George Jones - Love Coming Down Lyrics

I remember how your eyes used to light up
Over promises that I made
But for the first time in my life
I know now how it feels to be afraid
I don't know what I'd do if you go away
This would sure be one lonely old town
For a man's so busy going up in the world
That he couldn't see love coming down
Love coming down
I remember all the times you told me
Love's all that matters to you
And looking back now, wondering how I believed
I had things more important to do
I can see how I must have looked to you
Like some fool on a merry-go-round
And that a man's so busy going up in the world
That he couldn't see love going down
Love going down
Can't you see how everything I've learned
Would just be wasted if you leave me
If you just give one more try
I swear I'll always be here when you need me
If you can find it in your heart to forgive me
I'll try to keep both my feet on the ground
But if a man's so busy going up in the world
That he couldn't see love coming down
Love coming down

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George Jones Love Coming Down Comments
  1. Lawmzuala Lotea

    can anyone tell me where to find Conway version of this song😇

  2. Alvin Rank

    I believe Conway did this song also.

  3. Willie O'Kane

    Not true! George Jones wrote or co-wrote many fine songs that are accepted as Country classics - among them Seasons of My Heart, Window Up Above, My Favorite Lies and Accidentally On Purpose

  4. Adam Edwards

    This is actually the original. elvis' was recorded in 76 while this was 1975

  5. Karen Lindsay

    what a song 🎤 love it Thankyou for posting

  6. Lois Moreau

    George wrote many songs such as The Window up Above, Still Hurtin, Just One More & co-wrote many excellent songs also including: Tender Years, Cup of Loneliness, We're Going To Hold On . <3

    D. Neil McKay

    +Lois Moreau Point taken; suitably chastised. See above reply to Tom Page.

  7. D. Neil McKay

    Possum, Elvis, and Sinatra couldn't write songs but they are the best singers that ever lived.

    Tom Page

    +D. Neil McKay The Possum wrote or co-wrote many songs.

    D. Neil McKay

    +Tom Page I over-generalised. I meant that Possum (like the other two) was never known as a singer-songwriter like Cash or Hag.

    Greg Corbett

    George Jones was one of the most underrated songwriters of all time... do a little digging and you will find a wealth of amazing material that he penned...


    @D. Neil McKay though he might have been had he not been so blitzed especially during the earlier years.

    Nancy Mullins

    D. Neil McKay The possum wrote many wonderful songs as well as co-wrote with some of the best.

  8. Kellie Braden

    thats right  rod  rayner


    The greatest singer that was ever placed on this planet

    pat hayes

    and i dont think George ever knew how great he really was, its an unfair game,

  10. Michael Row

    This was a truly awesome Billy Sherrill production

    pat hayes

    when George, Tammy and Billy got together it was one great meeting

  11. Jordon Witthun

    this a nice love song by george jones.