George Strait - Blue Water Lyrics

The whole world's spinning in the wrong direction
Body and soul needs a resurrection
Ain't had a single thing go my way
And I can't tell ya how many days

I need blue water, I need a sunny day
Blue water, sail all my cares away
Head out to see when the tide rolls in
Feel like a brand new man again
I need blue
Gonna drown my troubles in blue water

Rolled all the way through Arizona
Thought I found the answer in Sedona
This desert's gettin' old to me
I need a little bit of that deep blue sea

I need blue water, I need a sunny day
Blue water, sail all my cares away
Head out to see when the tide rolls in
Feel like a brand new man again
I need blue
Gonna drown my troubles in blue water

I drove right though the heart of Texas
Miles and miles of empty stretches
Parked out by the lake near Santa Fe
Started thinkin' 'bout Aransas Bay

I need blue water
Gonna drown my troubles in blue water

I need the motion of the ocean
That's the only magic potion

Blue water, I need a sunny day
Blue water, sail all my cares away
Head out to see when the tide rolls in
Feel like a brand new man again
I need blue
Gonna drown my troubles in blue water

Gonna drown my troubles in blue
Gonna drown my troubles in blue water
Pick out a sunny day
Drown my troubles in blue water
Drown my troubles in blue water

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George Strait Blue Water Comments
  1. Myra kay Poncho


  2. anıl erden

    Real American Country Song.

  3. Wanda Yarbrough

    Vegas in February 2020

  4. my music

    Great song George!

  5. Robbie Stewart

    Allea Pippin I'm Gonna Drown My Troubles About You Breakin My Heart In Blue Water

  6. Wanda Yarbrough

    Too Cold for fishing. But not to Cold for Vegas and George Feb 2020. Three days. Green eyes

  7. Wanda Yarbrough

    Amazon has a solar angel windchime.

  8. Wanda Yarbrough

    I wish I could see you in the dark pants. T S Green Eyes

  9. Wanda Yarbrough

    Or a windchime it doesn't have to be solar

  10. Wanda Yarbrough

    We need to go fishing. If you want to get me something then get me something solar for the Yard or a puzzle with a log cabin on it or make me some CDs for my truck to listen to

  11. Wanda Yarbrough

    We really need to go fishing soon on your day off. Green eyes. I failed The stress test. The doctor says I have heart problem and I have to get a high priced nuclear stress test done on my heart soon. I now have to keep nitroglycerin pills with me. If you see this message please write back.

  12. Wanda Yarbrough

    I hemmed your pants so they are 32 x32. I can't wait to see you in them. See you on the first of September

  13. Wanda Yarbrough

    We need to go fishing while I still can go in the Fall on your day off. I don't know how long I will be able to go this Green eyes.

  14. Wanda Yarbrough

    I have a heart problem green eyes but I have your pants and drinks ready to be picked up your day off. Come by and get them

  15. Wanda Yarbrough

    Green eyes. You know who you are. Couldn't get there today because I was hurting so bad I couldn't move. Going to do the doctor in the morning. I have you three drinks. Your book bad boys and your pants stop by and get them on your day off. All you have to do is right your day off this week. If you see this just need to talk to you

  16. Wanda Yarbrough

    Really need to see you

  17. Wanda Yarbrough

    I have you some surprises.i am going to try to get them to you tomorrow. Sunday. If I can't get them to you TS . If I can't get them there come pick them up on your day off. Let me know if you see this. Please write back. I would love to go fishing with you. I'm so stressed out. I just need to see you

  18. Joseph Aceto

    Best Album of the Year!

  19. Wimpey Family

    How many likes can this comment get. All hail king George!!!

