George Jones - Window Up Above Lyrics

I've been living a new way
Of life that I love so
But I can see the clouds are gath'ring
And the storm will wreck our home
For last night he held you tightly
And you didn't even shove
This is true for I've been watching
From the window up above.

You must have thought that I was sleeping
And I wish that I had been
But I guess it's best to know you
And the way your heart can sin
I thought we belonged together
And our hearts fit like a glove
I was wrong for I've been watching
From the window up above.

From my eyes the teardrops started
As I listened on and on
I heard you whisper to him softly
That our marriage was all wrong
But I hope he makes you happy
And you will never lose his love
I was wrong, I was watching
From the window up above.

How I wish I could be dreaming
And wake up to an honest love
I was wrong for I was watching
From the window up above...

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George Jones Window Up Above Comments
  1. Douglas Hagan

    i was watching you from the window up above

  2. Adair Torres

    Who's playing Steel Guitar ?

  3. Douglas Hagan


  4. wolfe david

    no show……………….dam fool...……….

  5. Linda Gore

    Elvis Presley and George Jones were the best that's ever been and the best that there ever will be. Broke my heart to lose them.

  6. George Swift

    Everybody can relate,to this song, sadly! A great karaoke standard.

  7. Dave Brown

    George is the greatest but uncle kracker does a great job on this song

  8. John D. Rockefeller

    He sings like a steel guitar. Love it

  9. Linda Gore

    George Jones, my love. There never was and never will be anyone better. Broke heart when he died. RIP George 💔

  10. david offutt

    George, You gave us so much!!!
    Thank You!!!

  11. perry allinder

    don't pay attention to the thumbs down or the empty seats...listen with your heart wide open

  12. dotymirl

    Love It !!

  13. Doris Campbell

    a hundred years from now, people will still listen to Mr Jones

  14. Scott Dempsey

    THE GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Diana Brantley

    Thanks for the post...Love George Jones and always have...Rest in Peace !! <3

  16. Mary B.Singletary

    George will always be the BEST in my eyes

  17. phil holloway

    I lived this song for 20 years in my 1st marriage...

  18. Sammy Thomas

    Ole Possum was one of my favorite singers besides the Hagg i would hate to have to choose between them. Some folks have their own preference!

  19. mizzury54

    His vocal tone was superb. Love George.

  20. skankhunt 42

    Best song out

  21. Toni Ritter

    George Jones touch’s my heart ... his music will live forever in the hearts and memories of We the people that love him ...

  22. WildPhotoShooter

    I'm pleased the dislikes are in a massive minority, their opinion matters not.

  23. WildPhotoShooter

    Does anyone know who that Pedal Steel player is ?

  24. WildPhotoShooter

    Fantastic ! He hits the high notes effortlessly.

  25. Herbert Hinton

    Vintage Jones. Looks like it was on Hee Haw.The greatest voice ever.

  26. Javier Cuevas

    All these new punks coming out ain't got shit on Jones.

  27. Mike Wilson

    George is the best. ❤️

  28. JClaus1221

    no one can sing like this unless they have felt the pain and seen the bottom of the bottle.

  29. Duane Holmes

    He is watching now from the window up above!!

  30. Lillian Butler

    One of my favorite country singer

  31. Lorraine Crouchet

    I love it !

  32. Robert Petty

    Met the Possum once. We will miss him and his music.

  33. blizzard37100

    George looks Good here..

  34. Dona Herndon

    Always and forever

  35. Conway Conway

    I love all the windows up above, George Jones does it the best!!!***ole country boy from perryville missouri ***

  36. Clinton Gallagher

    Song about a peeping tom. ROFL

  37. john murphy

    No one is even close.

  38. Ronald Elkins

    2.4k likes, 44 dislikes- 'nuff said.

  39. It's Private

    44 complete dumb shits down voting this. Sons of a bitches

  40. Jody Sims

    I love this song!

  41. Sandy Juntunen

    George wrote this himself. Its a masterpiece. He never was recognized as a songwriter but this one proves he was a good one!

  42. Daniel

    Looks like ol boy is fighting back tears in this one!

  43. Rita Montano

    Best ariths sang a song

  44. Bradley Buller

    The one and only King of Country music R.I.P George Jones

  45. Dwain Holroyd

    Greatest singer ever.

  46. David Miler

    There's only one Hank Williams and only one George Jones.Wonderful

  47. wilfred heggart

    i love this song

  48. Mark Hall

    There can be only one Ol' Possum.

  49. Armadillo

    Frank Sinatra is reported as saying "George Jones is the second best singer in America". That was only his opinion. The Possum made my world a better place.

  50. Jay Brown

    Are you out there e.r.

  51. Luke Heathcote

    His voice at 0:33 touches the soul

  52. rose garrett

    33 idiots have a thumbs down. Stupid

  53. Casey Sumrall

    Back when country, was country. The best of the best.

  54. Pauly McPaulson

    That steel.

