George Jones - Take Me Lyrics

Take me, take me to your darkest room
Close every window and bolt every door
The very first moment I heard your voice
I'd be in darkness no more

Take me to your most barren desert
A thousand miles from the nearest sea
The very moment I saw your smile
It would be like heaven to me

There's not any mountain to rugged to climb
No desert too barren to cross
Darlin', if you would just show a sign 
Of love, I could bear any loss

Take me to Siberia
And the coldest weather of the winter time
And it would be just like spring in California
As long as I knew you were mine

There's not any mountain to rugged to climb
No desert too barren to cross
Darlin', if you would just show a sign 
Of love, I could bear any loss

Take me to Siberia
And the coldest weather of the winter time
And it would be just like spring in California
As long as I knew you were mine...

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George Jones Take Me Comments
  1. Alan Stoker

    Bass player Carl Radle sitting on the couch in the background is digging it.

  2. Jim Lovejoy

    such a great leon payne song

  3. Susan Ford

    I discovered this video when i was checking out Leon's "A Poem is a Naked Person". Love it, haven't been able to get it out of mind. But what's up with the guy in the pool catching scorpions? Yeeech!

  4. Jay Johnston

    The best country singer of all time,whether you like his voice,his songs,his personality.

  5. MinA L

    A treasure.

  6. ethyncd

    one of the best versions of this one

  7. David Jay O'Brien

    Wtf is up with the scorpions?

  8. William Cunha

    What does George keep looking up at ?

  9. James Hughes

    i just want to cry

  10. Zac Easton

    can anyone make out what Possum says at the very beginning?

  11. William Cunha

    Wondering what he keeps looking at

  12. William Freemon

    Man why the fuck I got to watch a dude catch Scorpions in a goddamn empty pool while I could have watched The Possum sing his heart out in the studio ??? Poor choice Les

  13. Captain Charisma

    Wow!!! But whats with the guy in the empty pool

  14. glencoe6305

    Some stupid footage of that bug hippy.

  15. Grayson Tolliver

    This is a truly special video. I smile or cry every time I see or hear it, and I really think we're lucky that so many years after the fact we are able to see and hear such emotional experiences. There's a look in his eye that makes me feel that he and I aren't so different. So much honesty. George Jones forever. Leon forever. Thank you for posting this.

  16. TheGto389

    Wow!!!! Too awesome!

  17. lonesome danny

    Could be wrong....bjt that looks like Carl radle over jones shoulder(on the couch). The musicians in that room. Still the possum takes the cake. Rest easy possum.

    Alan Stoker

    Definitely Carl Radle

  18. Dave Keegan

    Unadorned and impromptu music is often the truest and most moving.
    This is in a class of its own though - just utterly sublime.

  19. 8angst8

    George Jones is beautiful.

  20. pat McCormick

    classic geo.

  21. kyla36

    Man he loved that woman...

  22. jakob weaver

    Best version of this song

  23. lactose

    Man. Too bad there arent more clips like this. Really raw, but his voice was perfect.. Literally !

  24. glencoe6305

    This is the Master before all the Studio junk.

  25. Hillbilly Tv

    Best voice ever will never be a nother one anywhere close to him

  26. Kay Biskerow

    gee, if more of his music sounded this way i might actually listen to him.

  27. Captain Freedom

    Came for an old country song, stayed for the hippy catching scorpions in an empty swimming pool.

  28. Opie778

    Wish this video didn't cut to some guy collecting scorpions in an empty pool.

  29. Hampshire Hills

    Possum is one of the greatest

  30. hippydippy

    Shame the video was ruined by the artsy shit. Beautiful otherwise.

  31. Lillian Butler

    My favorite country singer

  32. Mike C.

    Wow ----

  33. Rose b

    The best ever

  34. stephen lamb


  35. brendon leary

    Such a shame that this film cuts to the fellow collecting scorpions from the walls of an empty swimming pool...
    I would have much preferred to just watch the ole Possum gently sing this ode to love.


    @No Name Yet That's great man. i feel the same way about all the Hindu Gods. May the Great Lord Vishnu bless you.

    No Name Yet

    @zivkovicable Satan is not going to bless anyone. None of his false gods can do anything but kill, steal and destroy. Whatever blessing they do give they will return to you in multiple curses...bad try at being cute btw


    Darren Chapman here i was checking out a great piece of music, & you had to get your bible out and preach.

    No Name Yet

    @zivkovicable and I guarantee you George wouldn't mind. All of these old country stars had a deep respect for the Lord.

    Phil Horsley

    Even Hippies love George Jones

  36. Dylan Wylde

    Wild eyes

  37. Dawn Strydom


  38. Cory Hart

    He truly speaks my heart. Beer in hand, tear in eye.

