George Strait - Honkytonkville Lyrics

Thought I'd go crazy when you said goodbye
I didn't have that far to go
But I made a wrong turn somewhere in the night
Down a long and lonely road

To Honkytonkville, an ideal
Home away from home sweet home
Honkytonkville where I don't feel
A thing since you've been gone
Where the future's always bright
In the glow of neon lights
Livin' high on Barstool Hill in Honkytonkville

There's friendly faces everywhere I turn
Droppin' quarters in the slot
Lord knows that we've all got memories to burn
And that's why that jukebox plays around the clock


Livin' high on Barstool Hill in Honkytonkville

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George Strait Honkytonkville Comments
  1. Lanny Hatton

    George Strait....The King... Forever!!

  2. Preston MadPlume

    Yeah I could make a baby to this song lol.

  3. Rajan Mishra

    King of country! George strait!!
    When I am off mood or upset, hear him sing, it always puts me in a great mood. God bless him.

  4. Steven Brown

    This is on the playlist. Me and my crew are celebrating finishing a big money job a day ahead of schedule so Strait, infinite beer, 12 year old scotch and cigars.

  5. bimbet731

    This is pure George

  6. The Elgon Post

    Every song sung by George Strait is country at its best!

  7. Kendall Conduff

    Great as usual why isn't this on the radio no one can out do him

  8. Glen Renfroe

    the man,no doubt

  9. Jason Firmingham

    Still the king of country music

  10. Doris Stovall

    I love this

  11. Norma Martinez


  12. Norma Martinez

    Faith Love

  13. Kayla Baughman


  14. Doris Stovall

    I love this

  15. Gitte Schulze

    You are always wonderful... Your fan for many years from Germany 🌹

  16. Steven Brown

    Happy 4th y'all, don't raise too much cain. But cut loose and shoot out the lights.

  17. Gerardo Ramirez

    this is a good song george strait🎙🎙🎹🎹🎹🎹

  18. Mimi Richardson

    George just fills my heart with country pride!

  19. Lynn Parker

    Thanks George, for the great music career, we love you forever

  20. Kayla Baughman


  21. Kayla Baughman


  22. dana varney

    don't die

  23. Chris Carter

    King George for obvious reasons

  24. Robbie Perry

    Another number one hit for the king

  25. Doris Stovall

    I just think his songs are the best

  26. Doris Stovall

    So glad I found it again

  27. Doris Stovall

    I love this

  28. Susan Rachael

    No George means no country music, unlike today's crappy music !

  29. R Herrera 3

    The king is here! Texas country music 🎶

  30. Doris Stovall

    I love this

  31. Tribal Jumper

    I love this.

  32. Rosemary Monreal

    Still hot baby 2019 ❤️😘❤️🇺🇸

  33. Justin B.

    Has George ever written any of his own music????? Alan Jackson does.....Fuck George!

  34. Brian Skinner


  35. David Buck

    It,s good to be the King...

  36. Casimir

    WOW! Just heard this song on the radio and was like “I don’t remember this song” because it sounds like a song from the early 2000s, not modern country with the snaps (you know what I mean)

  37. Carl hartley

    The king of country music George Strait!

  38. MR.B1z3

    Lady's and gentalmen the king of country has came

  39. Christine Davis

    YES real country music again!!!!!! 💗🎵🎼

  40. Steven Brown

    Beer in one hand and jim and cigar in the other.

  41. its cam

    I mean man he is putting this stuff out in his supposed retirement just awesome

  42. Alen Mesteth

    Damn good song

  43. Rosie Gonzalez


  44. D smith

    Thanks George, my new favorite song :)

  45. Jayme Kendall

    I heard this on the radio 📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻

  46. Grady Parrotte

    Love this song!

  47. Cynthia Tye

    Oh yeah, it.♥

  48. julie brtek

    Hats Off To world Greatest singer and songwriter and son, awesome Album. A plus. Two thumbs up. Thank You. No. 1 song. Fans love this album.

  49. Terry Fraser

    Got to get these old guys out of retirement cause the younguns aint cuttin it.

