George Jones - I Still Sing The Old Songs Lyrics

Grandpa, I've been thinking 'bout you lately
Wondering if you'd found your peace of mind
And I guess that you'd be proud to know your grandson
Never crossed that mason Dixon line.

And I still sing the old songs that you taught me
An' I still pray to Jesus now and then
And just like you I wish that he would save me
To see the day the south will rise again.

Daddy wore his purple heart so proudly
Long before I turned into a man
And buried with our flag across his casket
I was still too young to understand.

And I still sing the old songs that you taught me
An' I still pray to Jesus now and then
And just like you I wish that he would save me
To see the day the south will rise again.

Mama spent her last days in the garden
While I took my turn behind a gun
Lord, I'd give my life to find the freedom
Lost within the old songs that you sung.

And I still sing the old songs that you taught me
An' I still pray to Jesus now and then
And just like you I wish that he would save me
To see the day the south will rise again.

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George Jones I Still Sing The Old Songs Comments
  1. Magne Høiberg

  2. hoschtonian1

    If you thumbed this down, please do us a favor and go review the latest Sam Cunt video.

  3. Samandrosa jones

    Great song !!!

  4. virginia gonzalez

    😥rest in heaven good man

  5. Daniel Hesse

    David Allan Coe wrote the song right? The Possum Forever!

    Tom Page

    @Daniel Svensson That is correct.


    @Tom Page Nice song

  6. Lady Toad

    Bob Willis Hank Sr George Jones, some just add to the glory of country, never to be replaced only waiting for the next original

  7. Kellie Braden

    i  sure  miss  my  legend  truly  the  greatest  singer  ever song a  song  rip  g j

  8. Sandy Douvia

    Nobody will ever sing as excellent as George Jones

  9. Tina Pope

    what an amazing song.nothing like the possum..Todays country music is shitty..not country at all.

  10. Ernie Mitchell

    Mr Jones R.I.P. 

    Ernie Mitchell

    thank you Friend..Hoping we can share our music & videos   Ernie

  11. Gerry Presley

    Poor ole George lived out his life in his songs, met him at a concert in 2006, humble, down to earth and oh ever so humble!

    RIP George


  12. CharlieEst1981

    Much respect to the Possum, I grew up on his music and many more artist of his era as I was a kid and he did an amazing cover of this song but just to mane sure it gets proper respect, David Allan Coe is the writer and original singer of this song. God bless you king George.

  13. Astra Gooding

    Hi i been a George jone fan of his music fo all my years back in da carribbean we love him an his music ..Rip DaPossom

    Astra Gooding

    Oh my George RIP

  14. Wendell Lili

    george you the heart and soul of music world, no one can put it like you . none sing a song like the possum do.R.I.P

  15. pammy bertin

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Rockyrmt...George Jones is the Epitome of country music..he is the heart and soul of the music world.

  16. Sue Jewell

    I love to hear this man sang He was the best. R-I-P. Mr Jones

  17. john perdue

    no one tells a story like George. R.I.P. GEORGE.we all miss you

  18. ann quinn phyfer

    I love the old songs and george jones.

  19. Rosa Jones

    What a great song.

  20. latokatn506

    Only One Possum RIP Thanks Tpage

  21. The Dillan Holliday

    You know I was told a long time about this man and he was the best at my age of 13 I have never heard a better singer RIP

  22. pedalman

    Beats me too. Noone ever sang a song like the Possum did .

  23. pedalman

    One of the top five of Georges best albums , I loved this LP , played it to destruction over two years 76 -78 and then bought a second one .
    R.I.P George , It will soon be recognized that no ones passing has left a vacuum larger than this one left by George Jones .

  24. analyzer526

    God bless you George for all the happiness and joy that you gave me for all these years through your music. I will miss you and feel your loss for the rest of my life.

  25. Brandon Witthun

    who could dislike this guy I don't dislike George jones and his music and he is the man.

  26. Rudy Ebert

    They don't know good ole country music. So they should go back to their hip-hop or what ever they call music

  27. Kaitlyn Larson

    I think tammy may have done the harmony on this. Anybody know for sure? Love this song!

  28. ac061298ac

    There will "never" be another like the 'Possum"!!! Seen him on tour in San Antonio with
    a sell out/SRO, which was outstanding. Too bad there aren't any nowadays.

  29. Ricky Adair

    they did it right with murder on music row i just wish people would keep the old country going

  30. Dennis Wilson

    Happy Birthday Mr. George Jones - The Possum

  31. paul fiedler

    ol possum cant be beat

  32. Melba Ogletree

    I know, why can't they keep it to themselves if they don't like it?!!

  33. Terri Sanders parks

    good song makes me think of my son gary and my daddy gene rip daddy

  34. headredbone

    @adrianm3033 That is funny you should say that. I had a bar, some people call them night clubs. Mine was a bar. It was in 70's, through the late 90's. I had two juke boxes, one for the new stuff, one for the older music. You can probably guess which one ran the most. Good luck on your venture. I am 66 now and have give up the drinking. Still like to check out some of the bars, to keep up with what is going on. When you get opened, let me know where you are and I might stop in some day.

  35. headredbone

    @rockyrmt Probably some youngster that does not know the difference in real country music and "CRAP".

  36. truecountrymusicfan

    love this

  37. Brandulph Christophersen

    Thanks for sharing, friend! They just don't produce music like this anymore... and of course, it's that thing about the voices! .-)

  38. pedalman

    The time when Georges voice was at its best in my opinion , Billy sherrill produced,
    and thats Pete Drake on Pedal steel guitar Pete got all the session musicians together for Sherrill and they played on all of epic records country albums in those years where Sherrill was producer, Tammy Wynette ,Johnny paycheck, Charlie Rich etc.......

  39. captain mirrorboots

    A beautiful melancholic song superbly sung by George Jones.I must admit though that i prefer the original by the composer David Allan Coe.

  40. hippojuice23

    Cryin' in yr beer, son!

  41. Betty Harlow

    THANKS for sharing