  39. Blues Chick

    Omg I play this every day so deep so beautiful thank you Tales from the tour bus

  40. Dennis Riray

    Best sound in the world is just his voice and an acoustic guitar, with a sip of Bud!! Love it!

  41. jake crawford

    What is going on from 0.57 onwards? Great body though


    Magic Jones.

  43. Omer Richard

    and he prob sounds better in alcohol than sober

  44. pat McCormick

    He nailed it, just the right amount of

  45. E. Carter-Caldwell

    Best version of this song. Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. 💗

  46. ceephaxx

    The Voice.

  47. dat man

    george jones and tammy made me love country music

  48. Sonny Urbine Reviews


  49. Tom Faulkner

    ...our words can't express how beautifully this man could sing...
    ...and, apparently, he loved that duck.

  50. Daniel Landry

    why is there an Amadillo at first....thats but a opossum....I'm from South lousisana, trust me I know the difference

  51. Michael Moore's

    Boy god that’s the best i ever heard!!! Love u George!

  52. tailcoatsixkiller

    It's 6 in the morning. Here i am again

  53. floyd boutilier

    this for me is a masterpiece .by himself just awesome ,don't need a band be hind him .to see how great he could sing ,he was the best

    James Grider

    floyd boutilier truly he was THE BEST.....coyldnt agree band...just George and guitar...i wouldnt go nowhere.

  54. Mikus Aurelius

    Never heard this one, thanks a lot!

  55. Anonymous C

    I can't stop watching/listening to this

    Lee Morgan

    love love,love!!!!!

  56. Blossom Russo

    Never thought I'd enjoy watching a guy catch scorpions in an empty swimming pool...But I just did.

  57. Arthur Name

    So this is what perfection sounds like.

    Jody Thomas

    Arthur Name. amen to that.

    Daniel Landry

    George was hammered! But he still did it perfect!!!

  58. Lise Dubois

    Superbe de belle chanson.  Merci beaucoup!

  59. Kegan Mahon

    Great, more video to buy. Thanks for posting

  60. aliyahhardy

    so perfect

  61. Gustavo Herrera

    Out of control.

  62. Michael Mcelhaney

    i sure miss him,i knew him

    Cliff Traynham

    Michael Mcelhaney
    Man I Miss him I knew him also. CBT

  63. Shelbie Baumann

    George lost. His voice coke got it but there are still a lots to listen to thanks to fans posting

    johnny mock

    he didnt lose anything until he was about 70,you must not know much about him



  64. adegaetano12

    Can't get enough, would love to see more

  65. Craig Payne

    Tears in my eyes. Man could he ever sing! We miss you and love you George. Sing your heart out up there.

  66. vanavlog

    Absolutely beautiful.

  67. N S

    Thank you Leon! Thank you George!

  68. Ruffmike1

    Jim Franklin! RIP Leon, George and anyone else you love...

  69. hank6887

    Through all the rough living he did, his voice never failed him, loved him and his music,

    Mikus Aurelius

    This man would have lived to be 120 years old if he'd lived a good clean life...He would have never become No Show Jones tho...

    jakob weaver

    Excessive drinking doesnt seem to mess with your voice like drugs and smoking do

    44wetwater 44wetwater

    @jakob weaver George also done a lot of drugs , and smoked three packs a day for 50 yrs , it's nothing short of amazing he lived as long as he did , the only thing that damaged his majestical voice was the car crash in 1999.

  70. WildPhotoShooter

    What a voice, flows like silk in a gentle breeze.

    Craig Payne

    He never sounded better than just him and his guitar. Chills!!

  71. lilwyte901

    What is this from?


    It's from a lovely documentary about Leon Russell called "A Poem is Naked Person." Shot in 1974 but never released until last year. I highly recommend.


    After that dude's done collecting scorpions, what he paints on that entire swimming pool is a breathtaking masterpiece.


    Anyone know where I can watch it Online? I've had a hard look and can't find the full doc anywhere.




    Amazon is streaming it.

  72. Danny Carroll

    George & Bud wiser

  73. Karen Lindsay

    like this clip of George Jones

    Raymond Carter

    Real good

  74. Nibiru Planet x Midwest living life again

    Nice gj live are the best anymore? Good work

    Cliff Traynham

    Check out Memory of us!!CBT

  75. Skelet3n

    Loved this clip. I wonder if there's more clips of George anywhere that are from the 70's?

    Shelbie Baumann

    Absolute genius George

  76. pat hayes

    not many clips of george i havent seen these days , so this is the kind of thing i love so much to find, its Pure Gold

    h b

    Dirt on my boots


    Just found it... thank god