George Ogilvie - Grave Lyrics

I could be found
Out on the corner making my way down
To where you'll let me leave my body again
Out of focus wonder when the time ran out, out

I could be tamed
For a moment then you walk over my grave
Where we'd lay and dream the weather away
Until we went insane

So lower me down, down, down, down

Oh and we could have been
That heaven we've been missing
It's all hope but no action
It's all hope but no action

So lower me down, down, down, down

There I lay for a week knowing nothing else
Lay for a week knowing nothing else
Lay for a week knowing nothing else

Lower me down, down, down, down
Lower me down, down, down, down

Don't walk over my grave
Don't walk over my grave
Don't walk over my grave

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George Ogilvie Grave Comments
  1. Adriana Lemos

    Essa é uma das músicas que vai tocar no meu velório

  2. Sultan Cekic


  3. Mrs.Han_Whitethorn

    Robbe and Sander brought me here ~ this music when Britt told Robbe that he was just apart of Sander's manic episode and that he didn't love him broke me

  4. Aide Tovar


    Araceli Vall.

    Now everything is so sad with Robbe and Sander 💔

    Aide Tovar

    @Araceli Vall.
    I just want them to be happy 😭

    Araceli Vall.

    @Aide Tovar Exactly. I hope everything gets better soon because they deserve to be happy. ❤

  5. Felice Montanaro

    Always listening to your music. It is absolutely absorbing and beautiful.

  6. Кирилл Тимофеев

    The most beautiful and undervalued George`s song!

  7. tay

    i’m so glad i found you

  8. Alexander Sunsetjaeger


  9. Nina Mlakar

    I am really enjoying this song, reminds me a bit of late Jeff Buckley and it feels good. Thank you, keep creating beautiful music that touches our hearts <3

  10. An Paul

    Plz, never stop singing

  11. moreorange

    Heard this on spotify today - listening all day calming, so emotional, thank you for that x

  12. Keanu Charles Reeves

    So beautiful hurts deep inside.

  13. Lucas Ferreira

    Wow 👏👏👏👏

  14. Maria Beatriz


  15. usel 122

    Hey George, Big fan since way way back. I still remember the day i came across your cover Depth over distance with Ben howards, and to this day thats one of the best covers all time. However, i cant find it anymore so please mate or anyone, help a big fan out here. Cheers

  16. AngryTookYoToes

    2 months late but man this song is so perfect the 3 dislikes have no taste in music at all

  17. Carolina A

    Just amazing. You should come to Brazil

  18. Lary

    You aways do well George. Your voice is like national treasure 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Brazil supports you

  19. Mark Russ

    Can someone please post up the lyrics to this magical song?⭐

  20. nalorie

    you deserve the whole world

  21. Hechler444

    Huge thanks to Apple Music's new music mix for introducing me to this artist, great work

  22. luizcr68

    Thanks for another beautiful track, George! Hope you play in Brazil someday :)

  23. Died_spooky Ell

    Thank you so much for this song! amazing🖤

  24. music moth

    Underappreciated. 🎶💉

  25. bobos245

    Probably one of your most emotionally layered songs yet, a real gem George. Please keep it coming!

  26. Dimitroumb

    Breathtaking 😮❤

  27. Nuno de Mattos Capeletti

    Great song, it would fit perfectly on the first Coldplay album Parachutes, same style..

  28. Christopher Davidson

    Ooooooooh Georgie...

    (Please come to Belladrum festival one day)

    Christopher Davidson

    (Also...can anyone imagine a duet with Rachel Sermanni...I don't think my brain could take that amount of wonderful!)

  29. Rylinn

    Can't wait to share this with my love on our music evening, thanks George! Lots of Love!

  30. CockRockin'



    Love it George! You have found your sound and it is beautiful. Hearing a bit of Radiohead in this too, class!

  32. Andrés Reyes

    I've had this song on repeat since Friday. It's been a bit less than a year since I found your music. I'm so thankful! You've become one of my favorites. Hopefully I'll get to see you live one day. Keep up the good work!
    Sincerely, a fan from Chile 😊

  33. Tatiana Tiss

    linda música 💙 Amo sua voz 😉😍

  34. Jordan Gaddy

    You are one of the only artists I can listen to on repeat and never get tired of. Your voice, your lyrics, your music calms my soul. Thank you for another masterpiece.

  35. Seven Goddess

    This is beautiful. Just what I expect from you. Please dont stop making music. Even in the afterlife.

  36. Plastic Moon

    Was having a bad day and this made it better. Your music cannot be matched tbh

  37. southwestsoldier93

    amazing. can't wait for more of this.

  38. Tania Vásquez Fuentes

    Loved you music 😍😭❤

  39. bergman87

    Absolutely stunning

  40. Emilio Luna

    Amazing , superb , great !

    Is this going to be on Spotify ?

    Astrid Dias

    Emilio Luna it’ s on Spotify 😁

  41. Sebastião St.

    I missed your songs 🧡

  42. Amanda Jardim

    I'm always grateful for your songs ❤ they definitely are part of another universe 🧚‍♀️

  43. Hannah Faulkner

    Love your music George ✨

  44. smurfinit48

    I have so many things that I want to say all at once and I can’t seem to get my head wrapped around it all.

    George, I am so incredibly in love with your music. I feel if any music has really ever changed me and made an impact on me it’s been yours. Something about the way you sing, the lyrics, the tune, the melody — just you and your guitar — you are talented beyond any measures.

    As for this song...this song has taken me somewhere else and I don’t know how to describe it, other than to say that it’s now one of my favourite songs. The end had me in complete awe.

    Whatever it is you do, you magical melody maker, keep doing it. ❤️

  45. adam's songs

    Sounds great as always George!

  46. Ergo Sum Adrieyl

    How beautiful. I’m so glad to have found your music

    Mark Russ

    Me too👌

    Alexander Sunsetjaeger

    Same here!

  47. Hermit Rennie

    I absolutely love this song and this is my second time listening to it. I’m a massive Coldplay fan and this song along seriously takes me back to when you listen to songs Coldplay made while they were just starting. There is so many similarities even down to the way the guitar is been played! Well done George!! Keep up the great music, I look forward to still being a big fan in 20 years time 👍🏻

  48. MC Grenada

    Everything you make is amazing

  49. Goran Temeljkovitch

    Superb! Waiting patiently for an album.

  50. Stephan Gray

    George, you keep getting better and better. Truly one of my favorite artists.

  51. Agno Augusto

    You're the best !!!!!!!

  52. Vinicius Almeida

    I'm shook, so good!!!! You're so talented.

  53. David Lima

    This song made me travel. Loved it

  54. Carla Pelicari

    I was patiently waiting <3

  55. Karin Holloway

    It's gorgeous - transports me - wow , don't walk over my grave?

    Karin Holloway

    Are the lyrics online?

    George Ogilvie

    @Karin Holloway Thank you, just put them in the description x

    Karin Holloway

    @George Ogilvie amazing phrasing, rich rich poem - I'm stunned by the notes, how you use them - if you create a song about our Earth I bet it could help save it

  56. Astrid Dias

    How I wish I could share this with someone special ... ❤️

  57. Astrid Dias

    No words for this song George! How do you do it? It s AMAZING ! Congrats for this song ❤️

    George Ogilvie

    Appreciate it Astrid, thank you x