George Jones - When True Love Steps In Lyrics

When I met him he was lonely from a love that went wrong
And I helped him to forgive about the life he have known
And I gave him the courage to start over again
Yes, it's funny how people change when true love steps in.

And when I met her she was looking for a true and good time
And when she found out someone cared it changed her ways in her mind
And then I asked her to go with me I didn't care where she'd been
Ain't it funny how people change when true love steps in.

True love stepped in and I know it will last
If we live for tomorrow and forget about the past
For the first time in a long time we're happy again
Yes, it's funny how people change when true love steps in.

Yes, it's funny how people change when true love steps in...

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George Jones When True Love Steps In Comments
  1. frances odle

    A great song i have nt heard this song in a while. George and Tammy singing together so good.

  2. Jones Francisco

    Yan duki mairin painkira kumi mairin

  3. Jones Francisco

    Tammy mi baby i love you

  4. t s

    True love hits all people, from the rich and famous to the poor and old. They truly LOVED each other and anyone that listens to them can FEEL it!!
    It took me 2 failed marriages and several failed relationships to find true love.
    I'll NEVER let it go! Even beyond death!!

  5. frances odle

    I need to get busy work be i love to hear Tammy and George Jones. I can t help my self

  6. Paula Rodriguez


  7. frances odle

    Love this song Geo and Tammy greatest. Best ever

  8. H D

    Yes, love can be very healing. I hope everyone finds what they need today. We can always start over. : )

  9. Adrian Verduin


  10. Lilmike Lilly

    The two best voices ever, together or solo so beautiful.thanks from NZ💞💞

  11. Karen Farre;ll

    Michael hawkins of independence

  12. Paul Lyddane

    True Love fo' sho' - Grrreatest !😺

  13. Warren Lawrence

    There Will never be another

  14. Mike mcelhaney

    if only these singers feel this in there music

  15. Mike mcelhaney

    i think your right

  16. Mike mcelhaney

    if only we had this again ,,what we toke for granted ,,,we wish we had it back god bless you two

  17. Lena Andersson

    Love you booth🎤🎸💚❤🌹🌹🌹

  18. Lena Andersson

    GREAT GREAT GREAT True country🎤🎶❤Love it

  19. Betty Price

    No one will ever take the place of Tammy and george

  20. Sandra Langley

    Tammy George were great together their songs were great too

  21. Mark Eason

    i love Tammy Wynette and George Jones and they were great singing duet and singers as solo artist I believe they both loved one another till her passing and his he just couldn't stop the drinking and you can tell when they sing together and the songs of their solo career RIP TAMMY

  22. Barbara Caldwell

    they were= one= until,, death, parted them.!! my opinion.!!!

    Lori Pyle

    Barbara Caldwell I totally agree

    Mike mcelhaney

    he was a great friend ,miss him so much,and he was a true as the day is long ,,,,

    Robert Sherrill

    Barbara Caldwell say no more!!!!

  23. Lori Pyle

    I love on Tammy and George singing near you how adorable the way they look at each other

  24. Harry Lehrle

    (_.•´¯)°¨¨°¤•..¤°¨¨°WHAT A Dream (¯`•._) (_.•´¯)°¨¨°¤•..¤°¨¨°(¯`•._) WOW WHAT A VOICE !!!!(_.•´¯)

  25. awesomedeal

    their voices together are like going home after a long long time. reaches all the way in 

  26. treblejunkie

    Well, Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff wrote a song called "Me and Mrs. Jones" and was sung by a black guy named Billy Paul in 1972. Is that what you're talking about?

  27. dolfinluvr072

    did anyone check out dark headed non singing Mrs. Jones? Way back when?

  28. treblejunkie

    Tammy & George were almost made for each other. The last hubby, Richy RichBoy or whatever, ripped her daughters right off as he waits until a specific doctor to fukin' fly in to pronounce her dead. Her death sounds really suspicious. Richy Richie waited hours before helped arrived as she had a blood clot in her lungs. She could've been saved and Richy boy should get a fukin' ice pick to the pituitary gland if you ask me.

  29. 94ballou

    Love this song -- can't stop playing it, thank you for posting it.

  30. Melody Goodman

    awesome as usual, their music touches one's heart every time.

  31. clownsky

    Very pretty song thx for the post.

  32. Darla Goodrich

    That is usual...and they sound usual!