George Strait - Here For A Good Time Lyrics

I'm not gonna lay around and whine and moan
'Cause somebody done done me wrong
Don't think for a minute that I'm gonna sit around
And sing some old sad song

I believe it's half-full not a half-empty glass
Every day I wake up knowing it could be my last

I ain't here for a long time
I'm here for a good time
So bring on the sunshine
To hell with the red wine
Pour me some moon shine

When I'm gone
Put it in stone
"He left nothing behind"
I ain't here for a long time
I'm here for a good time

Folks are always dreaming 'bout
What they'd like to do
But I like to do just what I like
I'll take the chance
Dance the dance
It might be wrong
But then again it might be right

There's no way of knowing what tomorrow brings
Life's too short to waste it
I say, "Bring on anything."

I ain't here for a long time
I'm here for a good time
So bring on the sunshine
To hell with the red wine
Pour me some moon shine

When I'm gone
Put it in stone
"He left nothing behind"
I ain't here for a long time
I'm here for a good time
I ain't here for a long time
I'm here for a good time

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George Strait Here For A Good Time Comments
  1. Bella Bella

    My ex-boyfriend's had this on his voice mail greeting... that should have been a red flag 😂

  2. Oumpz LeVar

    All I gotta say is...
    This guy ages just like his music...Beautiful. Natural flow n strong foundation...Been jamming since long before i was born n still going.

  3. Jesse Cast

    It’s officially 2020 who’s here for a good time but not a long time??😁🤘👍

  4. CountryLapi

    This!... is what Country should be. Thanks George... your the King.

  5. Marquez Marquez

    This is my favorite!! Good artist , that songs ,is la Mera paipa!!! In country music!! Hell yeaaa , makes me happy in my poorness

  6. SULLY 6012

    every hoe on tinders bio

  7. Richard Mitchell

    George had to have kicked it with the brothers at some point in his life this song be speaking to my soul I swear especially at the end

  8. Chase Johnson Reef Tanks

    Little did he know that this would be in every girls tinder bio. 😂

  9. Marquez Marquez

    This song is my favorite make me happy some moments!!!

  10. Thompson Southern Lawns, LLC

    Exactly! Thank you sir!

  11. blackl1steddrums

    Drake was here.

  12. Cody L Parisi

    This was my uncle saying before he passed away

  13. J McG

    Beautiful man. You know the difference. I love your lady❤️❤️❤️

  14. J McG



    I am here for a good time I hope you are

  16. k. w.ッ

    I like how this only has 5 million views but everyone on Facebook be using the “I’m ain’t here for a long time I’m here for a good time” caption

  17. jeff jeff

    Hell yeah damn right

  18. coolness 8123

    I’ve been searching for this song for 2 hours 😂 I couldn’t remember the name


    coolness 8123 respect the grind

    coolness 8123

    LightskinZai hahaha

  19. Talia Tilly

    Who's here because of Drake?

  20. Aggie Acosta

    The King!!

  21. hortencia Alvarez

    lam Here For A Good Time King George Love your Song

  22. Joann Quintanilla Valadez

    😍😍😍1st song i always listen to every you king of country music george

  23. Christopher's Guitar Method

    This is the king of country

  24. Pittsburgh Rocks

    2019!!!!!!!!!! Long live country music!!!!

  25. Quintin Denny

    This is super good it’s just like looking out in the fields and also parting

  26. Britt Volkonskaya

    Love him!!

  27. Oscar Ortiz

    Don’t listen to country much but I love this guy.

  28. Blaze Gaede

    Great song!

  29. Scott Williams

    The man , what else can you say !!!!!!

  30. Raymond Faron

    One bad ass artist

  31. dhughes443

    Such a perfect release.

  32. Jennie he is so good, good with this song. Malewski

    George is the greatest. I just listen to him over and over and for a real pick me up.

  33. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    I'm here for a good time "" live my life to the fullest I live laugh love ""💞💞💞🎶🎶🎶

  34. Marryann Lamb

    Awesome song

  35. Carl Crew

    They played this song at my uncle's Funeral, miss you uncle vinson. This song will be stuck with me forever. I know he's with the lord now

  36. Jay Kasten

    New country is nothing compared to this

  37. Scott Weeks


  38. Jake Mustard

    Can't believe I was able to see him in Houston to close the Rodeo. One of the best shows I've Ever seen.

    j o

    Love you

    Jake Mustard

    @j o awww love you too boo

  39. cody crandle

    Love it

  40. Sam Songoa

    I hope this song is still available in 2033

  41. Gian Louis

    When did Drake got into country music?

