George Jones - The Ceremony Lyrics

Dearly beloved, we are gathered together,
In the presence of God, and these witnesses,
To join this man and this woman in the bonds,
Of holy matrimony

Do you Tammy, take this man, George
To be your lawfully wedded husband,
To love and to cherish until death do you part?

I'll take this man and by him I'll stand
I promise that we'll never part
To him, I'll be true
There'll be no one new
From now, till death do us part

And do you, George, take this woman, Tammy
To be your lawfully wedded wife,
To love and to cherish, until death do you part?

Yes I'll take this woman
She'll be mine forever
And I'll love her, with all of my heart

To have and to hold
My love won't grow cold
I promise, till death do us part

We'll take each other
From this day forward
Together, in sickness or health

United with love
We'll face life together
If we're poor or if we have wealth

For better or worst
You'll always come first
And no one can keep us apart

Yes, we take each other
Forsaking all others
Together, till death do us part

I now pronounce you, man and wife.

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George Jones The Ceremony Comments
  1. Jason Nicholas

    This was my mom's and dads Wedding song when they got married. Miss my parents so much, my dad died when I was 2 years old my mom died almost 7 years ago. I wish rip meant return if possible.

  2. Paula Rodriguez

    so sweet👼🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😍❤️♥️💕🥰🥰💕♥️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Joyceann Barton

    So very obvious that George truly loved Tammy even though they divorced.

  4. Terrance Kepner

    Oh so this is how their wedding went 😂

  5. 1left2theright 4Jc

    Sad time here ..they've been fighting alot here ..and alot of hurt

  6. Katrin Velasquez

    I belive greoge allways love Tammy even after the divorce

  7. Katrin Velasquez

    Happy anveisety

  8. Terri Manuri

    I loved them together l think they loved each other till the very end and took there love with them to Heaven !
    May they have everlasting love forever God Bless both of You♥️

  9. Anne Rampasard

    " Did He Steal A Quick Kiss?Love Them."🅰🅰🅰

  10. Dan Dana

    Wonderful fusion and harmony of voices ...unfortunately obvious split between souls in peace

  11. Christopher Smith

    I wish I was born during these times. I absolutely love this music. Seen many shows over the years including George Jones eight times. They just don't have the sound these old albums used to have. Nor do they have the musicians. I love the Countrypolitan/Nashville sound. Nothing beats it in my humble opinion.

  12. JESSICA B.

    Such a beautiful song, but there is NO love or affection showing...., all very cold and distant.

  13. Valerie Griner

    There are many people in this world who cannot handle alcohol. George was one of these people. The liquor caused their divorce and it caused mine, too. It brings out the demons in people. Waylon Jennings told a story about George being so drunk that he had to tie him up with a rope to get control of him. It's so sad....because I think that George and Tammy truly loved and admired each other. In my opinion, they were one of the best country duos EVER! RIP...George and Tammy

  14. Lena Andersson


  15. Paul Lyddane

    Made in Heaven ‼️

  16. MadMax 1861

    Today (Feb 16, 2019) is George & Tammy's 50th wedding anniversary!

    Beachy Keen

    It could of been, should of been, but wasn't.

  17. Rodney Martin

    Is Jim Ed Brown the pastor?

  18. mike mouse

    I would say they were the best singing duo of all time.Country or pop it does not matter.

  19. Dennis Flynn

    Incredible voices! Not many will ever be able to reach this goal.

  20. donald Clifft

    word's just can not tell how great the too are i love both of them

  21. Stephanie crabtree

    Well I am back with the. Guy I love again still not married but happy I love u jesse Crabtree

  22. Viberth Latham

    Beautiful song can't stop listening

  23. 1hoseeman

    Besides being a great song, this is an even better live performance.

  24. Eileen Bennett

    Thinking of my darling Terry every time i hear this song it was our song If only i had lisened to you i live every day with regrets - R I P sweetheart

  25. colin brake

    Tammy and George ,, Good together.. But Tammy deserved better?? Love them Both??

  26. Eileen Bennett


  27. Barnes Barnes

    It's so obvious that he loved her.

  28. Laura Hardy

    Tammy your voice is beautiful and still give me goosebumps. RIP

  29. Lena Andersson

    Lovely to hear them sing🎶together💖So Beautiful.RIP.Tammy and George🌹🌹🌹

  30. Julia Dillinger

    this going to be my wedding song

  31. reealitychick

    He lied>>>>

  32. Agueda C


  33. James Matheson

    Played this video because George changed his hair style. lolol

  34. sgtpep5

    Tammy was so very beautiful... Natural beauty...! George was a lucky man....

