George Strait - Fool Hearted Memory Lyrics

Nickels and dimes, memories and wines - she's on his mind once again.
The same old stool, the same old fool; played by the rules, but didn't win.
There's an old love in his heart that he can't lose.
He tried forgettin', but he knows that it's no use.

He's got a fool hearted memory.
It won't let him see that she walked out the door.
He's got a fool hearted memory,
And he sits patiently here every night so it can fool him more.

She was his girl, his only whirl, that string of pearls that slipped away.
A thousand dimes, a thousand times - he doesn't mind what they say.
He fills the jukebox, and plays the same old song.
He fills his glass, and then he turns her memory on.

But it's a fool hearted memory.
It won't let him see that she walked out the door.
He's got a fool hearted memory.
And he sits patiently here every night so it can fool him more.

He's got a fool hearted memory.
It won't let him see that she walked out the door.
He's got a fool hearted memory.
And he sits patiently here every night so it can fool him more.

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George Strait Fool Hearted Memory Comments
  1. FRee Will

    Any 90s babies kicking to this song in the whome

  2. The Haunted Library

    A lot might disagree but this was George Straight at his absolute best. It would be hard pressed to beat this song in his insane career. Love this song and how his voice sounded then at that age, also the music in the 80s was so much different instrument wise. A true gem of a song, and all of us men can relate to this song at least once in our lifes.

  3. Scarlett Lancaster

    I’m only a thirteen year old who absolutely loves George Strait. Most of my friends don’t know who he is. Most of my friends don’t have a relative with 120 acres of land with cows and a farm. It’s sad what teenagers do all the time. I’m lucky to know what true happiness is , thank Jesus for George Strait! He brings out the best in me

  4. Mike Shacklett

    To busy singing with one

  5. kevinfan726

    my all time favorite Strait song. Top ten of all time in any genre by anyone. LOVE IT.

  6. Kenneth Gonzales


  7. Paul Hatton

    Who’s here from the year 2027? Hell yeah. Me too.

  8. Cynthia UPTOWNGAL

    🥰Fool Hearted Memory🥰
    Simply MAJESTIC!!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  9. Bruce Calderon

    This is real country im 56 this is 2020

  10. sarahmcswan

    My fac George Strait song

  11. David Garcia


  12. Curtis Grupe

    Pure great country music from a better time 😃👍

  13. Qualified Automotive Solutions

    greatest solo country artist of all time. not even close.

  14. Deelyn Tilley

    Carolina Lopez I’ll never stop loving you, I wish you the best.

  15. Patrick Brown

    Kayla Watkins

  16. ron hol

    Love you George

  17. timothy myers

    George got more talent in his fingernail than todays wanna bes

  18. Gregory Lee Trevino

    When i leave this Luciferian Flesh, The First THING i'll hear is THE BEGINNING of THIS SONG...or ALAN JACKSON- Here in The Real World

  19. LesleyHatesYou5

    Reat in peace karenna i know you used to love listening to him.. i love ya so much

  20. a m

    What a great song!! Perfection! Thank you, George Strait! xoxo :-D

  21. Ray Deal

    Fooool hearted memory

    The Crusader

    it won’t let him seee

  22. Juliana Worthing

    Thank you. Mr. Winston Freedman.

  23. Juliana Worthing

    Thank you Mr. Freeman.

  24. Andy Norvell

    Played by the rules but didnt win..

  25. Juanita Buron

    7:35pm 12/4/19 hey good man there much u couldve dome different.

  26. Lauri Crum

    Oh the memories as a kid. My mom loved George Strait and listened to him all the time. She has been gone for 9 years now. Love and miss her so much!

    Tiffany McIntyre

    I'm SO sorry 💔😢

  27. Yee Haw

    Look what god blessed us with!

  28. Charles Eee

    Best thing he ever did

  29. Michelle Farrell

    Junior 💖 Michelle for life

  30. Tabyr Earl

    Yes George Strait is a God .

  31. Daniel Ryan

    It was so much fun being 20 something in the 80’s....

  32. Patrick Hurley

    Pamela Tipton...........I will NEVER get over you.

  33. james bowen

    King George
    Texas proud

  34. Chris William

    I know she ran out the Goddamn door because she was Brainwashed with that Goddamn Herion that ELTON JOHN stuck her with as a little child In Unsolved Mysteries Kodak girl after he Killed her Father in a Drug deal gone bad in Lafayette Louisiana in the 80's

  35. Happiness


  36. Eric Roe

    This is a great song!!!! Sitting under the stars listening to this when the moon is full & bright.... best night ever

  37. kevinfan726

    my favorite song of all time

  38. Jimmy Boredom

    Im 34. I grew up with George on the radio. When my kids are in trouble and grounded from everything, my old George Straight cds are the only thing that has unlimited accessibility.

  39. Beth Davis

    Dad, she is not coming back like ever!

  40. Beth Davis

    I love this man so cool he should be a MEXICAN!!!!!!!

  41. Sparkles The Cat

    George is just Mister cool

  42. Paul Nevard

    Just a correction but not sure if it's relevant or what charts your referencing Winston. But supposedly he had 5 more #1's and was at 61 by 2009 saw u posted 2011 just something to think about ...ether way way above #2 Conway whose also Fantastic!

  43. Cledus Vlogs

    Am I the only one still listening to this in 2019


    No I'm definitely listening. I can't stop listening to 'heartache medication' by John Pardi. Reminds me so much of this song.

