George Strait - I Got A Car Lyrics

She was leaning on a rail in a cotton dress
Summer tanned pretty, little perfect mess
With a story that could only be anybody's guess
And I was thinking that I probably didn't stand a chance
But I rolled up my sleeves, walked up and I said
Hey, I know I don't know you but I'd kinda like a shot
She said, I saw you coming over, I already thought it over
And OK, so now what

And I said, well I got a car, she said, there's something
At least it's a start, I said, it's better than nothing
I ain't in no hurry but I'm ready when you are
And she said, where do you think all this is going
I said, there ain't no way of knowing
I guess I hadn't thought it through that far
But I got a car

So, we let the wheels turn and the windows down
We let ourselves go all the way through town
She never said stop and I never asked her why
We drove into the night, when outta nowhere
She said, I'd give anything to never go back there
And I kinda wish this day would never end
She said, I could use a change but I don't even know where to begin

And I said, well I got a car, she said, there's something
At least it's a start, I said, it's better than nothing
I ain't in no hurry but I'm ready when you are
And she said, where do you think all this is going
I said, there ain't no way of knowing
I really hadn't thought it through that far
And I can't promise you the moon and stars
But I got a car

We got lost in the miles, lost track of the days
'Til we finally found a stopping place
When the doctor's said, you know what's on the way?
And we found ourselves in a little white house
One Sunday morning, rain pouring down
She said, I think it's time but all the lines are out
And her eyes teared up and she said, what are we gonna do now?

And I said, well I got a car, she said, there's something
You think it'll start, I said, it's already running
Got your things in the back and I'm ready when you are
She said, are you sure it'll get us where we're goin'?
I said, if there's one thing I know girl, it's gotten us this far
And I don't mean to hurry but I'm ready when you are

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George Strait I Got A Car Comments
  1. Lucy Leptich

    That's all I simple, so ruined

  2. F0RS8KEN

    I've been to Midland,Texas to Portland, Maine. Yet the Bush legacy continues.....

  3. x Vipers


  4. Jordan Coble

    It’s 2020 who still listens to real country music I do thank god for George strait

  5. Jacob h

    January 2020

  6. Gracie Huggins

    2020 anyone???

  7. Lewis Fortney

    open lines baby

  8. 《•H o n e y c r y s t a l•》

    After all those years, this is still one of my favorites

  9. Amanda Ellis-Ballard

    Still loving this in 2020

  10. spiritualseeker amor

    I'm not even a country fan, much, but I love this song. 😊

  11. Byron M.

    Who’s still here?

  12. All New

    I would get in and we would Go!

  13. new found life

    lmfao wtf

  14. Katie Delilah

    Still love this song and still tear sometimes hahah ima mush

  15. Junior Aviles

    The only king to wear a cowboy. hat

  16. Junior Aviles

    Texas tunes 11/24/19

  17. Maria Cameron

    I got a bus pass

  18. Maria Cameron

    IloveyouGeorge Strait Ialso Iikeyoursong Igota car

  19. Derp Derp

    It'll be a sad day when King George dies

  20. Maritza Hernandez

    Me gusta mucho esta canción I love the song😊 alguien por aquí q escuche en Mexoxo?

  21. Jolanta Brudny

    Nie mogę przestać słuchać nagrań wykonawcy ,PIĘKNE

  22. Thisisnotedward

    Our baby is gonna be here in 2 weeks or less, sitting here letting my mind wonder about finally becoming a father and years past and this tune came to mind. Funny how it seems some songs are just written about you.

  23. Mel Memories

    😘❤️🦋😉you’re so great! Dang I love the Ocean video!!

  24. Michael Fisher

    This is so well-written - and so well-sung. George Strait is a great, great singer - and like the authentic South Texan he is, he sings really well in Spanish, too.

  25. Brody Hinckley

    most kings wear a crown this one wears a cowboy hat :)

  26. Matt Thomson

    I love it

  27. Misty Oliver

    I dedicated this to my bf even tho he don't have a car yet i still love him so much

  28. Kathy Lindenberg

    But she died

  29. Kathy Lindenberg

    Omg this was my first time in my life and it was just my Papas Favorite song I got a car

  30. Todd Clark

    I'm just asking for a shot I hope she says yes thank you George

  31. loseyourwings

    I love to embarrass my kids when I sing this aloud in a crowd lol

  32. Jason Cleaveland

    I grew up in the back seat lstening to george strait pushing 30 now its a giving i here him on the radio im jamming out go from pac to skynard mixed with a lil strait

  33. ramirorodriguez18717

    Well I gotta Ford focus that's been towed so many times. But I love my car idk how she might last..

  34. Michelle Herrell

    Maybe the car is a metaphor for God.
    I got God. Hes always here..

  35. Lenzie Harrison

    Awesome song George Strait

  36. Justin Wilder

    The true king

  37. Doris Stovall

    I love this

  38. Doris Stovall

    I love this

  39. The Gauvinator

    hi 2019

  40. Serafin Rodriguezf

    Having love more than yourselves. That all its about

  41. Never Ending Cycle

    I love this song I don’t understand who could dislike it

  42. Girolamo Napoli

    Yea i even have his name tatooed on my arm.. This is probably my favourite 1

  43. Rick Simmons

    It's not about the car!

