George Strait - Every Little Honky Tonk Bar Lyrics

Whiskey is the gasoline that lights the fire that burns the bridge
Ice creates the water that's no longer runnin' under it
Stool holds the fool that pours the whiskey on his broken heart
The cigarettes create the smoke that hides the lonesome in his eye
The jukebox plays Hank, "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"
The dance floor holds the folks trying to forget who they are
And that's what happens in every little honky tonk bar

Friday night, it's a given
I'll be L-I-V-N, livin'
We'll dance on the bar 'til we're sleeping it off in the car
Monday morning, it's a given
I'll be D-R-A-G-N, draggin'
And that's what happens in every little honky tonk bar

Neon lights flashin' bright 'til you're almost hypnotized
Waitress, short skirt, gets hit on by every guy
Comin' and goin', always rollin' with the flow
Bartender pourin' drinks, Código do a shot
You think you're tall and bulletproof until somebody says you're not
You step outside thinkin' you're gonna show 'em you are
And that's what happens in every little honky tonk bar

Friday night, it's a given
We'll be L-I-V-N, livin'
We'll dance on the bar 'til we're sleeping it off in the car
Monday morning, it's a given
We'll be D-R-A-G-N, draggin'
And that's what happens in every little honky tonk bar
Yeah that's what happens in every little honky tonk bar

Whiskey is the gasoline that lights the fire that burns the bridge

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George Strait Every Little Honky Tonk Bar Comments
  1. Engineer Corner

    I grew up on George Strait. He was my favorite my entire life. I'm now 38 & I can relate with every single word this man sings. Keep up the great work George. You're famous up here in Canada :)

  2. Samuel McCune McCune

    I am going to a concert of the king of country

  3. soapwhip

    Burn it! <3

  4. raytex111

    Awesome song, excellent job Mr. George,

  5. Earl Merkel

    awsome george thanks

  6. its justa system202 ,.

    I heard this song this morning I'm like this songs good and I know that king of country voice 🤠😎


    Im going to his concert on the 31st in vegas i have floor tickets

  8. RL Bent

    Ilove Jacob Caleb and Jake Olive beautiful grand children see u in heaven.

  9. RL Bent

    And I do not do drugs.

  10. RL Bent

    Lois Williams Bentley does not drink.

  11. Lillian Cruz

    Every once in a while when people get cocky King George just throws out a new song to remind everyone that he's the king dingaling

  12. Claudia Hicks

    I need someone to talk to

  13. mike d

    I like all country music so long as George is singing it!

  14. laughingcat

    Hey Lowgaen...tell it like it is.There is only one King

  15. Marcus Carlton

    Long live the King.

  16. Chad Williams

    The King is back!!

  17. boswifedeb

    George never disappoints. Long live King George!

  18. Jason Hutchison

    Me and my dad loves you and George strait we have been friends for a few months now but we've listen to you every call Ride I pick the song and yeah so can I please have tickets

  19. Jason Hutchison

    You are my favorite country singer can I please have tickets to see a concert later

  20. Joe Marshall

    I love i cross my heart its my best song thank for george it makes me happy & romatic

  21. Dale Richardson

    He never disappoints. Love George Strait and always have. Great new song.

  22. Branden Bryan

    The king!

  23. Myra kay Poncho


  24. Elizabeth Williamson

    Another great George Strait song!💟💟💟

  25. Isaias Lúcio


  26. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Loving this Video& Song forever "" Love you King George ""💘💘💘💘💘😘

  27. Fred Jimenez

    All hail to our lord and savior George strait!!!!!

    Perk O

    Id intellectually maul you puppet for such words. Prepare for what he will do

  28. Josiah Gambone

    How to leave two thumbs up on a YouTube video

    Oh shoot, this isn’t google.

  29. bradley howell

    We have a sweet line dance for this @ Western swing

  30. Debra German

    George strait is number one country singer a beautiful hearted family man he is a blessing to listen to GOD bless him and His family

  31. Dawn Foster

    KING George!

  32. Leslie Davis

    Song makes me want to dance wow💙

  33. Catherine Harris

    George strait is a very good singer and I like all his songs

  34. BullArcher820

    268 dislikes? 268 people that don't know what country music is.

  35. a_aron

    finally some real good ol country music

  36. Branden Bryan

    He should hit luke Bryan and the rest ruining country music , over the head with his guitar

  37. Dawn Burton

    King George may be aging, but his music will always be timeless, your the best George !!

  38. That Star Wars Guy

    Rules in sweden to🇸🇪🇸🇪

  39. RICK L P

    This is gonna be big in the karaoke world!!

  40. andre white

    Screw the new stuff let's get some classics from George Strait

  41. auroraborememalice

    I deleted Spotify because ALL I WANT is George Strait and they keep adding other peoples' songs to my playlist!

  42. David Shillaker

    Long live the King!

