George Strait - Honky Tonk Crazy Lyrics

There's a hundred dollar bill on the table
To get me through the night
Got a tight blue jean honky tonk queen
To hold me tight
And the cowboy bands in mission
Of Texas waltz
It's music to my ears and a need to hear
To keep me from climbing the wall

Cause tonight I'll be honky tonk crazy
Rip roaring wild, one more time
Tonight I'll be, honky tonk crazy
Let the whiskey whisk her out of my mind
Let the whiskey whisk her out of my mind

Got all my friends around me
Telling the latest jokes
They can't see the joke's on me
I'm at the end of my rope
So I step out side and drink one
In the driving rain
That's all right if I'm high tonight
Cause she's already drove me insane.

Cause tonight I'll be honky tonk crazy
Rip roaring wild, one more time
Tonight I'll be, honky tonk crazy
Let the whiskey whisk her out of my mind
Let the whiskey whisk her out of my mind
Oh, Let the whiskey whisk her out of my mind

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George Strait Honky Tonk Crazy Comments
  1. Lawrence Houston Sears

    This Is a Good Country Song

  2. Garrett Duncan

    Is this a hit?

    Brian Harris

    It wasn't a single

  3. Kim Paul

    I love this song, I see the comments are by men. Odd feeling, In my mind George’s words hit every hurt of my heart, I know he says “her” but for me I change the words. No bad words, no bashing, no worries, yeah to King George

    the person

  4. Tillman Bigthumb

    Good vibes

  5. Kim Paul

    Excellent incredible amazing, 100%% country music

  6. Jan Ashley

    Thumbs up listening in 2019!!!!


    Just keep pumpin them songs out grorge.


    Anybody know a better way to do it.

  9. Alex Crawford

    Great song!

  10. Fran Brister


  11. Shannon Holder

    King George!

  12. rakesfunnyfarm

    Dean Dillon true poet.


    The best lyric is rip roar wild one more time

  14. J. Roberts

    17 People don't like this song! What f'n universe are they from?? 😂 This is country at its finest!

  15. sc lawman

    Gotta love that urban cowboy sound in Strait's early days.

  16. J. Roberts

    Love it! God help country music! Where is this classic style in 2017??

  17. Sylvia Payton

    Yes Sir, I concur, "We Must Be Loving Right." What else can I say or do?. However, you know me better than that by now.




    The best lines of this song is let the Wiskey wisk her out of my mind and red rose wine one more time

    Dainen Bryant

    Rip roaring wild one more time


    This is a great classic

    Cynthia Baxter

    I think you mean rip roaring wild one more time


    The Budweiser well wisk her out of her mind

  21. Ronnie Garcia

    I gave up on "country." Now I just keep the "Strait Outta The Box" going in my cd player and all is well..

  22. Liberty Construction

    The Miller lites are going down like water looks like $100 won't do it tonight!

  23. Prince Wilder

    Who are these 12, obviously deaf and dumb, people that downvoted this song?!

  24. cody barnett

    so id never heard this, like ever. i was looking up songs dean dillon wrote or co wrote. thats how i came across this gem. dean dillon wrote it. wow! what a song! that dude dean dillon isnt the greatest singer around, but his song writing is out of this world! i guess thats why hes in the songwriters hall of fame lol but just look up the songs he has written, and just look at how many peoples careers that dude has had a hand in making.


    cody barnett Even more treat is the video of him & George singing it together.

  25. Erbey Lopez

    Now that's badass country music right there fella! I feel like floatin' me a cold one now.

  26. Casie Lovell

    honk tonk crazy. is. my. favorite. George straight song

  27. baldomero Gutierrez

    Honey town Crazy love this song

  28. Darrell Hacker

    Now that is some damn fine music.

    Becky Starr

    +Darrell Hacker Yes it is!!

  29. Noe Lopez

    best year ever

  30. Comandante

    First line says it all

    "There's a $100 bill on the table, to get me through the night"

    Bill Atkinson

    Comandante the

  31. Christopher Struble

    Where'd songs like this go?


    i,m at the end of my rope..

  33. NP535overdrive

    yep, in all his years this is in "Best of the Best" for me too

  34. jbnremt

    One of his best songs