  20. Wanda Yarbrough

    OH yes need to go fishing don't we green eyes your pants are ready and so are your drink' can pick them up Thursday

  21. Lisa White

    This man can make any song sound awesome 💯💞 he is the King of country

  22. Mr. Monkey

    Guess what all these good singers from back when are coming back to music but if the radio only played them well we would have dead stations 😂😂

  23. Wanda Yarbrough

    Can't wait to go fishing. Bringing your brownies and drinks today after lunch

  24. Wanda Yarbrough

    Got to Cool off before we go fishing I still need some heart's. That's all I fish with. Just a pack of chicken hearts. TS

  25. Jeff Strange

    glad to hear strait got some tunes out soon, not too bad and not so sad

  26. J S

    There is simply nobody in music today, particularly Country, who matches George Strait. This album shows he has not lost a thing--he's only gotten *BETTER*.

  27. John Anderson

    absolutely great song. No one better.

  28. Wanda Yarbrough

    You watch the braves Tyler S

  29. Wanda Yarbrough

    Time to go fishing.watching the braves favorite is Tyler Flowers

  30. Ross Duncan

    who could dislike?

  31. John Anderson

    Just recently heard this song. Beautiful. Gee, could hardly tell George is King of Country. Love this man.

  32. Ciará Castex

    Perfect sound. The most calming and authentic kind of music 💙

  33. Rebecca Jewell

    Pure Country. George Strait. Blue Water

  34. Wanda Yarbrough

    Love listening to this while I rest my legs that are hurting more each day

  35. Wanda Yarbrough

    Need to go fishing soon

  36. Νικος Σακελλαρίδης

    Long live the king!

  37. Wanda Yarbrough

    Need some hearts and gizzards to fish with.catch a line of cats

  38. Wanda Yarbrough

    It's got to Cool off so we can go fishing

  39. Stephanie Redden

    Works for me! Great tune!!

  40. Wanda Yarbrough

    Time to go fishing TYLER

  41. Jay Cruz

    Viva king gorge!!🤠

  42. Wanda Yarbrough

    Need to go fishing

  43. Nyl55 Jones

    Love ❤️🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶I wish when you are driving with your radio on, these type of songs would be playing.

    Why would anyone do a thumbs down on this song?

  44. Wanda Yarbrough

    Yes get the Poles out and George singing the fish will be biting

  45. Tommie Colón

    Close my eyes and im back in my Texas roots. Thanks George!

  46. B Rich

    George Strait, is our ace in the hole when it comes to good country.

  47. Abram Linggi

    Although im live at malaysia where the way is too far compare to country styles.. buy my father is country song fans and he always live with every songs he ever heard.. and thats why i love country music.. and i live with it everyday.. listening to george strait always be my favourite one and only.. and i think i can bet i can be a country boy too at here in the city of Sarawak, Malaysia😂 only God knows how my love go to this genre of music👍

  48. Ebor Dann

    Real country 😍😍😍

  49. Al Kubbo

    Welcome back, George... we missed you. \o/

  50. Maximuspadus

    16 Justin Timberlake fans don't like this song?  Hilarious.  Bless their little hearts !!

    michael reyes

    why do you mention Justin Timberlake when he isn't the one messing up country? You should mentioning artists singing songs like "Southbound, I don't know about you by Chris Lane, etc."

  51. Cynthia Tye

    Oh yeah, know that feeling.♥

  52. Gman LTZ

    Real country music! !!!!! With a twist !!!!!! of lemon ¿¿¿¿¿¿

  53. Wanda Yarbrough

    Time to go fishing

  54. Luigi Turiano

    44 years and still going! Truly the king, the legend! Can't believe he's been making great country music since 1975. He's just amazing 😭😭😭😭♥️

    Charles Stock

    Luigi Turiano I was born the same year George did it so I feel honored and privileged.

  55. John Abel

    watched the C.M.A'S dam joke not country music no more

  56. John Abel

    heard the whole album not one bad song i can't believe he's back thank god

  57. John Abel

    it is so dam good too hear country's greatest singer back again amen.


    Hell Yeah!!
    King George Needs To Keep Showing all these want to be,so called Country singers now days What REAL COUNTRY SHOULD STILL SOUND LIKE..🤠

    His New Album IS KICK A** !! 👍🏽👌🏽🤙🏽
    Another Number 1 hit there..👍🏽👍🏽

  59. Joshua Garcia

    Listening to straits music is like blue water, i get all lost in his music and forget whats going around. Haha should be a single. #1 to the top

  60. Ashley Mckeel

    This is strait (see what I did there) amazing.