  43. bravo685

    Mother frickin LEGEND

  44. Ashleigh Wood

    How old are you my mom wants to know

  45. Darian Lanae

    King of Country 🖤🎻

  46. Zombie B313

    George strait is the Frank Sinatra of country music 👍

  47. Monty Williams

    The man was/is still awesome!! Hell I remember him breaking in back in the day!!

  48. Hunter Niemi

    Just when we think george might retire...

    Glad to see the king of Texas still bringing it!

  49. Wallace Jones

    So sad he is older now but damn he sounds the very same, thats what happens when your the king i guess. I hope i get to see him in a live show atleast once before i go!

  50. Mike Williams

    God please send us some more singers like George.

  51. Captain Jim

    Keep them coming George I like your songs. Thanks 😍😡❤👍

  52. Captain Jim

    George makes music greater. Straight country

  53. Ann Byrd

    I Love This Song❤

  54. Ann Byrd

    I Love George strait❤

  55. Sean Neal

    Damn straight! It’s George Strait ... no chaser

  56. The_Real_GoofyGames


  57. Jason Vogelsang

    Less than a million views? Millennials! Nuff said

  58. Red.Falcon97

    I didn’t know The King was still making music! Somehow this album went under my radar until now. Glad I’m here now at least

  59. steve william

    New to country music, what other songs have a similar feel?

    Trevor Betty

    Similar to this song? Why Don't We Just Dance by Josh Turner, is check out more George Strait songs. Kenny Chesney, Luke Combs,.Chris Stapleton, Cody Johnson, and of course Mr. Eric Church. Just to name a few.

  60. Seager Cortez

    The King of Country, better than any modern country singer now days!

  61. Gabby Davis

    so glad he's back

  62. Scott Edwards

    it,s about time some real country hit the radio again. thanks george for keepin it goin.

  63. Lisa White

    The King still holds the 👑

  64. Jason Thomason

    Will George Strait ever come back to Sacramento California to Perform


    I have cd of of this album it is cool and it is great

  66. Cheyenne Bentley

    I love him a want to get his number and text and call him 😍

  67. A Brunson


  68. Calvin Jones

    The original country here. It will be missed when he retires

  69. cynthia Massey

    Cool.line dance👍

  70. Leslie Davis

    Love this song yahooooo

  71. sjmitty

    George Strait is a graat performer with a beautifull voice and wonderfull songs

  72. Kmarr1015

    The king of country still making great songs

  73. little lefty12

    i love the so g

    little lefty12

    I love the song

  74. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 420

    George Strait One Of The Greatest Country Stars Of All Time!!!! So Awesome!!!! Agree?>>>>


    i love his feel. so good

  76. John Derek Mitchell

    Still the King😄

  77. Seth Goodman

    Looks like 168 people need kicked in the teeth!

  78. Van Lawrence

    Nashville take notice this is what country fans still wants not that pop/rap crap you keep pushing on us !!!!!

  79. Emilio Vaquero Martin

    I Have 59 years listing music George from Spain from 1985 for me George and Merle my Heroes

  80. Angryfarmergamer21

    You know country is going bad when the King has to come back and save it. Thank you King!

  81. Maggie Mercer

    Another great song by a handsome cowboy

  82. Flames Fan

    just when we thought he was done, he makes a comeback

  83. Mandy Galvez

    So in Love with this song !!!

  84. Rockin Guy

    149 people don't like this. They must like rap music.

  85. Jack Bruce

    Amen for all the singers that sing on the radio every day.

  86. Keke Banks

    I absolutely love George Strait and the timing of his album was GREAT bc I can’t even play the poptry station in my town bc it All sounds the same like small town Justin Bieber’s 😂

  87. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Yep ! Good song dang and thanks! lol

  88. Bernadette Derry

    Traditional country music the way it should be and fun to dance to.

  89. jake and cael

    My dad is the biggest fan

  90. Joseph Whitis

    Long live the King of Country

  91. Catlu1732

    Sadly, you're getting older, but how can you be getting even better?! Who knew that King George could still amaze us, and entertain us? We will always be your fans!! We love you!

  92. John Vaden

    Greatest country gentleman singer and Texas swing man of all time!!!!!!!!!)

  93. Kara Bratton

    I love you so much gorge strait your music never gets old gorge strait

  94. J S

    I can’t believe the idiots on the radio have not made this song #1 by now...

    Good grief, this is the epitome of country music right here...

  95. Army Guy

    King George... was a country hater. Many moons ago. But my first concert ever saw you in southern Illinois. Bought my first Stetson from a friend. Its all I wear now. This one reminded me you still got it. Thanks for your service.
    Veteran Army Honor Guard

  96. Austin Johns

    king george rules

  97. John Creasy

    At 67 years old, Dusty can still tear it up like he is 30!!!

  98. Dylan Maldonado

    Good ole Cowboys in San Antonio on a George Strait song!