    Russellyou Tube Sheppeard

    You tube music clouds got in my way

  35. Stephanie crabtree

    i always dreamed this song being my wedding song but dont think i will get a chance to marry the guy and have this song played just being with him is fine with me i love u jesse crabtree for life


    She is so Sexy looking !!!


    Oh she looked so good there !!!

  38. Claude McCready

    rest well George you left your mark with us

  39. Barbara Croft


  40. Cathy Lewis

    I was reading all of the comments regarding the pain both Tammy & George, seem to show in the video... yes, it is true they were living separate lives there were too not so good things going on in the marriage. George of course with his drinking took it toll on the marriage and with his temper Tammy, just couldn't deal with it anymore. They were great together and great apart. If only they could have made it last then she might not have ended up with Richie, and her daughters would have been kept from what was rightfully theirs.

    Just Here

    +Cathy Lewis I so agree with you

    Eileen Bennett

    The Ceremony - Terry If Only

    Sandra Ellis

    Cathy Lewis they both look miserable here.
    I feel like you. Wished she had never married that George Richey. It's awful what he did to her and her children. Wished her and Jones could have made it.
    I went to church with his Aunt and she told me he was always a sweet boy. I know a lot of people who lived in same area he lived in and I heard the good about George Jones. I lived near Beaumont, Texas at one time and it's not far from where he was born.
    He's had a lot of good in him. Wished Tammy could have made it with him but I know being married to an alcoholic myself for 30 yrs before I left him, it's a life of hell about 75 percent of the time.

    Andrew S

    Actually George was poisoned by Tammy to get him off the drugs, he ended up shooting the house and the they left with George crazy in a straight jacket to the mental hospital ward

    Valerie Griner

    I totally agree. George Richie gives me the CREEPS...he's a snake in the grass. That's why Tammy was dead at 55 y/o. So sad.

  41. sam jones

    I think she was a pure beauty...but you could see plainly that there was no connection between the two. She looked at him and he plainly avoided her eye's.  All in all, a wonderful song done beautifully.

    Darlene Nichols

    Sorry, you don't know what you're talking about ...they both loved each other very much ...they were probably fighting but there was a definite connection...I know because I was around them !

    Melody Goodman

    I clearly saw the love in her eyes.

  42. maureen rickard

    On how lovely if only in reality two beautiful hearts x

  43. Dori Mckee

    Beautiful woman

  44. matt pohl

    They sound great but but no connection at all. Not exactly Gram & Emmy Lou

  45. David Charles Laverty

    Haven't heard this song in years my mum and dad used to play it all the time when i was young lad

  46. Anna Oglesby

    Tammy is Beautiful to me and always was one of my Favorite singers,I love Jeorge music and together they were Great

  47. Leone Beaudin

    This song is one of my favorites, I still have the 45 rpm record.

  48. Gordon Easton

    You are a lot luckier than me. I was only allowed to use consonants at my wedding. They told me I could save money by doing that way. What is all this talk about polesmokers? Tammy was absolutely beautiful and I only recently discovered their duets(With George). A couple of them like "One" are amazing.

  49. Tamara Ellek

    Classic! What a beautiful song...

  50. Lorraine davis-desrochers

    it brings so many memories when i saw George &Tammy in a show in London ontario in the sixties,i had won (why do you wish to see george & tammy )on the radio and i won my entry i will remember till i die.
    they sang so good they are back together for Eternety

  51. Greg Griffin

    She had a golden country voice best ever. Screw you pole smokers who wanna knock her looks.

  52. Greg Griffin

    Great tune!

  53. tammarnie

    I used these wedding vowels at my wedding 14 years ago

  54. RlGGINS

    true true this video is amazing Hey use this to listen in mp3:

  55. ba1614

    Together again, RIP Possum

  56. Tansycat7

    So sad. No eye contact. They were hurting

  57. cathoderaytube2

    if only it were true for them, and not just a song.

  58. shutterbees

    No two voices ever sounded
    any sweeter. I know there was great love here.

  59. Amy Wright

    It looks like it kinda scared her when he kissed her... Like she wasn't expecting it.


    You are exactly right, she was not expecting it!

  60. vmcla

    It looks like they made this appearance during troubled times. The body language is so cold and different from their other performances of this great song.

  61. Pozitiv73

    Ouragan Tammy