  61. Seth Hoffman

    Parked out by the lake near Santa Fe?

  62. Liz McDaniel

    Like the song Blue Waters and George is a great singer

  63. Patrick Delaney

    The king has done it again

    Daniel C

    Such a great song he will always do this.

  64. Yin & Yang

    Well ... the King proved it again .. he is the GOAT.

  65. Devin S

    Good song to have a beer at the river/ beach during this summer

  66. Donald Tofa

    I've always been a fan of the king of country

  67. Debbie Brock

    George you've done it again this is a beautiful beautiful song another number one hit you watch and see

  68. Joyce Blake

    The king is allergic to bad songs

  69. Merica ::

    King of Country 🇺🇸🤘🏻

  70. Wynter Rose

    *George Strait will always be #1* , *I will always *Love George* .

  71. Gettin' Bent

    Other country artists today couldn't even shine your boots George! Great song, song of the summer!

  72. Debbie Smitherman

    Country music can't get any better than Mr. George the king Legend Strait. He gives all his fans the type of music we love to hear. I could never get tired of hearing him. We love George Strait. I'm applauding his hard work on these songs. We appreciate who and what you are Mr. George Strait. Great song. ♡♡♡🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  73. Linda Laux

    I'll always Love you and your music. You'll always be the King of Country Music.

  74. Cody Schwebach

    Thank you dear God for George strait👍🇺🇸🙏

  75. Adrian Guerrero

    No one will ever be able to dethrone The King !

  76. Catlu1732

    I don't know guys...can today's so called country fans handle REAL country like George give us? Someone said something about rap, and that happened to me the other day. I had a country station on and I SWEAR a rap song came on! I couldn't get it turned fast enough. I'm like "what the he.. was THAT?

  77. Nguyễn Phi Anh

    AMEN! I'm from Vietnam but I really like listening to Country Music. I've listened to it since 2009, it's a thing which makes me more peaceful. My peace! I always want to find new old sweet perfect wonderful country songs but it's hard for me because today's Country is getting worse. I can't believe that I can find this song to enjoy in 2019. This is what people and I need most nowadays! George Strait is old but his voice is getting better through time, sweet like old red wine! <3

  78. Mike or patty Rhoades

    love it!

  79. bxnckx bzhxjxxj

    Cool music. 💜💜

  80. Gin Sherwood

    Awesome as always George Strait .

  81. Benjamin Troyer

    George is good any time of the day💪💪👍👍👍👍

  82. Chris Longoria


  83. Eliyah Teague

    Ah just like George. Brand new song and it already feels like a classic. Strait country is the Cadillac of music.

  84. haris shoukat

    legend forever

  85. Abby Davis

    Summer ‘19 jam right there 🙌🏻🌊

  86. RedDirtSoldier

    THE 👑 KING

  87. WomackFanFile

    The king!! 🙌🏻

  88. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Everybody call your Country Music Station request all George Straits new music to be played """ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🔦🎸🎻🐎

  89. Elizabeth Williamson

    George💝💝the best music. Love it.

  90. Elizabeth Williamson

    The King of Country is back. His music is happiness to my ears. Thank you George Strait

  91. Jacob Grubb

    George strait has a hit song every release he never has a bad song

  92. Calvin J

    One of his best albums yet!!!

  93. Matt Martinez


  94. Vicky J

    Seems we all need.... that... ‘Blue Water...
    seems just watching them waves coming in was nice, also going the Padre Island as to sit on them sandbars... while the tide was out was fun, and remembering when we could do the bombfires on the beach also, I sat on the sand dune and watched the fire. We put it out when we were done with it. Cant do them now days or ride ATVs either out there these days.

  95. Jason Dukes

    I'd love to be listening to some king George while sitting on some blue water!

  96. Delawanna

    Need to head down to The West Coast of Florida!

  97. Jenna Chapa

    Now this is real countey music

  98. Brent Baker

    A classic George Strait song!!!!! Great!!!!!!!