss 😊😎love

  83. Steve Chaffin

    This is what happens to good men without a prenup

  84. Feersum_Endjinn

    Emo Country=Awesome

  85. Brad James

    George Strait was Christlike to help his new friend :)

  86. ERAD gradez

    I hate everything. That's what I told my therapist! This song was more help than him!

  87. Josh Douglas

    Wen ur a dranker an a good ole country boy u will drank to it an enjoy it but wen u r a drunken country boy trying to drank her memory a way u will understand it

  88. The Wild Dinkus!

    When I tried to search for this song I got a link to the suicide hotline

  89. Roc Sanchez

    I hate everything... ❤ ❤

  90. Thomas Kaboskey

    LOL this is such a true song I've been listening to George Strait since 1980 he is still the king right now in my life I hate everything I know I shouldn't say LOL but life does come around iPad 6 heart surgeries have a pacemaker in my heart I keep passing out I work construction it's very hard job real high in the air and on the ground to I worked hard my whole life you cannot figure out why my heart is the way it is with all these surgeries I've had they say I do not have long I've had Strokes is crazy I am angry my daughter has not spoken to me in 6 months I do not know why I did not tell her anything bad at all you see I'm not crying for her and crying for you she does not know what she's missing out on I have loved her my whole life and that everything I could for her but this is okay I can be angry at myself for what I'm I have brought it onto myself to see I do not live in a glass I know what I have done wrong in life I know I will not make it to Heaven if there is a heaven I know I will go to hell for the things I've done in my life but I'm okay with that all this but I'm not okay with is why do people have to be so judgmental why do people have to be so mean why do people have to be into themselves and there's so many people out there that do good in our very honest people I am not one of them I wish I was but I am not I have regrets but they say if you do not have regrets you have not lived life and boy have I lived I have been sober for 20 years I took my first drink in 20 years I know my life is over the doctors tell me I cannot even drive a company vehicle because the doctor told me that my company that I cannot drive company vehicles I am losing my house I am losing my truck I am losing everything because of my heart the doctor bills and the prescription drugs are breaking me LOL I Hate Everything I am laughing at this this is crazy crazy crazy crazy life comes full circle

  91. Alina

    God creating this song:

    *Most cliché American in the world*


    *Let's try to fix that with cliché depressed moody teenager*


  92. J Evans

    He hates everything... then MGTOW set him free.

  93. Choff C

    Gold..!! and I can relate 1000000% to this awesome tune..! Thanks G S..!

  94. Bill McGlothlin

    There is days that life kicks ya down but i know this the 👑 keeps this tenn country boy alive and still putting my levis on and taking care of business. Thanks george and the ace in the hole band for everything.

  95. psychologyman

    I don't know what hurts more. The fact my girlfriend left me for someone I know is better than me, or the fact she told me I'd find someone better and I haven't yet.

  96. Joshua Ford

    This song is the epitome of "it do be like dat sum times."