George Jones - Billy Ray Wrote A Song Lyrics

Well, we left home free spirits, me and Billy Ray
He was a going to be going to be going and I was running away
Now we was broke before we got started and it got worse later on
I wrote home for money and Billy Ray wrote a song.

Now the people sure get picky when it comes to givin' a ride
It didn't take long us leavin' but I thought we'd never arrive
Now we get more rides than hitches as we hitch hiked along
I got sore feet and blisters and Billy Ray wrote a song.

Billy Ray wrote a song about everything we did
I was a-findin' fault he was findin' rhyms that fit?
Well, we did a lot of thinkin' most of my thoughts were wrong
I wanted to ride to Nashville but Billy Ray wrote a song.

Well, we got into Nashville tired, a-hungry and cold
If we'd had a dime between us we could a-called everybody we know
We found a bar still open a little band was pickin' away
And I set in to drinkin'. Billy Ray set in to play,

He was an overnight sensation I heard the radio say
Somehow they failed to mention the miles all along the way
Anyway that's how it happened, yeah, and it sure happened strong
They wrote about it happenin' Billy Ray wrote a song.

Billy Ray wrote a song about everything he knew
If I'd a known what I know now, well, I'd-a been writing too
Billy Ray sure had it made and I'm still taggin' along
I'm a-writing home for money, Billy Ray' still writes the songs

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George Jones Billy Ray Wrote A Song Comments
  1. that guy

    George Jones sang this to Billy Ray Cyrus on the George Jones show in 1997. It was a great moment and I'm sure it meant a lot to Billy Ray.

  2. Chance Earley

    I'm writing home for money
    Billy Ray's still writing songs

    Pickle in a middle and a mustard on top.

  3. Donald Dalrymple

    The Billy Ray in the song is Billy Ray Reynolds, songwriter and guitarist for Waylon Jennings.

    that guy

    George played it for Billy Ray Cyrus when he was on the George Jones show haha. It was pretty funny

  4. ksufler

    @xxxkilla37 Thanks for clearing out. I got the lyrics from a website. I knew something wasn't right here, but couldn't get it by ear. Thanks again :)