George Strait - Codigo Lyrics

Baby, just like you
It's something new
I just had to try
I didn't plan on it
But a sip and you'll want it
It's a beautiful high

The perfect recipe
Baby, you and me
The secret's been found
Let's pour one right now

I'm talkin' 'bout Código
I take it with me everywhere I go
Best tequila, baby, don't you know
A little sip and you're ready to roll
They make it down in Mexico
A little state called Jalisco
Where the beautiful agaves grow
I'm talkin' 'bout Código

Any way you like it
Any way you wanna try it
I'll try it too
I don't care if it's a habit
As long as you have it
And I have it with you

Hasta la Cruz
I'll be singing to you
All the way home
We'll make this our song

I'm talkin' 'bout Código
I take it with me everywhere I go
Best tequila, baby, don't you know
A little sip and you're ready to roll
They make it down in Mexico
A little state called Jalisco
Where the beautiful agaves grow
I'm talkin' 'bout Código

Straight up or on the rocks
Dressed up or not
Make it a surprise
Throw it back and close your eyes

I'm talkin' 'bout Código
I take it with me everywhere I go
Best tequila, baby, don't you know
A little sip and you're ready to roll
They make it down in Mexico
A little state called Jalisco
Where the beautiful agaves grow
I'm talkin' 'bout Código

I'm talkin' 'bout Código
I take it with me everywhere I go
Best tequila, baby, don't you know
A little rip and you're ready to roll
They make 'em down in Mexico
A little state called Jalisco
Where the beautiful agaves grow
I'm talkin' 'bout Código
Where the beautiful agaves grow
I'm talkin' 'bout Código

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George Strait Codigo Comments
  1. Carol Portocarrero

    Tequila 🥳

  2. ntaveras25

    Señor Strait, you are my hero!

  3. Adolfo Alvarez-rios

    I love this song

  4. robthebank1987

    Don't drink my daddy's fire water he will kick you're ass..😑

  5. Write Deal Publishing

    He could never do a bad song Awesome!!!

  6. Luis Reyes

    El Rey jorge strait el mejor del jenero country

  7. Gabriel B Morris

    Man, I really like this!!!

  8. SrBigodon


  9. Prank ster

    I dont understand this but i like it

  10. Maribel Cervantes

    Even when people don’t want to see it. We have so many similarities. Mexican music is like country music.. also, the love for hat, boots, and horses. Thank you George ❤️

  11. Hds.


  12. Angel Gamez

    💚💚💚 GEORGE♥️♥️♥️

  13. partycarlos blog zam2344

    Good song 👍

  14. Sniper Æ

    George Strait 2019 album dang ...hope country music will going to hit again not like the junk music they play now...peace...

  15. Manu Garcia

    That's video feels simply like a long commercial

  16. Kabir Horseman

    Time to forget about the divisive politicians and come together as two good neighbors

  17. Javier Ramos barbosa

    Guadalajara Jalisco México 🇲🇽

  18. Juan Ramos

    And this is why George Strait is the king of country music and loved by all Texans!!!

  19. Benjamin Roberts FBA

    One heck of an ad! I like the song, and I’m sure it sells a few bottles. Part owner too, well done Sir! Cheers!!!

  20. Al Barcenas

    Strait is my hero!

  21. mrbeer699

    George Strait is the Man the Legend his music will be country for ever no one will be able to inmate.. And VIVA MEXICO AND TEJAS..

  22. David Robledo

    Lo amooooo

  23. Sergio Hernandez

    He's the number one country singer, specially cause he's singing about my beautiful state, JALISCO!

  24. Carol Koedel

    Love George and his singing. My two line dance groups line dance to this song!!

  25. Antonio Rodriguez


  26. JOSE 74

    George Strait is a lengend Viva mexico!!!

  27. Ruthlessnoodle

    Hey......... I still love ya Debbie Nonneman.

  28. mike richardson

    Country aint country no more. There's been an awful murder on music row! If not for ones such as George Strait ,Jamey Johnson,Alan Jackson, and a handful of others. The genre would've been dead long ago

  29. Garr Will

    King George I comment the same thing every time ......sound track to my childhood all I remember listening to in the early 90s was king George .....your fans love you very much sir

  30. memo herdez el grande

    My state Jalisco ❤️💯

  31. Ethan Weeter

    He is looking old, but man his voice sounds as great as ever. Could not believe how great his voice still sounds after almost 40 years.

  32. Ethan Weeter

    Anybody ever drank Codigo? Wondering because I have never had tequila before and wondered if it has better taste than most tequila. Never heard that tequila has good taste to it.

  33. Tony Avendano

    Viva Mex....

  34. SubysFavorites

    I just saw him perform this song, and a lot of old and new favorites, in Vegas. True to his roots, great voice, charisma, humility, truly the king of country. Real country.

  35. Fernando Cornejo

    Country and Whiskey is like mariachi and tequila 😄 asta la cruzzz

  36. Javi Moreno

    Viva Mexico Cabrones.auuuuuu

  37. Dortha Carpenter

    Love your songs George Strait

  38. mike rayner videos

    when it comes to country this guy is the business 💕 💐 🌺 🌹🎶

  39. Majestic Hotwings

    May this man go down in history as the greatest country music artist the world has ever seen, cheers from Tennessee Mr. Strait

  40. wesley huckeba

    The King

  41. MrSwishFTW

    This is real country music!