  55. Pauly McPaulson



    One of his all-time greatest!!

  57. Ronnie Lathem

    THE MAN!

  58. Kevin Whitty

    Your caught, k window up above ... Wish i was dreamin

  59. julie brtek

    Pure country music sound. Why Fans like me truly enjoy his music though years. Still do. Throw away junk music on county music and let's bring back good country music sound. Listen all hits songs. His music live on forever and ever in are hearts. Two thumbs up. 100%. Songs I listen back 1970s and all other years pure country music songs.were very special moments.listening to radio stations.

  60. Taylor Armour

    George Jones ol buddy I love you found that my wife screwing around on me when I first got married. Guess what it's okay you all my life you still sounds good to me I was listening to you when people would say in the seventies George Who?

  61. Sandy Ellis

    Listen to uncle kracker I think he would have made Bro George happy.🎉😝😄 🆗💯%

  62. lactose

    If George were here today and auditioned for "The Voice" im sure he would be booted. Todays singers are a factory print. True talent is frowned upon in todays music. Long live the ol possom

  63. 6IX 9INE

    Best 🎶

  64. gustavo sierra

    High lonesome personified. Listen to the master..George Jones. His voice seeks out those tears like a divining rod to water....

  65. landon21108

    The goat

  66. Theresa Ford

    He had such an incredible impact on my family. My Father absolutely worshiped this man. My Dad took all of us kids to the Grand Ole Opry in the 1960s. No one has ever matched his incredible voice.

  67. charles johnson

    Words really can't describe what you are seeing and listening to here. Just stop it at the first frame. I am a photographer and this scene is perfectly composed. The music, the singer,instrumentation, perfectly orchestrated. This has always been my favorite George Jones tune and it simply couldn't be done any better than presented here.

  68. Randy Bennett

    Seen him twice. Awesome. Never be another one like possum

  69. Barb Henson

    One of my very favorite song Of George Jones!!🎶🎸🎵❤❤🦋🌹🦋🌹

  70. Bill Carter

    Don't get no better! R.I.P. Brother!

  71. Mary Shaw Roberts

    I remember singing along even tho I was too naive and young to understand the song

  72. Bessie Truesdell

    Absolutely love this song! My grandfather sung this song to my grandmother when they were kids and they are now married 58 years. When he sings it now, she blushes and smiles so big you can't help but smile as well.

  73. Granny Loca

    Every song that man did was beautiful.

  74. Darla Gaub

    I always liked Walk Through This World With Me. George was 1 of the greats.

  75. earl slot

    your heart belonged to another

  76. Armadillo

    When you listen to the Possum it's almost impossible to express in words the emotions he evokes. I knew the day would come when he would no longer be with us but it doesn't make it any easier knowing that he is gone.

  77. John Elliott

    Never be another one ☝️

  78. Stridingbeard Jack

    The possum

  79. Lena Andersson


  80. Granny Loca

    what doesn't George do great?, my favorite.

  81. jason stack

    what year?

  82. lactose

    Man. What a voice. Too bad country music isnt being made today.

  83. Mike mcelhaney

    the thumbs down can kiss my Country Ass

  84. johnny mock

    i remember going to the bar and sliding a ten in the jukebox and playing all the george i could find,and this was one of them

    Andy Francis

    Good man I would have done the same , pity I weren’t there with you

  85. Charlotte Swincicki

    I had forgotten all about this great song.

  86. earl slot

    hard to believe he started out singing in beaumont, texas with cup on weekends

  87. Strawberry Cream

    Who the hell gave this a thumbs down???? This is a freaking legend fool

    Herbert Hinton

    Hard to believe. Anything done by George Jones is an automatic thumbs up.

  88. johnny laird

    The best singer of them.

  89. earl slot

    one of my favorite george jones songs

  90. bugman971

    Who is playing steel ??

  91. Michael Mitchell

    We know your watching your fans from the window up above. God bless and thank you possum.

  92. Jim Caudle

    He taught them all how to sing a country song. This is the best version of this song, although Mickey Gilley and Kitty Wells had great. Versions, too. Uncle Kracker finished tenth in a 5 way battle for best rendition.

  93. Taylor Armour

    Still letting it today

  94. Taylor Armour

    I was listening to George Jones and the early seventies and people would say George Who

  95. Taylor Armour

    The first bitch I was married to exactly way except I was not above the window my friends came in

  96. Alexbleks

    Is it just me, or? Every time I hear George Jones it makes me want to drink and have a good time while listening to his master pieces..

  97. Dillion Williams

    He sang from his heart and now he is watching all of his fans from the window up above.

    Randy Wiesendanger

    @haanashim that is what you are for sure


    Hahaha, I don't even remember saying that a year ago. That's funny.

    joy ride

    ECCLESIASTES 9,VERSE 5,6....ALSO VERSE 10 Dillion williams

  98. 55Softknife

    Old Opossum.....