    Andy Norvell

    Nope..lm here..


    Loves me this good old country song...!

  45. Colton Stiltner


  46. kevinfan726

    George Strait's first #1 song and it's still my favorite. Not just my favorite by GS but my all time favorite.

  47. my music

    I don't listen to today's so called country music!...

  48. Frankiarmz

    What the hell is wrong with people that there are not more recent comments praising this great song, and artist?

  49. mary ruskin

    George’s songs hits the nail on the head every time... 💕

  50. Jeffrey Crawford

    Very difficult to pick a "favorite " song by the King of Country... but this song definitely in top 5.

  51. Walt Schmidt

    Grew up on this stuff, man the years flew bye. But at least the 80's had some kick ass music, not the garbage coming out of trashville now...

  52. Richard G

    That’s me

  53. Colt Mendez

    love it one of my faorites

  54. Joanna Alcantara

    Every time I hear this song, I get tears in my eyes. Anyone else? No? Okay.

  55. Peter Stawicki

    What was he 21???

  56. Lawrence Houston Sears

    This is Country music at its Best any George Strait Song is Country Music at its Best

  57. XxRICH777xX

    Quit talking about me!😭

  58. SouthernBassHunter

    She was my girl... My only world 😔😩

  59. melody matheny

    this is one of my favorites!

  60. Straight Sandwich

    Listening to this song late night in san antonio texas in my corvette best time of my life

  61. Camilla Aguilar

    Awesome song

  62. HollyWood

    Nichols and dimes due add up to a fool hearted memory

  63. Ryan Adison

    He sits patiently...

  64. Jesse Nelson

    What's up, my fellow heartbroken motherfuckers?

  65. Anisa Barrera

    King of country never get tired of listening to George Strait. Today's country's sucks

  66. Charles Eee

    This is one of those songs that if you're already a little depressed about something might push you over the edge.

  67. Arts Elevators Gaming & Beyond

    8 years ago today!!!!

  68. Vanessa Ozuna

    This yesss 💯

  69. Jordan Vandiver

    Even in 2019 this song is a straight banger

    Kasey Solomon

    Jordan Vandiver ohhellyea

  70. jerry Wilson

    Yeah I couldn't win for loosing every time Hum???

  71. Emily Yountz

    George strait will always be my favorite country singer!! His music is best country to ever be created in my opinion!! 💜💯

  72. Ashtain Oneal

    80s and 90s country is the best!

  73. YEE YEE

    George strait is the most purest humble loving music artist ever you never hear about him being in any drama his music is so beautiful could George strait get more perfect than this?

  74. Mr. X

    He tried forgettin.. but he knows that it's no use... There at that spot right now.

  75. John Olson

    George Strait’s first 3 albums are so phenomenal.

  76. J B-G

    Jennifer you did as exactly as i told you too. You didnt even fight to fix it. Here I am seven months later, finding out you are living with someone else already. And i still love you.

    Mr. X

    Hang tight bud. You're not alone. Lost my girl after 3 yrs and think about her all the time. The whole 1000 questions going thru your mind at once type stuff. Just wish I could forget but I can't. But you're not alone.

  77. Randy Brown

    When I was little I thought he was saying pool party memory

  78. Jody Wilke

    Boy, was George Strait young when this song came out! Just look at that picture!😊💒

  79. Cheryl Pargeon

    Full Heart Momory

  80. Dillan Lough

    Well... Broken heart, cold beer and a fool hearted memory. My love of 6 yrs is now over just like that. I hope everyone else the best and be careful who you let hold your heart because you dont know if they will eventually drop it or hold it close to theirs.

    Tiffany McIntyre

    I understand, I just lost a relationship of 23 years, I'm broken 😭😭😭💔💔

    Felix Riojas

    Im going through the same thing how can people be so crule in this world when you gave them your all......

  81. Craig Smith

    George for Pres!!!

  82. lying to the moon

    Love this. GS aways reminded me of Merle Haggard.

  83. Holly Garza

    You are the best singer ever I’ve ever heard me and my dad listen to your music videos every morning and at night.

  84. Ben Shavers

    I was a year old. Oh the hard times liquor and memories of this song..

  85. ThePinkyPrincessPoet C.A.

    80's Country the BEST

  86. Randy Tpd


  87. James Hamm

    My Heart got Faded once!!!!

  88. whay bino 16

    I like George strait but I like Hank and Waylon more

  89. Shawn Sullivan

    My favorite song

  90. Choff C

    Outstanding !!!

  91. Chevy Chapmean

    The thing that SUCKS about this song is its only 2 mins long👎

  92. Wally Roberts

    You know. Everybody has a purpose in life and I reckon George found his. I will argue with him about me being from Georgia and him being from Texas. He’s proud of his state but no damn prouder than I am of mine!

  93. Jose Meliton Reyna

    That I have left memories of you. I miss you LMS

  94. season dorris

    My papa played this in the bar with his wife and his ex was in the bar to🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  95. Erin Waltrip

    I love old country music not this new stuff on the radio and I'm 12

  96. Nick Usalis Knight

    Great country, before politics came in and fd it all up

  97. Leon Bogon

    King George!!The Best!!

  98. Marci DeLaO

    “That string of pearls that slipped away”😥

    caleb shae

    Hey lady what's your Facebook?

  99. Martin Uribe