  42. Kyromx

    this cured my depression

  43. Fran Brister

    Love him

  44. liljared711

    This song has been in my head for a month had to listen.

  45. Sunshine BTS

    I listened to this song when i was small and i still do

  46. Marcus Blackwell

    Dang! My momma's boyfriend made a comeback with a song that's right on so many freakin' levels! The lesson that his majesty was trying to teach us was that everyday life should not be spent laying around & feeling miserable. Peeps just need to get up, get outside, go places, & do things that we enjoy

  47. Liver -

    None of the men on my dad’s side of the family has lived to 60 because cancer runs bad in our family so this is my song

  48. Joseph Goodroad

    Fucking hedonists

  49. Morgan Wilson

    One more reason to be proud to be a texan💜

  50. Colleen Hunter

    Screw yolo I ain't here for a long time I'm here for a good time

  51. THE ONE

    Great song:)

  52. Yung

    Willie Nelson and George strait , damn straight.

  53. seth awesome

    All hail king GEORGE!

  54. Paula Haney

    This is my niece favorite song she passed on 911 18

  55. Kenneth Seratte

    No one better then the KING of COUNTRY.

  56. Alex Romero

    Ok this is me

  57. Alex Romero

    How about this one

  58. cKreepy Jones

    George Strait is the GOAT of country music - hands down!

  59. Kevin Mosley

    George is the GOAT

  60. tara lynn

    hey george how's it been a long time

  61. Chuck Stock

    hey George long time no hear ol buddy how's it?

    Chuck Stock

    remember Tara the girl ya knew we are now together

  62. Keith Sage

    Every time I here this song it makes me miss George..

  63. Air Force One

    This song pretty much sums it up

  64. Dan Conner

    Good advice from the King of County Music. Pick up the pieces and move on. We have a number of days on this old earth and we should take those days and enjoy them.

  65. Wilson Spina

    George strait here for a good time é beatiful I

  66. Carlos Vieira

    Real deal country artist.

  67. Vicki Miller

    Favorite song from George!!!!

  68. Random Mast

    The way country is supposed to sound

  69. Tom Jones

    Great exact copy of another song.

  70. Tom Jones

    I liked this song better the first time when Huey Lewis and The News wrote it and released it in 2001 (10 years before Strait). The music sounds the same, but the title is way different. Huey's version is "We're not here for a long time, (we're here for a good time.)"

  71. thirdbase6870

    Quite tasty use of the organ

  72. Hunter Downare

    I know what country is and Luke Bryan is not as great as Greorge Strait

  73. Nathan Thorson

    I want this played at my funeral

    Nathan Thorson

    And instead of mourning a death. Rather celebrate and know the sweet Lord Jesus is taking care of me

  74. Yolanda Angel

    Yo solo se q me encanta george strait

  75. TheLife96

    The guitar that plays at 2:30 stirs up feelings and sends chills down my spine

  76. Poopchute 3

    Can we all please protest new country hard enough to force this country back onto the radios?


    When I land at tilted on fortnite

  78. Paula Forester

    I could listen to George all night.

  79. Lyrical Lovato

    My grandma passed and this reminds me of her along with other great country music,

  80. Patrick Huffman

    Still the King

  81. нεllø κιττγ

    Here for a good time here for a long time

  82. Joel F

    The King

  83. John Osterlund

    Real. Good. Country..... gotta be GS!

  84. David May

    The King of country

  85. Debbie Weaver

    Hail to the King of Country!! Best Ever!! ❤

  86. Shawn

    472 people must not like what real country music sounds like go back and listen too Sam hunt ya losers

  87. Erik

    Boogie uptemp country. Just how I love it. Cheers

  88. Verena im Glück

    also sorry, in der Schweiz kann ich das doch mühelos sehen wir haben dieses VEVO Scheissverbot wie Ihr in Deutschland nicht1!!!

  89. Ayva Schmeckel

    He's not just the king and country but the king of Texas for helping people after the flooding Hurricane Harvey


    To the comment below me and they never will!

  91. leavicki1

    Another great one from King George

  92. Billy Magnus

    My favorite from ole George!

  93. Mikel Sr

    What the F**K? I've got about everything George ever recorded but he didn't do this! Yes it's him singing but I don't know what kind of music that is behind him. Sound like my great granddaughter playing one of her toys. Great George bad cut?

  94. Brennan Chance

    So sick of all the pop-country like Florida Georgia Line and Luke Brian! Bring back THE KING!!!!

  95. ruto sdf

    Damn I wish I was from Texas. Must be nice.

  96. Weston Porter