  42. BradSTONE Gaming

    king of country

  43. Frank Toledo

    George got Safety back home must be the owner of that brand of drink. I'm talking about safety.

  44. Matthew McSheffrey


  45. Yessica Tovar

    I love you songs

  46. artemio vargas

    There you go Mr George Strait.

  47. Cason Johnson

    Excellent just like George Straight knows how to do it

  48. Hunt31 Fish31

    Anyone else think he should do a song with Eric church??

  49. Iriz 28


  50. Jamie Liss

    I don't know why everyone don't like country music

  51. 645garnet

    Greetings from Tequila Orendain

  52. Flako Lopez

    Músicon del bueno

  53. Benito JR


  54. Jaziel Vazquez

    Saludos desde México.

  55. Barbara Johnson

    Awesome you are the best of the all time GREAT 2😍♥♥

  56. Anthony Lopez

    The king of country has come back👏🏻👏🏻 He probably got tired of listening to the crappy wanna be country they play on the radio these days. It's about the song not the tricks you have dancing or the lifted trucks, etc.

  57. ChrisForge Steel

    Subscibe to me please

  58. frank valadez

    My my how things chang i could not stand him at one time he somthing negetive bout mexicans i was in my teens now 53 and i alway enjoyed country music like it or both spanish and country music have lot of in common love hate relationships and hard times respect goes both ways dale george i like ur music

  59. Debbie Brock

    Ethan. Weider George is always like Hispanics and Mexicans I don't know where you got that he will finally get to know Mexican he speaks fluent Spanish and has all his life just to let you know

  60. Julio Avila

    This song is amazing 💀😂🔥

  61. itsdemonydelta

    Codigo is when your teacher noticed you are cheating. Codigo. 🤣


    Only PH knows! 😂

  62. Letty Nevergiveup

    I love this song and any songs that George Straight sings ❤️ But why can’t they ever cast couples who can truly dance!

  63. Ryan Wolfe

    2% of crimes get solved in Mexico, QUEMALO LOS NINOS, LIBERA LOS NARCOS, Mas assacionantes este ano

  64. Victor Borraz

    Es todo jorgito

  65. Brad Williams

    God Bless Texas.

  66. Tommie Colón

    Love this song.

  67. Kate D

    I would listen to George sing his grocery list to me. 😍

  68. Rambo

    I love you George Strait !

  69. Tina Oates

    Love this song, love George.

  70. Jesús Isa Arment


  71. Veronica Contreras

    Nothings stole its paid for ..

  72. Jamie Murphy

    Who’s listening in 2019

  73. Anna Schurman

    I listen to George strait when I'm happy or sad, and I listen to Eminem when I'm mad. Am I bipolar or can I just not resist the very best of music from every genre?

  74. Juan Carlos BS

    George strait ama México thanks king🙌

  75. designchik

    My favourite country artist, hands down. He could sing the phone book and make it sound great. ❤️

  76. lu betancourt

    This is why he is the King, a perfect fusion of Mexico & The USA...The Codigo tequila is just as perfect as George himself 💕

  77. Sarah

    Haaa haaaaa haaaaaaayyyyy........ lol

  78. Rosa Granados

    Un orgullo de george strait lo mejor

  79. p eter carey

    there 's still good country out . and we still love it .

  80. John Grech

    George Strait is great

  81. Mark Bishop

    Still king!!!!!!

  82. Leslie Davis

    Yahooooo george love ths this song

  83. p eter carey

    2 of the best the king and codigo

  84. Saul Ibarra

    Thank you George per this gift in song,,

  85. David Shillaker

    When I am of age, Codigo will be my first drink

  86. rachelcravens141

    Lovegeorge but this one is not working for me

  87. Lillie Arvizu

    Fantastic! Codigo! <3 :))

  88. Alison Howton

    I'm a "whore" for some tequila. Never had Codigo...guess which one I'm drinking next?
    Thanks George!

  89. miguel rodriguez

    amo esta cancion

  90. Jonathan Garcia

    Y puro Jalisco cabrones 💯🇲🇽

  91. Kenneth yates

    Bob Wills would be proud

  92. Kenneth yates

    Now that's what you call real Texas swing ayeee hawww

  93. Jacque McCoy

    Makes me smile big time, and puts a little strut in my walk! Love seeing his wife and family! Way to go King George❤️

  94. Iam Eberitte

    One thing hasn't changed, I still find him the most attractive country singer and one of the best alongside Alan Jackson. It's just pure country. I wish him great health and happiness. But wow. I never searched for country songs for a very long time, and I thought he's in his 50 something.

  95. Joe Munoz

    This could be a viagra commercial

  96. 4dixieland

    who  played fiddle on this cut?  doesn't sound like Gene Elders

  97. Erik G. Enamorado

    El mejor promocional de una marca tequilera!
    George Strait is The King
    Good country song!

  98. tara lynn

    hey George it's Tara

  99. Jennifer Dijames

    Go ahead King George.