George Jones - Something To Brag About Lyrics

I've got a real important job
In a large office buildin'
Ridin' people in an elevator

I drive a '57 Chevrolet
With busted tail lights
Burned out valves
And a leaky radiator

I wear a twenty dollar suit
I bought from J.C. Penney's
Back in 1962

But I've got somethin' to brag about
Somethin' to brag about
Somethin' to brag about in you

I'm a short-order cook
At an all night cafe
Down on 18th avenue and 12th street

I wear a swingin' mini dress
That I made for myself
From mama's kitchen curtains
And old bed sheets

I've got 17 pages
Of Top Value stamps
And one old pair of shoes

But I've got somethin' to brag about
Somethin' to brag about
Somethin' to brag about in you

When you're with the fellas, I know
You start braggin' 'bout
My hour glass figure
And my big brown eyes

Tell 'em
You tell your girlfriends 'bout my
Sweet, sweet lovin'
And that's one better that
Money can't buy

So let's get married
In the not-to-distant future
We'll rent a little flat
On 29th street

You know we'll hang our washin'
On the clothes line from the window
We'll feast on corn bread,
Butter beans and lunch meat

We won't have a thermostat
A big long Cadillac
But we'll have a love that's true

Love has, somethin' to brag about
Yeah and I'll have, somethin' to brag about
Yeah, somthin' to brag about in you...

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George Jones Something To Brag About Comments
  1. Matty Lynn Barnes

    Saw Orville Peck perform this with Bria Salmena last night and it was SO good. Love George & Tammy and love that this new generation is keeping their legacy goin'

    Gus Gruesome

    Matty Lynn Barnes same!!!! I was at this show and it was amazing

  2. Pete Marshall

    I like Willie nelson & Mary Kay Place version better.

  3. Michael Ferrara

    big, huge fan of George Jones but the Charlie Louvin & Melba Montgomery version blow this one away.....

  4. Roger Regor

    Great version of this!

  5. samantha rouse

    me and my brother use to sing this when we was younger 

  6. Walking Together In The WOW!

    It would be nice to have info about the background singers if you have it, they are always a favorite part of Jones' songs. Probably the Jordanaires . . . didn't the Anita Kerr singers also show up on some of his songs?

    jennifur sun

    try wicipedia or google

  7. MisterHuskey

    @australiachick44 Who is Maria?

  8. maria scriber

    Hey Maria since when do you listen to George and Tammy

  9. pat hayes

    the best the world may ever hear , GEORGE AND TAMMY