  44. Adam Gehret

    Gotta love George strait for not having to talk about his jacked up 4x4 and still be country

  45. Maria Cameron

    I love you George Strait I think you're the greatest thing in the world I have every one of your albums and I have for 500 CDs of just you like I said I am so in love with you George Strait you can't know how much I love you music I seen you in concert three times and I want to see you in concert again you just had a birthday so happy birthday George Strait anyway you number one fan Maria Cameron

  46. ayron delpuerto

    I got a trike!! Ahaha

  47. Lynne Hales

    I love this song, but then again I love all his music

  48. John Andrew Dean

    Oh yeah....I am hook, line, and sinker. LET"S GO FISHING. Story of my life. Thanks. Good advice nonetheless. Yes, you there, I have a truck, so I didn't think it proper. I hope to have both soon. Great song, but I got a truck. Excuse my language, but good advice.

  49. Dave Arcudi

    Great song terrible graphics

  50. John Andrew Dean

    "go to sleep on" Heroin.....fuck head.

  51. John Andrew Dean

    80's does not equal disco me..Just Say yourself the trouble...and anything you got to sleep on is dangerous and can't rail ass like that....only take it in....bad for health...insider at given us.

  52. John Andrew Dean

    Ask her...bonuses...!!!!

  53. Amy Savage

    Chuck how about hell with the car I just want you the love of my life

  54. Gavin Lewis

    Best music ever

  55. Heather Forman

    I love this song

  56. Scotty Hall

    George Strait is the King of country music!

  57. Ethan Brown

    My dad has me addicted to this song and I’m only twelve but man this is a great song.👍👌☺️

  58. Jack Rong

    Nice comment.

  59. tiffany nathasingh

    thamkd derek is this a hint lol

  60. Ann Ithibu

    This makes me want to get in my car and just drive to nowhere! And never come back!

  61. Layla

    Okay, I am genuinely curious. Who's still here listening?

    Danielle Matson

    Our song 💖 08/13/18 💖

    Kristina Grotschel

    Me, me ✋

    Andrew Millham

    Meeee - In the UK, but really a Cowboy

  62. Stephen Jansen

    Love this song.

  63. Gabe

    Past few weeks have been awful, refreshing to listen to George on a loop.

  64. musician 1122

    This is my favorite George strait song

  65. Tonya Hull

    Me and my hubby’s song!!!! All we had was a truck lol and each other!!! 💋my everything 💋

  66. Tonya Hull

    The song my husband sang to me plenty nights lol I love u baby


    not many people live there dream but i would say this man sure did good job george

  68. David Yarington

    I love George's voice and the way he delivers his lyrics. I was saddened when I heard he was done making songs.

    Brody Hinckley

    same bro it sucks :(

  69. Michael Lewis

    Its january 2019, and still listening to any and all of king george's music and his music and legend will definately live forever in my world!!! Trucking it up!!! Whoop and ride!!

  70. dsimondublin

    569 people dont have cars!

  71. Faydreams Mystic

    all hail the KING baby!

  72. Maya Dyster

    jesus I'm crying help

  73. Jacob LeBlanc

    I love hearing songs that tell an actual story

  74. BENJIR2D2

    I can listen to his music whether I'm happy or occasionally sad. Great song writer, Great lyrics.

  75. Jonathan Harlow

    Now 543 people don't have a car. so they can't appreciate this song


    2018 anyone?

  77. Jackie Hiner

    Lady Diana’s a boy

  78. Tanya Hamilton

    543 must be my dad cause he’s the only one I know who hates this song

  79. Blade

    This is better than Armadillo by morning. A movie could be written around this song.

  80. Kyleigh Morris

    always reminds me of when I had my little girl

  81. darcy burlingame

    Good song

  82. Tom Bonaroo

    This song is shite.

  83. Buster Chappell

    523 thumbs down idiots! Great story told in a song and obviously over a long period of time! 😎

  84. lawrence garner

    this is country sing it GEORGE UR THE KING !!

  85. Dortha Carpenter

    Like your song

  86. mary rogers

    I love coubtry music, but from the very first time I heard this song it reminded me of a Ted Bundy pick up line. Maybe I just watch too much “Criminal Minds.”

  87. Wesley N Ashley SMITH

    Can never get enough of this song, so close to our love close...

  88. Kalib Forshey

    Y'all have no taste as to what country is

  89. Betty Yancey

    Long live king George

  90. Julia rose Michael

    My dad got a car

  91. Cooper Warner

    I’m only 13 I live on a farm and I liestein to a whole bunch of older country music and it makes me mad when all the city girls say they like country when they liestein to Thomas Rhett and they think there country and all the queer boy city boys that make fun of me

  92. Erica Harper

    I love this song its a amazing song it reminds me of my sister Ashley Cruz

  93. Shawnee Swift

    Reminds me of my husband although we started with nothing just two hands to hold 14 years later here we are love this music

  94. Randy Cox

    Compassion..& beautiful