  50. Daniel Smith

    Retirement is over!! George has comeback to save us now let's get Alan Jackson to join him!!!

  51. Zach Counts

    The King is back and better than ever!

  52. junior alvarado

    los angeles needs george straight🐴😭

  53. Jesus Urbina

    You'd be surprised how many Hispanics love George Strait! This man is a legend!

    junior alvarado

    hes the country vicente fernandez

  54. Nicky Schröder

    Greetings from Germany I love Country Music

  55. laughingcat

    So George Strait performs one of the best songs of his career at the end of the CMA awards while the credits are running over his face. That ain't no way to treat a king.

  56. Marcus

    No one will ever be able to break like him. Hank couldn’t even transition from low to high with a smooth break like that.

  57. phyllis westhoek

    Another hit by the King if Country

  58. Erika Mcgowen

    I Love some GEORGE STRAIT!!!The KING OF COUNTRY!!!!!!

  59. Amber Zamora

    Obsessed with this song 🤩

  60. Cole Carey

    I was named after him my middle name is strait

  61. michael carpenter

    Don't give up on country music there is a music station sxm Y2Kountry ch 61 and it plays great music like this

  62. Judson Payne

    best country singer

  63. Wesli Shane

    Current “country music” makes me want to vomit. All they talk about is beer and trucks! Luke Bryan and others listen and learn. You can sing about something other than beer, trucks, and dirt roads!

  64. Francine Guernon

    Another great album of the king George Strait, I love the music of George Strait.

    Francine Guernon

    Can't wait to listen to his new cd.

  65. mattanthony0814

    glad to have the king back!!!

  66. Gabe Silver

    Never fails to make an amazing country song. Teach these kids George.

  67. Anthony Williams

    I love how the style of country changed, but George Straight keeps it original. Two thimbs up!

  68. FordTech

    Yupp 🔴🇺🇸🔧👍

  69. Billy Gambrell

    Great country song.real country

  70. Mike or patty Rhoades

    We never get old Hahaaha LOL!

  71. Mike or patty Rhoades

    What i love is pretty good anyway hahaha lol!

  72. Jeanie Slack

    Glad he's giving us new music ...

  73. Emma Miles

    I'll be L.I.V.N Livin

  74. Liz f

    Would like to see Mr. Strait in more cowboy movies because he will always be my favorite cowboy

  75. Janelle Tennison

    This man >>>>>
    He does it right every time

  76. Elaine Floyd

    Great as always love it glad your back

  77. Jennifer Dijames

    Good job George. I'm so impressed by your wonderful music. Especially the new stuff .congratulations on your Brand New album out today.

  78. CJRoberts8812

    I hope that this SHOOTS to number one and causes the "new" Country artists to rethink themselves.

  79. Mohamed Ousmane


  80. Jacob Trotter

    hell yea the kinnnnngggg is back hell yea baby wooow

  81. Larry Braham

    Hall of farmer! you let them hear country brother George

  82. Keke Banks

    Please come to Chicago it's safe promise 😉 💕

  83. Union Pacific Railfan

    If ya don't Like country music or 80s soft Rock music so go listen somethin else get the heck out of here ya hate country music and soft Rock why ya here

  84. Edwardm Walker

    Hello .I always liked Mr.George Strait Music.

  85. Union Pacific Railfan

    I love that song country song

  86. rabbitman!!!


  87. Emilio Vaquero Martin

    Other number one albums for míster STRAIT.

  88. Mango Face FC

    So not acoustic

  89. Ryan Savage

    By far Better than the trash like "swerve" from Florida Georgia line. Been with George my whole life, not sure that will change

  90. Gary Lockhart

    Pure class

  91. dev brew

    George might be the next Bob Seger. Retires then records music and then goes on the road

  92. anthony dauphin

    Awesome song as always !!!

  93. Alexander King

    THIS is country music!

  94. wolfeatworld


  95. carrie white

    Good one George

  96. Mitch Istre

    Now that's some country music right there!!!!

  97. Scott Weeks


  98. Flavianna MONI

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I adore 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